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  Poster Programme - AS3.16 Air Pollution Modelling

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Convener: Frohn, L.
Co-Convener: Brandt, J., Hertel, O.

Author in Attendance:

Friday, 29 April 2005 13:30 - 15:00
Display Time: Friday, 29 April 2005 08:00 -
Friday, 29 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall X

Chairperson: FROHN, L. M. & BRANDT J.

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EGU05-A-01054;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0188
Morino, Y; Kondo, Y; Takegawa, N; Miyazaki, Y; Kita, K; Komazaki, Y; Miyakawa, T; Moteki, N; Worsnop, D. R.; Pandis, S. N.
Temporal variations of HNO3 and particulate nitrate in Tokyo urban air

EGU05-A-01103;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0189
Poupkou, A.; Symeonidis, P.; Lisaridis, I.; Balis , D.
The contribution of the transport sector emissions to the photochemical formation of tropospheric ozone in the Balkan Region

EGU05-A-01130;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0190
Struzewska, J.; Kaminski, J.W.; Borkiewicz, M.
Influence of sea breeze circulation on photooxidants formation over Gdansk Bay on Baltic Sea.

EGU05-A-01133;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0191
Issartel, J.-P.; Sharan, M. ; Modani, M.
Retrieving the source of a pollution using satellite observations

EGU05-A-01553;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0192
Khlaifi, A; Dahech, S; Beltrando, G; Ionescu, A; Candau, Y
Identification and assessment of seasonal air pollution variability using Gaussian model in the urban area of Sfax (Tunisia) during 2004

EGU05-A-02681;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0193
Pison, I.; Menut, L.; Blond, N.
Inverse modeling of emissions for local photo-oxidant pollution: testing a new methodology

EGU05-A-04301;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0194
Lagzi, I.; Mészáros, R.; Ács, F.; Szinyei, D.; Vincze, Cs.; Tomlin, A.; Turányi, T.; Haszpra, L.
Effect of the soil wetness state on the stomatal ozone fluxes in continental region

EGU05-A-04449;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0195
Menut, L.; Honore, C.; Rouil, L.; Beekmann, M.; Vautard, R.; Poisson, N.; Peuch, V.H.; Rico, M.
PREV'AIR, A modeling platform for the air quality predictability study

EGU05-A-05505;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0196
Pagowski, M; Grell, G; McKeen, S; Devenyi, D; Wilczak, J; Bouchet, V; Gong, W; McHenry, J; Peckham, S
A simple method to improve ensemble-based ozone forecasts

EGU05-A-05620;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0197
Wu, H; McConnell, J
Impacts of an Improved Isoprene Chemical Scheme in a 3D Air Quality Model, GEM-AQ

EGU05-A-05661;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0198
Jiménez, P.; Pérez, C.; Jorba, O.; Baldasano, J.M.
Influence of the PBL scheme on MM5-EMICAT2000-CMAQ high resolution photochemical simulations over a coastal urban site

EGU05-A-05863;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0199
Peckham, S.; Grell, G. ; McKeen, S.; Wilczak, J.
Real-time weather and air quality forecasts during NEAQS2004 using the WRF-Chemistry model

EGU05-A-06284;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0200
Krüger, B. C.; Baumann-Stanzer, K.; Langer, M.; Hirtl, M.
A New Air Quality Model System for Austria

EGU05-A-06316;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0201
Becker, A.; Wotawa, G.; De Geer, L.-E.
On the CTBTO-WMO response System set up for Ensemble Calculation of standardised Source-Receptor Relationship Information for the Purpose of Source Attribution of airborne Radioactivity Measurements raised within the CTBTO International Monitoring System.

EGU05-A-07151;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0202
Di Sabatino, S.; Britter, R.; Cataldo, C.; Chirizzi, C.; Ratti, C.
Derivation and analysis of pollutant dispersion parameters using Digital Elevation Models (DEMs)

EGU05-A-07180;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0203
Gromkova, N.; Ganev, K.; Dimitrova, R.; Miloshev, N.; Yordanov, D.; Todorova, E.; Kushleva, M.
Regulatory Model for Calculating of the Vehicles’ Emissions and Pollutants’ Concentration in the Surface Layer - Software TRAFFIC ORACLE

EGU05-A-07422;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0204
Nolasco, D.; Pérez, V.; Coello, C.; Melían, G.; Galindo, I.; Padrón, E.; Salazar, P.; Marrero, R.; Hernández, P.A.; Pérez, N.M.
BTEX emissions to the atmosphere from road traffic in Tenerife, Canary Island, Spain

EGU05-A-07613;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0205
Frohn, L. M.; Brandt, J.; Christensen, J. H.; Hertel, O. ; Skjřth, C. A.; Ellermann, T.
Evaluation and intercomparison of an Eulerian and a Lagrangian long-range transport model

EGU05-A-07667;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0206
Hodzic, A.; Vautard, R.; Chepfer, H.; Goloub, P.; Chazette, P.; Menut, L.
Evolution of aerosol optical thickness over Europe during the August 2003 heat wave as seen from CHIMERE model simulations and POLDER-2 data

EGU05-A-07861;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0207
Kumar, R.; Kumari, K.M.; Srivastava, S.S.
Experimental and theoretical approach for estimation of dry deposition of acidifying compounds to marble

EGU05-A-08221;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0208
Pirjola, L.; Lehtinen, K.EJ.; Hansson, H.-C.; Kulmala, M.
Is nucleation important for regional and global modelling: box model studies

EGU05-A-06644;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0209
Chaxel, E.; Chollet, J.P.; Chemel, C.; Quiniou, C.
Influence of regionally produced ozone on the photochemistry of the Grenoble valley during the heat wave of 2003

EGU05-A-09735;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0210
Cousineau, S.; Bouchet, V.S.; Gong, W.; Moffet, R. ; Ménard, S. ; Crevier, L.-P.; Gaudreault, S. ; Moran, M.D.; Makar, P.A.
AURAMS evaluation during the ICARTT Campaign

EGU05-A-09942;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0211
Coll, I.; Lasry, F.; Fayet, S.; Samaali, M. ; Lesponne, C.; Ponche, J.L.; François, S.
Modeling ozone production in relation to VOC oxidation and the assessment of 2010 ozone control strategies

EGU05-A-10411;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0212
Halenka, T.; Cesari, R.; Brechler, J.; Belda, M.
On the impact of biogenic emission on tropospheric ozone production in model SMOG

EGU05-A-10455;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0213
Cassiani, M.; Franzese, P.
Lagrangian stochastic modelling of the concentration PDF

EGU05-A-10528;  AS3.16-1FR3P-0214
McKeen, S; Wilczak, J; Grell, G; Peckham, S; Pagowski, M
Real-time ozone forecasts over Eastern North America during the summer of 2004: An assessment of several models and their ensemble

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