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  Poster Programme - HS6 Experimental River Basins

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Convener: Brilly, M.
Co-Convener: Tropeano, D., Holzmann, H.

Author in Attendance:

Tuesday, 4 April 2006 08:30 - 10:00
Display Time: Tuesday, 4 April 2006 08:00 -
Tuesday, 4 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: BRILLY, M.

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EGU06-A-00546;  HS6-1TU1P-0001
Gu, W.Z.; Lu, J.J.; Lutz, S
What had experienced scientifically the experimental basins of China during the last 50 years

EGU06-A-02160;  HS6-1TU1P-0002
Mimikou, M.; Baltas, E.; Georgiou, E.; Dervos, N.
Hydrological Analysis in the Athens Experimental Basin

EGU06-A-02338;  HS6-1TU1P-0003
Riffard, M.; Birgand, F.; Loumagne, C.; Andréassian, V.; Kao, C.; Chaumont, C.; Ansart, P.
ORACLE: An experimental site since 1962 for the study of hydrological hazards and biogeochemical processes

EGU06-A-02519;  HS6-1TU1P-0004
Rusjan, S.; Brilly, M.; Padeznik, M.; Vidmar, A.
Hydrologic and water chemistry characteristics of the Reka river and the Padez stream basin

EGU06-A-02653;  HS6-1TU1P-0005
Sraj, M.; Brilly, M.; Globevnik, L.; Padeznik, M.; Mikos, M.
The Dragonja river experimental watershed

EGU06-A-03224;  HS6-1TU1P-0006
Banasik, K.; Hejduk, L.; Barszcz, M.
Rainfall-runoff-sediment discharge investigation in a small river cachment in Central Poland

EGU06-A-04101;  HS6-1TU1P-0007
Padeznik, M.; Vidmar, A.; Petan, S.; Sraj, M.; Rusjan, S.; Brilly, M.
The experimental measurements of snowfall and snowmelt in Slovenian Alps and Dinaric region

EGU06-A-04805;  HS6-1TU1P-0008
D'agostino, V.; Vianello, A.
Field surveys and GIS techniques for channel network identification

EGU06-A-06029;  HS6-1TU1P-0009
Rapti-Caputo, D.; Vaccaro, C.; Pavanelli, D.
Geochimical composition of water and suspended river sediments: a tool for the environmental analysis of a hydrographic basin.

EGU06-A-06384;  HS6-1TU1P-0010
Sanda, M; Novak, L; Cislerova, M
Subsurface Outflow Episodes on the Hillslope Caused by Snowmelt

EGU06-A-06516;  HS6-1TU1P-0011
van Lanen, H.; Dijksma, R. ; Hasan, S.; Kroner, C.; Troch, P.
Monitoring and modelling distributed water storage to understand local gravity at Moxa, Germany

EGU06-A-06747;  HS6-1TU1P-0012
Jirak, J.; Bercha, S.; Ricicova, P.; Nemec, L.
The Importance of the Measurements of the Snow Cover Parameters for the Hydrological Forecasting

EGU06-A-07190;  HS6-1TU1P-0013
Allasia, P.; Arattano, M.; Lollino, G.; Maraga, F.
Experimental method for water flow and sediment transport automatic measurements

EGU06-A-07478;  HS6-1TU1P-0014
Hegg, C.; Badoux, A.; Zappa, M.; Fritschi, B.; Steiner, K.; Waldner, P.; Stähli, M.
Long-term investigation of the hydrology in semi-forested catchments of the Swiss pre-Alps

EGU06-A-07569;  HS6-1TU1P-0015
Rauch, L.; Koboltschnig, G.; Schöner, W.; Holzmann, H.
Experimental basin for identification of snow and ice melt processes

EGU06-A-07771;  HS6-1TU1P-0016
Gribovszki, Z.; Kalicz, P.; Zagyvainé Kiss, K. A.; Kucsara, M.; Vig, P.
Forest covered experimental catchment at the eastern foothills of the Alps

EGU06-A-08303;  HS6-1TU1P-0017
Viville, D.
The Strengbach catchment (Vosges massif, Eastern France): a field laboratory and a multidisciplinary researches site

EGU06-A-08779;  HS6-1TU1P-0018
Montaldo, N.; Martinelli, J.; Gianfreda, R. ; Mancini, M.; Botti, P.; Piga, E.
Hydrologic predictions in an experimental mediterranean water-limited basin, the Mulargia river basin

EGU06-A-10436;  HS6-1TU1P-0019
Brilly, M.; Rusjan, S.; Padeznik, M.; Vidmar, A.; Toman, M.J.
The Glinscica stream experimental watershed

EGU06-A-10437;  HS6-1TU1P-0020
Shutov, V.A.
Snow and Snowmelt Runoff in Small Catchments of North-western Russia

EGU06-A-10777;  HS6-1TU1P-0021
Shutov, V.A.
Snow and Snowmelt Runoff in Small Catchments of North-western Russia

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