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  Poster Programme - HS49 Urban impacts on soils and groundwater: From infiltration processes to integrated urban water management (co-listed in SSS)

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Convener: Mohrlok, U.
Co-Convener: Schiedek, T., Rueedi, J.

Author in Attendance:

Wednesday, 5 April 2006 15:30 - 17:00
Display Time: Wednesday, 5 April 2006 08:00 -
Wednesday, 5 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: SCHIEDEK, T.

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EGU06-A-00282;  HS49-1WE4P-0400
Nazarenko, O.
Meteorological and urban impacts on groundwater level in Rostov region

EGU06-A-00378;  HS49-1WE4P-0401
Stovold, M; Smettem, KRJ
A practical solution for the management of urban stormwater pollution in Perth, Western Australia.

EGU06-A-01399;  HS49-1WE4P-0402
Himmelsbach, T; Houben, G; Niard, N; Tünnermeier, T
Urban impacts on groundwater resources and quality in the Kabul Basin, Afghanistan

EGU06-A-05043;  HS49-1WE4P-0403
Schiedek, T.; Beier, M.; Ebhardt, G.
Quantification of typical urban contaminants in ground water of cities

EGU06-A-05048;  HS49-1WE4P-0404
Beier, M.; Schiedek, T.; Ebhardt, G.
Groundwater balance of an urban area – the example of the city of Darmstadt

EGU06-A-10739;  HS49-1WE4P-0405
Strauch, G.; Möder, M.; Wennrich, R.; Osenbrück, K.; Gläser, H.R.; Schladitz, T.; Müller, C.; Schirmer, K.; Reinstorf, F.; Schirmer, M.
Urban Water – Indication of Substances and Balancing

EGU06-A-06865;  HS49-1WE4P-0406
Joyce, E; Rueedi, J; Cronin, A; Pedley, S; Charles, K; Greswell, R; Tellam, J
Urban contamination of Triassic sandstone with microbial pathogens

EGU06-A-06656;  HS49-1WE4P-0407
Bender, A.; Braun, C.
Experiences from using an inversion technique on the basis of numerical modelling for the evaluation of pumping tests to investigate groundwater contamination plumes in urban areas (cancelled)

EGU06-A-07546;  HS49-1WE4P-0408
Göbel, P.; Riedel, T.; Dierkes, C.; Coldewey, W.G.
Phosphorus Removal from Storm Water Runoff before Infiltration

EGU06-A-09904;  HS49-1WE4P-0409
Soil contamination in an urban area through rainfall and particle deposition

EGU06-A-10264;  HS49-1WE4P-0410
Iriarte, S.; Aravena, R.; Rudolph, D.
The use of multiple isotope tracers to evaluate the impact of urban recharge in an alluvial aquifer located underneath the city of Santiago, Chile

EGU06-A-10786;  HS49-1WE4P-0411
Schiedek, T.; Reith, W.; Ebhardt, G.
Heavy metal contamination in sediments of an open drainage system due to urban emissions

EGU06-A-03356;  HS49-1WE4P-0412
Bach, M.; Ostrowski, M. W.
Interactions in anthropogenic influenced catchments - an overview with special attention on sewer infiltration water (cancelled)

EGU06-A-05552;  HS49-1WE4P-0413
Souvent, P.; Vizintin, G.; Cencur Curk, B.
Impact Assessment of an Urban Pollution on the Aquifer of Ljubljana, Slovenia

EGU06-A-07846;  HS49-1WE4P-0414
Blaschke, A.P.; Kirnbauer, R.
Sphere of influence of seepage of biologically treated waste water

EGU06-A-07992;  HS49-1WE4P-0415
Mohrlok, U.; Wolf, L.; Klinger, J.
Quantification of infiltration processes in urban areas by accounting for spatial parameter variability

EGU06-A-10751;  HS49-1WE4P-0416
Klinger, J.; Wolf, L.; Hötzl, H.
Sewage exfiltration: A risk for soil and groundwater? - direct measurements at a real world test site

EGU06-A-09177;  HS49-1WE4P-0417
Boudreault, J.-P.; Dubé, J.-S.; Darras, V.; Winiarski, T.; Chouteau, M.; Hardy, E.
2D modeling of unsaturated flow dynamics in urban heterogeneous fills

EGU06-A-03703;  HS49-1WE4P-0418
Ducci, D.; Corniello, A. ; Ruggieri, G.
The pollution risk map of the southern part of the Volturno River plain (Southern Italy)

EGU06-A-08839;  HS49-1WE4P-0419
Gellweiler, I.; Wintrich, S. ; Seeling, S.; Tressel, E.
Mitigation of floods by retention systems in urban areas – one of the WaReLa topics

EGU06-A-09327;  HS49-1WE4P-0420
Scozzari, A.; Peruzzi, P.; Cioni, R.; Guidi, M.
An innovative approach to urban water management based on taste sensors

EGU06-A-10625;  HS49-1WE4P-0421
Hoppe, A.; Hofmann, M.; Lang, S.; Lerch, C.; Marinoni, O.
Mitigation of land use conflicts in the surroundings of urban areas taking geology into account

EGU06-A-08123;  HS49-1WE4P-0422
Osberghaus, T.; Schiedek, T.
Legal constraints for the assessment of spatially contaminated soil or groundwater in urban areas (cancelled)

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