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  Poster Programme - CL018 Surface Radiation Budget, Radiative Forcings and Climate Change (co-listed in AS)

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Convener: Wild, M.
Co-Convener: Philipona, R.

Author in Attendance:

Thursday, 6 April 2006 13:30 - 15:00
Display Time: Thursday, 6 April 2006 08:00 -
Thursday, 6 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: WILD, M.

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EGU06-A-01703;  CL018-1TH3P-0254
Laszlo, I.; Masuda, K.
Surface shortwave irradiance over the Tibet Plateau from ISCCP-D1 data

EGU06-A-02677;  CL018-1TH3P-0255
Allan, R.P.; Henderson, P.W.
Empirical estimate of variability in clear-sky surface longwave radiation over the ocean

EGU06-A-04614;  CL018-1TH3P-0256
Nowak, D.; Vuilleumier, L.; Long, C. N.
Cloud Effect on Surface Radiation at Payerne, Switzerland

EGU06-A-07655;  CL018-1TH3P-0257
di Sarra , A.; Pace, G.; Meloni, D.; De Silvestri, L.; Monteleone, F.; Piacentino, S.; Sferlazzo, D.
Determination of the aerosol direct radiative forcing efficiency at the surface in the Central Mediterranean

EGU06-A-08613;  CL018-1TH3P-0258
Matsoukas, C.; Pavlakis, K. G.; Hatzianastassiou, N.; Drakakis, E.; Fotiadi, A.; Hatzidimitriou, D.; Stackhouse Jr., P. W.; Vardavas, I.
Global distribution of 10-year daily mean shortwave and longwave radiation at one degree spatial resolution

EGU06-A-09998;  CL018-1TH3P-0259
Raschke, E.; Giorgetta, M.; Kinne, S.; Wild, M.
Uncertainties in insolation fields at TOA as computed in numerical models for the projects AMIP-2 and IPCC-AR

EGU06-A-04550;  CL018-1TH3P-0260
Cohen, S.; Ianetz, A.; Möller, M.; Stanhill, G.
Changing trends of surface solar radiation at Bet Dagan and their relation to climate

EGU06-A-03018;  CL018-1TH3P-0261
Philipona, R.; Dürr, B.; Ohmura, A.; Ruckstuhl, C.
Anthropogenic greenhouse forcing and strong water vapour feedback is rapidly warming Europe

EGU06-A-06361;  CL018-1TH3P-0262
Sutter, M.; Philipona, R.; Ohmura, A.
Cloud cover and radiative fluxes at high latitude BSRN sites and their evolution over the last decade

EGU06-A-05811;  CL018-1TH3P-0263
Carlund, T.
Solar radiation over Sweden 1983-2005

EGU06-A-08054;  CL018-1TH3P-0264
Hoch, S. W.; Wild, M. ; Ohmura, A.
The radiation regime at Summit, Greenland - observations versus GCM simulations (cancelled)

EGU06-A-02919;  CL018-1TH3P-0265
Ruckstuhl, C.; Philipona, R.; Morland, J.; Ohmura, A.
Observed relationship between surface specific humidity, integrated water vapor and longwave downward radiation at different altitudes

EGU06-A-04711;  CL018-1TH3P-0266
Roesch, A.
Can point measurements of surface albedo be approximated by remote-sensed data? (cancelled)

EGU06-A-10327;  CL018-1TH3P-0267
Michel, D.; Philipona, R.; Ruckstuhl, C.; Vogt, R.; Vuillemier, L.
Intercomparison of net radiation instruments

EGU06-A-09824;  CL018-1TH3P-0268
Painter, T; Barrett, A; Neff, J; Landry, C
Radiative forcing by dust deposition in mountain snow cover

EGU06-A-02446;  CL018-1TH3P-0269
Schmugge, T.; Ogaws, K.
Observations of land surface emissivity with multispectral thermal infrared data from space

EGU06-A-02951;  CL018-1TH3P-0270
Wild, M.
Assessment of radiative fluxes in IPCC AR4 GCMs using observations from GEBA and BSRN

EGU06-A-06156;  CL018-1TH3P-0271
Norris, J.; Wild, M.
Influence of cloud cover changes on solar dimming and brightening over Europe

EGU06-A-02925;  CL018-1TH3P-0272
Wild, M.; Ohmura, A.
The greenhouse-induced radiative forcing at the surface as projected in GCMs and observed

EGU06-A-06362;  CL018-1TH3P-0273
Yang, K; Koike, T; Stackhouse, P; Mikovitz, C
Evaluate the accuracy of surface radiation budget of satellite products and GCM outputs in the Tibetan Plateau

EGU06-A-06588;  CL018-1TH3P-0274
Molnar, G.; Timar, G.; Ferencz, Cs.; Szekely, B.; Lichtenberger, J.; Sallai, K.
Land Surface Temperature (LST) estimations in the Pannonian Basin using MODIS satellite data

EGU06-A-08500;  CL018-1TH3P-0275
Fotiadi, A.; Drakakis, E.; Hatzianastassiou, N.; Matsoukas, C.; Vardavas, I.
Aerosol properties in the eastern Mediterranean based on the AERONET station at FORTH/Crete

EGU06-A-08513;  CL018-1TH3P-0276
Clerici, M; Melin, F; Zibordi, G; Bulgarelli, B
Aerosol characteristics, variability, and direct radiative forcing in the Adriatic from optical field and satellite measurements

EGU06-A-07961;  CL018-1TH3P-0277
Elias, T; Roujean, J L; Henry, C; Lacaze, R
Aerosol radiative forcing at the Earth's surface derived from METEOSAT-7

EGU06-A-00575;  CL018-1TH3P-0278
Tafuro, A. M.; Kinne, S.; De Tomasi, F.; Perrone, M. R.
Monthly radiative forcing evolution over south-east Italy

EGU06-A-04825;  CL018-1TH3P-0279
Walker, D.; Vuilleumier, L.; Staehelin, J.
Representative alpine climatology for erythemal UV (RACE-UV)

EGU06-A-09511;  CL018-1TH3P-0280
Portmann, R.; Solomon, S.
Indirect radiative forcing of ozone during the 21st century

EGU06-A-11041;  CL018-1TH3P-0281
Tsushima, Y; Emori, S; Ogura, T; Kimoto, M
Evaluation of clouds and radiative fluxes in CCSR/NIES FRCGC GCM using ISCCP data

EGU06-A-03934;  CL018-1TH3P-0282
Wild, M.
Decline of solar dimming reveals full extent of global warming

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