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  Poster Programme - CL034 Aeolian dust as a player and recorder of environmental change

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Convener: Stuut, J.
Co-Convener: Prins, M.

Author in Attendance:

Thursday, 6 April 2006 10:30 - 12:00
Display Time: Thursday, 6 April 2006 08:00 -
Thursday, 6 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: STUUT, J.

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EGU06-A-07157;  CL034-1TH2P-0306
Donner, R.; Witt, A.; Oberhänsli, H.
Modelling Grain-Size Distributions of Aeolian Dust with Finite Mixture Models - Power and Pitfalls

EGU06-A-07334;  CL034-1TH2P-0307
Sodemann, H.; Bürzle, S.; Schwierz, C.
Modelling dust export from the Saharan desert: Seasonal variability and climatic influences

EGU06-A-03399;  CL034-1TH2P-0308
Yaron, O.; Israelevich, P.; Joseph, J. H.; Yaroslavitz, E.
Remote sensing of buoyancy waves in dusty atmospheres.

EGU06-A-03521;  CL034-1TH2P-0309
Joseph (!), J. H.; Yaron(1), O.; Israelevich (1), P.; Yaroslavich (1), E.; Koren (5), I.; Yair (2), Y.; Dvir (1), A.; Moalem (3), M.; Ziv (2), B.; Hilsenrath (4), E.
The Remotely Inferred Desert Dust Optical Depth From The UV To The NIR.

EGU06-A-05948;  CL034-1TH2P-0310
Moreno, T; Querol, X; Castillo, S; Alastuey, A; Cuevas, E; Herrmann, L; Mounkaila, M; Elvira, J; Gibbons, W
Controls on aolian particulate trace element geochemistry within the Sahara-Sahel Dust Corridor

EGU06-A-04063;  CL034-1TH2P-0311
Gröngröft, A.; Willer, J.; Petersen, A.
Quantification of the wind-induced material in arid mountainous soils of the Richtersveld, South Africa

EGU06-A-03941;  CL034-1TH2P-0312
Stuut, J-B W; Zabel, M.; Lavik, G.; Schefuss, E.; Schneider, R.R.
Provenance of present-day aeolian dust collected off NW Africa inferred from a multiproxy study combining grain size, chemistry, mineralogy, n-alkanes, C and N isotopes and satellite observations

EGU06-A-07002;  CL034-1TH2P-0313
Horváth, E.; Bradák, B.
Standing on a crossroad – Application of magnetic susceptibility in quaternary and geoarchaeological studies in Hungary

EGU06-A-06473;  CL034-1TH2P-0314
Hum, L.; Linkai, I.
Middle Pleistocene tuff horizons in the loess profiles of south-eastern Transdanubia, Hungary

EGU06-A-09208;  CL034-1TH2P-0315
Navratil, P.; Ruecker, G.; Bock, M.; Strunz, G.; Wilps, H.
Remote sensing based inventorization of afforestation and natural vegetation areas on the desiccated Aral Sea bottom in Uzbekistan

EGU06-A-10599;  CL034-1TH2P-0316
Jovanovic, M.; Markovic, S.B.; Gaudenyi, T.; Oches, E.A.; Hambach, U.; Zoeller, L.; Machalett, B.
"Warm" glacial climate during loess deposition recorded at exposures of the Pozarevac brickyard, NE Serbia

EGU06-A-10595;  CL034-1TH2P-0317
Machalett, B.
The Central Asian (palaeo) dust cycle: a case study from the Northern fringe of the Tien Shan Mountains, Kazakhstan

EGU06-A-01913;  CL034-1TH2P-0318
Granberg, I.; Andronova, A.; Artamonova, M.; Chalaya, E.; Efimenko, N.; Iordansky, M.; Maksimenkov, L.; Sologub, R.; Vasin, V.; Yablokov, M.
Study of atmospheric pollution by arid aerosol in the absence of dust storms

EGU06-A-00895;  CL034-1TH2P-0319
Singh, R.P.; Prasad, A.K.; Chauahn, S.S.; Singh, S.
Effect of dust storms on the environment and climatic conditions of the Indo-Gangetic basin

EGU06-A-10447;  CL034-1TH2P-0320
Vriend, M.; Prins, M.A.
Calibration of modelled mixing patterns in loess grain-size distributions: an example from the north-eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau, China

EGU06-A-02844;  CL034-1TH2P-0321
Prins, M.A.; Vriend, M.
Aeolian dust flux variability in China during the last glacial-interglacial cycle: inferences from unmixing of loess grain-size records

EGU06-A-02470;  CL034-1TH2P-0322
Mikami, M.; Leys, J.; Shao, Y.; McTainsh, G.; Ishizuka, M.; Yamada, Y.; Nagashima, H.
Heterogeneous Wind Erosion from Anthropogenic Source Areas- An Introduction to JADE Project- (cancelled)

EGU06-A-08419;  CL034-1TH2P-0323
Nagashima, K.; Tada, R.; Toyoda, S.; Tani, A.; Sun, Y.; Isozaki, Y.
Orbital- and millennial-scale variations in aeolian dust transport path to the Japan Sea

EGU06-A-00860;  CL034-1TH2P-0324
Chun, Y.
Historical records of Asian dust events (Hwangsa) in the Korean peninsula

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