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  Poster Programme - NH6.01 Tsunamis (co-listed in OS)

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Convener: Tinti, S.
Co-Convener: Pelinovsky, E.

Author in Attendance:

Friday, 7 April 2006 13:30 - 15:00
Display Time: Friday, 7 April 2006 08:00 -
Friday, 7 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: TINTI, S.

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EGU06-A-08987;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0604
Ioualalen, M.; Grilli, S.; Asavanant, J.; Kaewbanjak, N.; Kirby, J. T.; Shi, F.
Simulation of the 26 December 2004 tsunami: The Thailand case study

EGU06-A-00240;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0605
The tsunami of December 26, 2004 The Indian scene

EGU06-A-01389;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0606
Kind, R; Yuan, X; Pedersen, H
Seismic Monitoring of the Indian Ocean Tsunami

EGU06-A-01762;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0607
Polukhin, N.; Choi, B.; Kurkin, A.; Zaitsev, A.
Data of three field surveys on the coasts of Indonesia after the disastrous tsunami in the Indian ocean (December 26, 2004)

EGU06-A-01763;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0608
Kurkin, A.; Zaitsev, A.; Yalciner , A.; Polukhin, N.
Numerical modeling of the March 28, 2005 tsunami in the Indian ocean

EGU06-A-03293;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0609
Matsumoto, H.; Mikada, H.; Suzuki, M.
Tsunami generation process from the great Sumatra-Andaman earthquake of 26 December 2004

EGU06-A-04271;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0610
Gregg, C.E.; Houghton, B.F.; Paton, D.; Lachman, R.; Lachman, J.; Wongbusarakum, S.; Johnston, D.M.
The role of natural signs of tsunamis in Tsunami Early Warning systems: lessons from Thailand and the literature

EGU06-A-05813;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0611
Liu, J.Y.; Tsai, Y.B. ; Ma, K.F.; Chen, Y.I.; Tsai, H.F.; Lin, C.H.; Kamogawa, M.; Lee, C.P.
Ionospheric GPS TEC disturbances triggered by the 26 December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami

EGU06-A-06333;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0612
M÷rner, N.-A.
Paleo-tsunamis in Sri Lanka and in the Maldives

EGU06-A-06391;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0613
Bahlburg, H.; Weisz, R.
Parameters of inundation, run-up and deposition of the South Asian Tsunami of 26 December 2004 in southeastern India and Kenia (cancelled)

EGU06-A-09004;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0614
Tappin, D; McNeill, L; Henstock, T; Mosher, D; Moran, K; THE SEATOS SCIENCE PARTY
The Indian Ocean tsunami of December 26th 2004: results from the marine surveys of HMS Scott and the Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami Offshore Survey (SEATOS), 2005

EGU06-A-07276;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0615
Chini, M.; Bignami, C.; Stramondo, S.; Pierdicca, N.
The 2004 Indonesian earthquake and tsunami: surface effects from SAR data

EGU06-A-08326;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0616
Taguchi, E.; Schroeter, J.; Sein, D.V.; Sidorenko, D.V.; Harig, S.
On data assimilation within German Indonesian tsunami early warning systems (GI-TEWS)

EGU06-A-08929;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0617
Schroeter, J.; Sein, D.; Taguchi, E.; Sidorenko, D.; Danilov, S.; Braune, S.
The modelling concept of the German-Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System GI TEWS

EGU06-A-09156;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0618
Lorito, S.; Piatanesi, A.
Non linear inversion of the December 2004 tsunami source.

EGU06-A-00140;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0619
Didenkulova, I.; Kurkin, A.; Pelinovsky, E.
Tsunamis in Russian lakes and rivers

EGU06-A-01216;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0620
Samarina, N.; Kurkin, A.; Zaitsev, A.
Numerical modeling of landslide tsunami in Black sea

EGU06-A-01217;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0621
Samarina, N.; Kurkin, A.; Kozelkov, A.
Volcanic tsunami on Montserrat Island in the Caribbean Sea

EGU06-A-01047;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0622
Zahibo, N.; Nikolkina, I.
Tsunamis in Ha´ti

EGU06-A-04535;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0623
Papadopoulos, G.A.
Tsunamis in the Mediterranean and adjacent seas: a review

EGU06-A-00380;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0624
Yilmaz, L.
Prediction of tsunamis forecast and probability

EGU06-A-07764;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0625
HÚbert, H.; Sladen, A.; SchindelÚ, F.; Alasset, P.-J.
Advances in tsunami hazard assessment in the western Mediterranean Sea (cancelled)

EGU06-A-09202;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0626
Lorito, S.; Piatanesi, A.; Tiberti, M.; Basili, R.
Earthquake-induced tsunamis in the Mediterranean Sea: scenarios of potential threats to southern Italy

EGU06-A-10009;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0627
Meghraoui, M; Alasset, P. J.; Hebert, H
Potential tsunamigenic earthquake sources along the Algerian Coast: Lessons learned from recent earthquakes and implications for the western Mediterranean Sea.

EGU06-A-03105;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0628
Panizzo, A.; De Girolamo, P.
SPH3D simulation of the tsunamis of December 30, 2002 at Stromboli volcano, Italy

EGU06-A-04520;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0629
Tinti, S.; Zaniboni, F.; Pagnoni, G.; Tonini, R.
Sensitivity analysis of tsunamis induced by landslides from the Sciara del Fuoco, Stromboli, Italy

EGU06-A-06477;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0630
Mastronuzzi, G.; Pignatelli, C.; Sans˛, P.; Selleri, G.
Tsunami hazard and vulnerability assessment along Salento coast (Apulia, southern Italy) (cancelled)

EGU06-A-09215;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0631
Kaabouben, F; Baptista, MA; Luis, J; Soares, PMM
Source Evaluation of the Gloria Fault tsunami 26.05.1975

EGU06-A-06299;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0632
M÷rner, N.-A.
A 16 events tsunami catalogue from Sweden

EGU06-A-05485;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0633
Houghton, B.F.; Gregg, C.E.; Gill, D.A.; Paton, D.; Ritchie, L.A.; Johnston, D.M.
Modeling of tsunami preparedness and effectiveness of warnings in USA

EGU06-A-06786;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0634
Le Roux, J.P.; Nielsen, S.N.; Henriquez, A.
Sand intrusions and mudstone-clast breccia related to an early Pliocene mega-tsunami (Ranquil Formation, southern Chile)

EGU06-A-03903;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0635
Lavrenov , I.V.
Seismic forerunner of tsunami waves

EGU06-A-05993;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0636
Delis, A.I.; Kazolea, M.; Kampanis, N.A.; Gousidou, M.
A Finite Volume Method for Simulating Long Waves (cancelled)

EGU06-A-05826;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0637
Mardiatno, Djati; Sartohadi, Junun
Tsunami impact on soil and groundwater condition

EGU06-A-09398;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0638
Egorov, Y.
About location of bottom hydrophones for tsunami detection

EGU06-A-00266;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0639
Nosov, M.A.; Kolesov, S.V.; Alekseev, A.B.; Denisova, A.V.
Trapped low frequency hydroacoustic modes and their possible contribution in tsunamis

EGU06-A-00825;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0640
Nosov, M.A.; Kolesov, S.V.; Alekseev, A.B.; Denisova, A.V.
Numerical modelling of tsunami generation in consideration of water compressibility and bottom elasticity

EGU06-A-03707;  NH6.01-1FR3P-0641
Kapochkin, B.B.; Kucherenko , N.V.
Method of forecasting of the tsunami and sea earthquakes.

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