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  Poster Programme - SSP10 Raiding the Palaeozoic/Mesozoic sedimentary archive: investigating environmental change with multiple proxies (co-sponsored by IAS; co-listed in CL)

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Convener: Jarvis, I.
Co-Convener: Montanez, I., Jenkyns, H., Immenhauser, A.
Co-Sponsorship: IAS The International Association of Sedimentologists

Author in Attendance:

Tuesday, 4 April 2006 13:30 - 15:00
Display Time: Tuesday, 4 April 2006 08:00 -
Tuesday, 4 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: MONTANEZ, I.

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EGU06-A-01480;  SSP10-1TU3P-0366
Schovsbo, N.H.; Lauridsen, B.; Knudsen, C.; Stemmerik, L.
Palaeoceanographic changes across the Lower/Upper Maastrichtian boundary in Denmark

EGU06-A-02624;  SSP10-1TU3P-0367
Neuhuber, S; Wagreich, M; Wendler, I
Carbonate chemistry and stable isotope measurements from Cretaceous Oceanic Red Beds of the Eastern Alps

EGU06-A-03810;  SSP10-1TU3P-0368
Friedrich, O.; Erbacher, J.; Moriya, K.; Wilson, P.A.
Evidence for warm saline bottom waters in the Cretaceous tropical Atlantic Ocean

EGU06-A-00994;  SSP10-1TU3P-0369
Jarvis, I.
Cretaceous environmental change: lessons from the Cenomanian

EGU06-A-04393;  SSP10-1TU3P-0370
Forster, A. ; Moriya, K.; Schouten, S.; Wilson, P. A.; Sinninghe Damsté , J. S.
The Cenomanian/Turonian transition in the tropics: a dual-proxy sea surface temperature record from the Demerara Rise (ODP Leg 207)

EGU06-A-07541;  SSP10-1TU3P-0371
Scopelliti, G.; Bellanca, A.; Erba, E.; Jenkyns, H.C.; Neri, R.; Tamagnini, P.
Cenomanian-Turonian carbon-isotope stratigraphy for Italy and northern Africa: peculiar features of a Bonarelli Level (Novara di Sicilia section) in northeast Sicily

EGU06-A-08468;  SSP10-1TU3P-0372
Scopelliti, G.; Bellanca, A.; Erba, E.; Jenkyns, H.C.; Neri, R.; Tamagnini, P.
Decoupled phosphorus and organic-carbon cycles in anoxic sediments: new data from Italian Bonarelli Levels (C/T boundary)

EGU06-A-08520;  SSP10-1TU3P-0373
Frijia, G.; Parente, M.
New data from the upper Cenomanian of southern Apennines tell a new story about the relations between changes in the Sr isotope ratio of the ocean and OAE2.

EGU06-A-04451;  SSP10-1TU3P-0374
Puceat, E.; Lecuyer, C.; Reisberg, L.
Neodymium isotope evolution of NW Tethyan upper ocean waters throughout the Cretaceous (solicited)

EGU06-A-08639;  SSP10-1TU3P-0375
Hautevelle, Y.; Michels, R.; Malartre, F.; Trouiller, A.
The initiation and the end of a major Mesozoic crisis of carbonate productivity as recorded by organic geochemical proxies. Relations with oceanic anoxic events and paleoclimatic changes.

EGU06-A-06311;  SSP10-1TU3P-0376
Heimhofer, U.; Ariztegui , D. ; Hesselbo , S. P.; Pancost, R. D.; Hochuli, P. A.
High-resolution multiproxy records from Early Cretaceous lacustrine deposits (Araripe Basin, NE Brazil) and their palaeoenvironmental significance

EGU06-A-08707;  SSP10-1TU3P-0377
Hautevelle, Y.; Michels, R.; Malartre, F.; Trouiller, A.
The evolution of paleoenvironnmental conditions through the Jurassic in the Paris basin (France). An organic geochemical approach.

EGU06-A-04494;  SSP10-1TU3P-0378
Sabatino, N.; Bellanca, A.; Jenkyns, H.; Neri, R.; Parisi, G.
High-resolution geochemical records of the Early Toarcian anoxic event in the Valborbia section, Umbria–Marche Apennines, Italy

EGU06-A-01800;  SSP10-1TU3P-0379
Dolenec, M.; Koch, G.; Ogorelec, B.; Lojen, S.; Dolenec, T.
The Permian-Triassic boundary in western Slovenia (Idrijca Valley and Masore section): stable isotopes (C, O, S), elemental chemistry, palinofacies and biomarker study

EGU06-A-10491;  SSP10-1TU3P-0380
Boushnev, D.A.
Organic/inorganic geochemical data and palaeoclimatic changes of Upper Devonian deposits (Domanik) of the Timan-Pechora basin

EGU06-A-02452;  SSP10-1TU3P-0381
Elrick, M.; Atudorei, V. ; Sharp, Z.
Investigating the origin of Devonian 3rd-order sea-level changes using oxygen isotopes of apatitic conodonts

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