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  Poster Programme - BG1.11 CARBOEUROPE: Approaches to assess regional terrestrial carbon budgets

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Convener: Schulze, E.
Co-Convener: Valentini, R.
Co-Sponsorship: CarboEurope, North American Carbon Programme (NACP)

Author in Attendance:

Monday, 3 April 2006 15:30 - 17:00
Display Time: Monday, 3 April 2006 08:00 -
Monday, 3 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: SCHULZE, E.

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EGU06-A-00780;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0037
Schmitt, M; Bahn, M; Wohlfahrt, G; Cernusca, C
Land use and phenology affect the net ecosystem exchange of CO2 in temperate mountain grasslands

EGU06-A-01316;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0038
Worrall, F
Does the fluvial flux of carbon solve the problem of the missing teragrammes?

EGU06-A-01819;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0039
Helfter, C.; Shephard, J.D.; Martinez-Vilalta, J.; Mencuccini, M.; Hand, D.P.
A non-invasive optical system for the measurement of phloem and xylem sap flow in woody plants (cancelled)

EGU06-A-01860;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0040
Miglietta, F; Gioli, B
Airborne measurement of the regional carbon balance

EGU06-A-02298;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0041
Jacobs, A.F.G; Heusinkveld, B.G.; Jacobs, C.M.J
Seasonal and interannual Variability of the net Ecoystem Exchange of CO2 of a Grassland Area

EGU06-A-02965;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0042
Sánchez-García, L.; de Andrés, J.R.; Martín-Rubí, J.A.; González-Vila, F.J.; Gélinas, Y.
Chemo-thermal oxidation approach to estimate c budget on coastal sediments

EGU06-A-03313;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0043
Foken, T; Göckede, M; Markkanen, T; Mauder, M; Wimmer, F
Results of the QA/QC issues of Carboeurope-IP

EGU06-A-03364;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0044
Kirk, G.; Bellamy, P.; Loveland, P.; Bradley, I.; Lark, M.
Carbon losses from soils across England and Wales

EGU06-A-03390;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0045
Moureaux, C.; Debacq, A.; Vilret, A.; Suleau, M.; Dehaes, V.; Bodson, B.; Culot, M. ; Aubinet, M.
Carbon balance of a Belgian crop

EGU06-A-03474;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0046
Suleau, M.; Debacq, A.; Dehaes, V.; Aubinet, M.
Dynamic pressure problems in soil respiration measurements with closed dynamic chambers.

EGU06-A-05435;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0047
Davis, KJ; the ChEAS investigators
Regional forest-atmosphere carbon exchange via atmospheric budgets and flux-tower upscaling

EGU06-A-06092;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0048
Laurila, T.; Lohila, A.; Aurela, M.; Tuovinen, J.-P.; Rinne, J.; Pihlatie, M.; Vesala, T.; Aro, L.; Minkkinen, K.; Laine, J.
Greenhouse gas balances of natural and drained peatlands – micrometeorological studies in the boreal zone

EGU06-A-06831;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0049
Hidy, D.; Haszpra, L.; Barcza, Z.; Churkina, G.; Trusilova, K.; Tomelleri, E.
Bayesian calibration of the Biome-BGC C3 grass submodel

EGU06-A-06880;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0050
Tarczay, K.; Haszpra, L.; Barcza, Z.
Daily boundary layer budget estimates of carbon dioxide using tall tower data

EGU06-A-07292;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0051
Jarosz, N.; Brunet, Y.; Lamaud, E.; Loustau, D.; Bonnefond, J.M.; Burlett, R.; Debesa, S.; Garrigou, D.; Irvine, M.
Simultaneous measurements of carbon dioxide, water and energy exchange above four different ecosystems

EGU06-A-07712;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0052
Zaehle, S.; Sitch, S.; Liski, J.; Erhard, M
Combining land-use statistics with process-based modeling to estimate the European forest carbon balance

EGU06-A-07729;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0053
Jarvis, AJ; Stauch, VJ ; Schulz, K
The propagation of observational uncertainty in cumulative net CO2 flux estimates (cancelled)

EGU06-A-07784;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0054
Del Galdo, I.; Rubino, M.; Mastroianni, G.; Cotrufo, M.F.
Carbon stocks in soil organic matter fractions, separated by size and density, of the CARBOEUROPE site network

EGU06-A-08761;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0055
Stauch, VJ; Jarvis, AJ; Schulz, K
Extracting light, temperature and time dependencies from eddy covariance CO2 flux observations using 3D cubic spline estimation (cancelled)

EGU06-A-09171;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0056
Meersmans, J.; Canters, F.; Van Molle, M.
A bottom up approach to assess spatial distribution of Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) at the regional scale (Flanders; Belgium).

EGU06-A-09883;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0057
Jogireddy, V R; Betts, R; Huntingford, C; Gedney, N
Analysis of CO2, climate and land use effects in twentieth century terrestrial carbon balance simulated using Met Office Surface Exchange Scheme.

EGU06-A-09965;  BG1.11-1MO4P-0058
Lu, L.; Denning, S.; Baker, I.
The Potential Influence of River CO2 Effluxes on Regional Carbon Balance in the Tapajos Region, Para, Brazil

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