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  Poster Programme - BG3.02 Natural and human-induced hypoxia in the ocean (co-listed in OS)

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Convener: Zhang, J.
Co-Convener: Gilbert, D.
Co-Sponsorship: SCOR Working Group 128 on hypoxia (

Author in Attendance:

Thursday, 6 April 2006 15:30 - 17:00
Display Time: Thursday, 6 April 2006 08:00 -
Thursday, 6 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: LEVIN, L.

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EGU06-A-00643;  BG3.02-1TH4P-0001
Ivanova, E.; Sergeeva, N.
Small-scale patches of hypoxic sediments: a comparison of diversity of patch-associated and background meiofauna

EGU06-A-01169;  BG3.02-1TH4P-0002
Gilbert, D; Sundby, B; Gobeil, C; Mucci, A; Tremblay, G.-H.
Linking northwest Atlantic physical oceanographic processes to the oxygen regime of the St. Lawrence Estuary

EGU06-A-01754;  BG3.02-1TH4P-0003
Naik, H.S.
Sedimentary Nitrogen Cycling Over the Western Continental Shelf of India

EGU06-A-02105;  BG3.02-1TH4P-0004
Ekau, W.
Large Scale Low Oxygen controlling Distribution Patterns of Early Life Stages of Fish in the Northern Benguela and Southern Angola Currents. (solicited)

EGU06-A-02483;  BG3.02-1TH4P-0005
Zhang, J.; Zhang, G.L.; Wu, Y.; Ren, J.L.; Liu, S.M.
Seasonal hypoxia and its impact on the coastal ecosystems off the large rivers in China

EGU06-A-10641;  BG3.02-1TH4P-0006
Katsev, S; Sundby, B; Mucci, A
Predicting the geochemical response of sediments affected by hypoxia in the Lower St. Lawrence Estuary

EGU06-A-10643;  BG3.02-1TH4P-0007
Chabot, D.; Couturier, C.; Dutil, J.-D.; Claireaux, G.
Non-lethal hypoxia reduces growth rate in fish due to a narrowing of their metabolic scope: demonstration with Atlantic cod, common wolffish and sole

EGU06-A-10937;  BG3.02-1TH4P-0008
Lavik, G.; Stuehrmann, T.; Fuchs, B.; Bruechert, V.; Amann, R.; Lass, U.; Kuypers, M.
Anaerobic oxidation of hydrogen sulfide coupled to nitrate reduction in Namibian Coastal waters

EGU06-A-10938;  BG3.02-1TH4P-0009
Yin, K.
Lack of seasonal hypoxia in spite of high nitrogen enrichment in the Pearl River estuary and adjacent coastal waters

EGU06-A-04829;  BG3.02-1TH4P-0010
Oguz, T.
Hypoxia and Anoxia in the Black Sea (solicited)

EGU06-A-01751;  BG3.02-1TH4P-0011
Falina, A.; Volkov, I.
Thermohaline and hydrochemical structure of the deep waters in the eastern basin of the Black Sea observed in 1997-2005.

EGU06-A-01737;  BG3.02-1TH4P-0012
Dewitte, B.; Pizarro, O.; Echevin, V.; duPenhoat, Y.
The seasonal cycle of the oxygene minimum zone and the extra-tropical Rossby wave in the South Eastern Pacific (solicited)

EGU06-A-08561;  BG3.02-1TH4P-0013
Machain-Castillo, M.L.; Diego-Casimiro, G.; Ruiz-Fernández, A.C.; Cuesta-Castillo, L.B.
Living (rose bengal stained) benthic foraminifera from the oxygen minimum zone in the Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexican Pacific.

EGU06-A-03710;  BG3.02-1TH4P-0014
Szajdak, L.; Zyczynska-Baloniak, I.; Szczepanski, M.
Function of small pond as biogeochemical barrier for the decrease of different kinds of nitrogen in agricultural landscape

EGU06-A-04673;  BG3.02-1TH4P-0015
Gilbert, D; Freeland, H; Tran, A
Oxygen measurements on Argo floats

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