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  Poster Programme - SSS9 Quantification of soil structure and soil porosity changes caused by natural and anthropogenic affects (co-listed in HS)

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Convener: Pagliai, M.
Co-Convener: Horn, R., Gerke, H.

Author in Attendance:

Monday, 25 April 2005 13:30 - 15:00
Display Time: Monday, 25 April 2005 08:00 -
Monday, 25 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall Z

Chairperson: HORN, R.

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EGU05-A-01105;  SSS9-1MO3P-0259
Pietola, L; Yli-Halla, M
Plant rooting and water infiltration into an old buffer zone and an adjacent cultivated soil

EGU05-A-05547;  SSS9-1MO3P-0260
Sander, T.; Gerke, H.H.
Dye tracer study of soil structure and preferential flow patterns in Paddy rice fields

EGU05-A-01513;  SSS9-1MO3P-0261
Mazurek, R; Zaleski, T
Comparison of noncapillar porosity in genetic horizons from silt deposits derived lessive soils

EGU05-A-02313;  SSS9-1MO3P-0262
Jäger, F.; Grohmann, E.; Schaumann, G.
Do swelling and microbial activity affect pore size distribution in humous soil samples?

EGU05-A-02980;  SSS9-1MO3P-0263
Hayashi, Y; Kosugi, K; Mizuyama, T
Change in pore composition of forest soil as structure development

EGU05-A-03223;  SSS9-1MO3P-0264
Virto, I.; Imaz, M.J.; Bescansa, P.; Enrique, A.
Pore size distribution in relation to soil physical properties in two irrigated semiarid Mediterranean soils as affected by management

EGU05-A-04116;  SSS9-1MO3P-0265
Gombos, M.; Sutor, J.
Quantification of volume changes of heavy soils of East Slovakian Lowland

EGU05-A-01610;  SSS9-1MO3P-0266
Alaoui, A.
A method to evaluate the compaction effect on soil structure

EGU05-A-06574;  SSS9-1MO3P-0267
Falsone, G.; Bonifacio, E.
Effect of humic acids on the stability and porosity of re-formed soil aggregates

EGU05-A-07254;  SSS9-1MO3P-0268
Augeard, B.; Bresson, L.M.; Kao, C.
Does shallow water table depth influence structural crust formation ? An analysis of bulk density profiles from X radiography of crusts generated under high water content conditions.

EGU05-A-09543;  SSS9-1MO3P-0269
Sanchez-Maranon, M; Martin-Garcia, JM; Aranda-Sanjuan, V; Rosua-Campos, JL; Delgado, R
SEM-image comparison of microaggregates with different stabilities in ski piste soils

EGU05-A-08160;  SSS9-1MO3P-0270
Kilfeather, A.A.; Heppell, C.M.; van der Meer, J.J.M
Micromorphology of soil surface seals developed on a clay soil from a field site in Essex, southeast England

EGU05-A-00069;  SSS9-1MO3P-0271
Varela , M.E.; de Blas, E.; Benito, E.
Effects of wildfire on the physical properties of Atlantic forest soils and comparison with laboratory soil heating

EGU05-A-09590;  SSS9-1MO3P-0272
Manca, P.P.; Grosso, B.; Cigagna, M.; Tronci, P.
Experimental validation of three dimensional consolidation Biot’s model: the case of tailing of sulphur’s floatation

EGU05-A-01337;  SSS9-1MO3P-0273
Morrás, H.; Bonel, B.
Microstructe differentiation in aTypic Argiudoll in the Pampean Region of Argentina under conventional and no-till agricultural systems. Two converging pathways to a similar organic matter content.

EGU05-A-07134;  SSS9-1MO3P-0274
Yefremov, S.A.
Deactivation of soil polluted with liquid propellant components

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