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  Poster Programme - HS41/SSS8 Hydrogeophysics - methods to identify properties and monitor processes governing water flow and solute transport in groundwater and vadose zones (co-organized by SSS)

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Convener: Vereecken, H.
Co-Convener: Ferre, T., Yaramanci, U.

Author in Attendance:

Friday, 7 April 2006 10:30 - 12:00
Display Time: Friday, 7 April 2006 08:00 -
Friday, 7 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: VEREECKEN, H.

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EGU06-A-00214;  HS41/SSS8-1FR2P-0227
Khalil, M.
A new method to estimate hydraulic conductivity from surface resistivity measurements

EGU06-A-03135;  HS41/SSS8-1FR2P-0228
Kienzler, P.; Naef, F.
How geophysical methods can contribute to subsurface storm flow investigations

EGU06-A-03794;  HS41/SSS8-1FR2P-0229
Bour, O; Le Borgne, T; Paillet, F. L.; Caudal, J-P
Characterization of preferential flow paths from single and cross-borehole flowmeter tests in a fractured aquifer

EGU06-A-05047;  HS41/SSS8-1FR2P-0230
Goutaland, D.; Winiarski, T.; Dube, J.-S.; Bièvre, G.; Buoncristiani, J.-F.; Chouteau, M.; Giroux, B.
Hydrostratigraphic characterization of glaciofluvial deposits underlying an infiltration basin

EGU06-A-05834;  HS41/SSS8-1FR2P-0231
Hertrich, M.; Müller, M.; Yaramanci, U.
Potential of the application of Magnetic Resonance Sounding to deep targets

EGU06-A-05877;  HS41/SSS8-1FR2P-0232
Braun, M.; Rommel, I. ; Yaramanci, U.
Influence of the electrical conductivity on Magnetic Resonance Sounding regarding 2D modelling and 1D inversion

EGU06-A-06176;  HS41/SSS8-1FR2P-0233
Cousin, I.; Bobachev, A.; Nicoullaud, B.; Robain, H.
Visualisation of preferential water flows at shallow depth by electrical resistivity measurements with high spatial and temporal resolution

EGU06-A-06561;  HS41/SSS8-1FR2P-0234
Kulessa, B.; Hubbard, B.; Brown, G.
Hydraulic properties of and processes in subglacial till using 4-D electrical resistivity monitoring

EGU06-A-06749;  HS41/SSS8-1FR2P-0235
Loperte, A.; Satriani, A.; Lazzari, L.; Amato, M.; Celano, G.; Lapenna, V.; Morelli, G.
2D and 3D high resolution geoelectrical tomography for non-destructive determination of the spatial variability of plant root distribution: laboratory experiments and field measurements.

EGU06-A-06884;  HS41/SSS8-1FR2P-0236
Votrubova, J.; Jelinkova, V.; Cislerova, M.
Geophysical methods in a study of the infiltration process in clay soil

EGU06-A-06892;  HS41/SSS8-1FR2P-0237
Kgotlhang, L.; Milzow, C.; Kinzelbach, W.; Green, A.
Semi-automated interpretation of aeromagnetic data as a means of determining the geometry of the Kalahari Sands aquifer below the Okavango Delta, Botswana

EGU06-A-07001;  HS41/SSS8-1FR2P-0238
Tillmann, A.; Zimmermann, E.; Kemna, A.; Vereecken, H.
Non-invasive monitoring of flow and transport processes in soil columns with MERIT

EGU06-A-07006;  HS41/SSS8-1FR2P-0239
Votrubova, J.; Jelinkova, V.; Sanda, M.; Tesar, M.; Cislerova, M.
Testing TDR and resistivity tomography in a field study of the infiltration process

EGU06-A-07646;  HS41/SSS8-1FR2P-0240
Huisman, J.A.; Weihermüller, L.; Lambot, S.; Herbst, M.; Vereecken, H.
Measuring the spatial variation of soil water content at the Selhausen test site with the ground wave of ground penetrating radar

EGU06-A-07773;  HS41/SSS8-1FR2P-0241
Falgas, E.; Ledo, J.; Marcuello, A.; Queralt, P.
Aquifer intrusion monitoring applying Control Source Audio Magnetotellurics

EGU06-A-08376;  HS41/SSS8-1FR2P-0242
Köstel, J.; Kemna, A.; Javaux, M.; Schmalholz, J.; Yaramanci, U.; Vereecken, H.
Salt Tracer Transport Characterisation in an unsaturated, undisturbed Soil Column with Aid of ERT and GPR

EGU06-A-08579;  HS41/SSS8-1FR2P-0243
Wollschläger, U.; Gerhards, H.; Ulbrich, C. ; Schiwek, P.; Roth, K.
Application of Multi-Channel Ground-Penetrating Radar for Estimating Volumetric Soil Water Content at the Field Scale

EGU06-A-09283;  HS41/SSS8-1FR2P-0244
Béhaegel, M.; Sailhac, P.; Marquis, G.
Hydrogeophysical Site of La Soutte (Vosges, France): Temperature Measurement and Modelling for the Monitoring of the Subsurface Water content

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