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  Poster Programme - BG2.01 Environments of Life on Early Earth

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Convener: Philippot, P.
Co-Convener: Van Kranendonk, M.

Author in Attendance:

Friday, 7 April 2006 10:30 - 12:00
Display Time: Friday, 7 April 2006 08:00 -
Friday, 7 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: PHILIPPOT, P.

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EGU06-A-02562;  BG2.01-1FR2P-0008
Sugitani, K.; Nagaoka, T.; Mimura, K.; Grey, K.; Van Kranendonk, M.; Minami, M.; Marshall, C.P.; Allwood, A.; Walter, M.R.
Discovery of possible microfossils from c. 3.4 Ga Strelley Pool Chert, Kelly Group, Pilbara Craton: evidence for antiquity of life and biotic diversity?

EGU06-A-04618;  BG2.01-1FR2P-0009
Wille, M.; Kramers, J.D.; Nägler, T.F.; Beukes, N.J.; Meisel, T.; Voegelin, A.; Schröder, S.; Lacassie, J.P.
Mo and Mo-PGE signatures of black shales as a proxy for a rise of oxygen event within the Transvaal Supergroup, South Africa

EGU06-A-04906;  BG2.01-1FR2P-0010
Wacey, D.; Kilburn, M.; Mcloughlin, N.; Brasier, M.D.
The use of NanoSIMS to critically test claims of early (3.5 billion-year-old) life

EGU06-A-05697;  BG2.01-1FR2P-0011
Furnes, H.; Banerjee, N.R.; Staudigel, H.; Muehlenbachs, K.; Simonetti, A.; de Wit, M.; Van Kranendonk, M.
Bioalteration textures in ancient submarine lavas: A petrographic signature of early life on Earth

EGU06-A-09013;  BG2.01-1FR2P-0012
Thomazo, C.; Ader, M.; Philippot, P.
Organic δ13C negative excursion at 2.7 Ga viewed along a 100 m depth drill-core profile (Tumbiana formation, Western Australia).

EGU06-A-09072;  BG2.01-1FR2P-0013
Philippot, P.; Lepot, K.; Thomazo, C.; Van Kranendonk, M.; Cotte, M.
Abiotic vs biotic carbonaceous matter in 3,525-Myr-old hydrothermally-altered subseafloor sediments (Pilbara Craton, Western Australia)

EGU06-A-09618;  BG2.01-1FR2P-0014
Lepot, K; Philippot, P; Benzerara, K; Cotte, M
In-situ structural and chemical characterisation of biogenic organic matter in 2.72 Ga stromatolites, Tumbiana Formation, Western Australia

EGU06-A-00968;  BG2.01-1FR2P-0015
Kitajima, K; Maruyama, S
Archean (3.5 Ga) mid-ocean ridge hydrothermal system: a physico-chemical environment for early life

EGU06-A-04311;  BG2.01-1FR2P-0016
Nna-Mvondo, D.; Martinez-Frias, J.
Komatiitic volcanoes as possible suitable sites for abiotic chemistry and biological processes on early Earth

EGU06-A-00770;  BG2.01-1FR2P-0017
Goldblatt, C.; Lenton, T. M.; Watson, A. J.
The Great Oxidation at ~2.4 Ga as a bistability in atmospheric oxygen due to UV shielding by ozone (solicited)

EGU06-A-01382;  BG2.01-1FR2P-0018
Merinero, R; Lunar, R; Martínez-Frías, J; Somoza, L; Díaz-del-Río, V
Iron-rich coccoidal microcrystals and framboids in submarine, methane-derived carbonate chimneys (Gulf of Cadiz, SW Iberian Peninsula): mineralogy, textures and astrobiological relevance (solicited)

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