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  Poster Programme - AS1.11 Gravity waves

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Convener: Achatz, U.
Co-Convener: Plougonven, R., Becker, E.

Author in Attendance:

Thursday, 6 April 2006 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Thursday, 6 April 2006 08:00 -
Thursday, 6 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: ACHATZ, U.

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EGU06-A-01462;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0104
Sugimoto, N.; Ishioka, K.; Ishi, K.
Numerical investigations on gravity wave radiation from unsteady rotational flows in an f-plane shallow water system

EGU06-A-09898;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0105
Snyder, C.; Plougonven, R.; Muraki, D.
Inertia-gravity waves associated with a vortex dipole

EGU06-A-05915;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0106
Plougonven, R.; Snyder, C.
Gravity waves excited by surface fronts and by upper-level jets in baroclinic life cycles

EGU06-A-09421;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0107
Bakas, N.; Farrell, B.
Momentum and Energy Transport by Gravity Waves in a Stochastically Driven Jet

EGU06-A-10659;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0108
Koch, S. E.; Lu, C.
The Generation of Gravity Waves in Unbalanced Jet Streams

EGU06-A-04865;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0109
Arnault, N.; Chomaz, J.M.; Flamant, P.H.
Internal gravity waves during the morning transition of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer: observations and laboratory experiments

EGU06-A-02409;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0110
Synoptic responses to mountain gravity waves encountering directional critical levels

EGU06-A-01853;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0111
Spiga, A.; Teitelbaum, H.; Zeitlin, V.
Identification and separation of the sources of inertia-gravity waves in the Andes Cordilera region

EGU06-A-04762;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0112
Limpasuvan, V.; Wu, D. ; Alexander, M.; Hu, M.; Xue, M.; Pawson, S.; Perkins, J.
The ARPS Stratospheric Gravity Wave Simulation over Greenland during 24 January 2005

EGU06-A-03283;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0113
de la Torre, A.; Alexander, P.; Llamedo Soria, P.; Menéndez, C. ; Schmidt, T. ; Wickert, J.
An Analysis of Gravity Wave Activity near to the Andes Mountains, from GPS Radio Occultation Long Term Data.

EGU06-A-02645;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0114
de la Torre, A.; Schmidt, T.; Wickert, J.
A Global Analysis of Wave Potential Energy in the Lower and Middle Atmosphere, from GPS Radio Occultation Long Term Data.

EGU06-A-08317;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0115
Zuelicke, Ch.; Peters, D.; Gabriel, A.
Statistical properties of inertia-gravity waves associated with poleward breaking Rossby waves

EGU06-A-09666;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0116
Belu¹iæ, D.; Grisogono, B.; Klaiæ, Z. B.
A large-amplitude gravity wave over the Adriatic

EGU06-A-04994;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0117
Sharman, R.
Three-dimensional structure of topographically induced gravity waves and inertia-gravity waves (cancelled)

EGU06-A-04988;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0118
Sharman, R. ; Lane, T. ; Hall, W.; Keller, T.
Observations and simulations of gravity wave induced turbulence

EGU06-A-06139;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0119
Whiteway, J.
Observations of turbulence caused by gravity wave breaking at the tropopause

EGU06-A-10975;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0120
Weinstock, J.

EGU06-A-01317;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0121
Achatz, U.
The primary nonlinear dynamics of modal and nonmodal perturbations of monochromatic inertia-gravity waves

EGU06-A-09974;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0122
Ólafsson, H.
Observational and numerical evidence of strong gravity wave breaking over Greenl

EGU06-A-00062;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0123
Astafyeva, E. I.; Afraimovich, E. L.; Voeykov, S. V.
Small-scale ionosphere irregularities generation due to intensive large-scale AGW break-up

EGU06-A-03015;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0124
Wüst, S.; Bittner, M.
Non-linear Resonant Wave-wave Interaction (Triad): Case Studies Based on Rocket and Satellite Data

EGU06-A-01479;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0125
Rauthe, M.; Gerding, M.; Hoeffner, J.; Luebken, F.-J.
Lidar measurements of temperature gravity waves over Kuehlungsborn (Germany) from 1-105 km: a winter-summer comparison

EGU06-A-04684;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0126
Höppner, K.; Bittner, M.; Bracher, A.; von Savigny, C.
Temperature Measurements in the Mesopause Region (around 87 km) on board of RV “Polarstern” from 54°N to 34°S (ANT XXIII/1) (cancelled)

EGU06-A-03791;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0127
Evan, S.; Chane-Ming, F.; Kheckut, P.
Activity of tropical gravity waves above the South West Indian Ocean

EGU06-A-08803;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0128
Hertzog, A.; Vincent, R. A.; Boccara, G.; Vial, F.
Estimating gravity-wave characteristics from superpressure-balloon flights

EGU06-A-03757;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0129
Ern, M.; Preusse, P.; Warner, C.D.
Optimizing the gravity wave launch spectrum of the Warner and McIntyre parameterization using gravity wave momentum flux measurements by CRISTA

EGU06-A-04170;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0130
Becker, E.; Schmitz, G.
Explicit global simulation of gravity-wave effects in the mesosphere

EGU06-A-01644;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0131
Fröhlich (1), K.; Ern (2), M.; Jacobi (1), Ch.
Gravity Wave Propagation and Effects on the Middle Atmosphere Circulation analysed with different Parameterisation Schemes

EGU06-A-06622;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0132
Teixeira, M.; Miranda, P.
An extension of Phillips’ GWD model for flow over elliptical mountains to slowly varying wind profiles

EGU06-A-02177;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0133
Harlander, U.; Maas, L.R.M
Equatorial internal waves and associated boundary layers

EGU06-A-09685;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0134
Hassler, B; Warner, C
Horizontal refraction of gravity waves in a global ray tracing experiment

EGU06-A-08210;  AS1.11-1TH5P-0135
Davidan, I.; Valchev, N.; Slabakov, H.; Petrov, M.; Ivanova, V.; Valcheva, N.
The effect of the driving wind fields on the accuracy of wave hindcasting in the Black Sea

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