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  Poster Programme - GMPV3 Experiment under HP-HT conditions: application in geosciences

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Convener: Perchuk, L.
Co-Convener: Safonov, O.
Co-Sponsorship: The session is organized by Working Group on Mineral Equilibria at IMA and sponsored by IMA.

Author in Attendance:

Tuesday, 4 April 2006 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Tuesday, 4 April 2006 08:00 -
Tuesday, 4 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: PERCHUK, L.; SAFONOV, V.

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EGU06-A-00630;  GMPV3-1TU5P-0430
Shiryaev, A.A.; Langenhorst, F.; Frost, D.J.
Impurity diffusion and microstructure of diamonds deformed at HPHT conditions (cancelled)

EGU06-A-00690;  GMPV3-1TU5P-0431
Reutskiy, V.; Harte, B.; Borzdov, Yu.; Palyanov, Yu.
Carbon and nitrogen isotope distribution in HTHP synthetic diamonds

EGU06-A-03167;  GMPV3-1TU5P-0432
Lebedev, E.B.
Experimental study of the influence of volatile components on physico-chemical properties of magmatic melts

EGU06-A-01932;  GMPV3-1TU5P-0433
Litvin, Yu.A.; Shushkanova, V.A.; Litvin, V.Yu.
Diamond origin in the mantle carbonate-silicate (± sulfide) melts: peculiarities clarifed with high pressure experiments

EGU06-A-02897;  GMPV3-1TU5P-0434
Mollo, S.; Misiti, V.; Dolfi, D.
Preliminary crust-basalt interaction experiments at 0.8 – 1.0 GPa: new hybrid melts formation

EGU06-A-03144;  GMPV3-1TU5P-0435
Butvina, V. G.; Litvin, Yu. A; Marakushev, A. A.; Safonov, O. G.
Compositional and phase relations in “dry” eclogite at diamond-related pressures.

EGU06-A-10984;  GMPV3-1TU5P-0436
Kuzmin, D.V.; Sobolev, A.V.
Olivine-melt partition coefficients for incompatible elements: data from melt inclusions study.

EGU06-A-05551;  GMPV3-1TU5P-0437
Bhattacharjee, H.; Gupta, A.
Experimental study of the Silica-deficient portion of the system Nepheline-Kalsilite-SiO2 at 2 GPa, and variable temperatures.

EGU06-A-05899;  GMPV3-1TU5P-0438
Bindi, L.; Safonov, O.; Downs, R.; Perchuk, L.; Litvin, Yu.; Vinograd, V.; Harlow, G.
Potassium-bearing clinopyroxene: crystal chemical and thermodynamic model

EGU06-A-02724;  GMPV3-1TU5P-0439
Mirwald, P.W.
Dehydration study of gypsum-bassanite-anhydrite up to 3.5 GPa - indication of PVT anomalies of water at high pressure

EGU06-A-04751;  GMPV3-1TU5P-0440
Liebske, C.; Schmidt, M.W.; van Westrenen, W.
Dihedral angles and element partitioning between metallic liquids and perovskite at lower mantle conditions

EGU06-A-04954;  GMPV3-1TU5P-0441
Tropper, P.; Hauzenberger, C.; Konzett, J.
Comparing experiments and pseudosections: testing thermodynamic data bases and constraints on mica activity relations in the high-P/high-T granulites in the Southern Bohemian Massif

EGU06-A-07514;  GMPV3-1TU5P-0442
Ullrich, A.; Glasmacher, U.A.; Miletich, R.; Kohn, B.P.
High pressure effects on fission-track formation in apatite

EGU06-A-02336;  GMPV3-1TU5P-0443
Lock, P.; Skipper, N.; Mirza, Z.; Fernandez-Alonso, F.; Adams, M.; Howells, S.; Swenson, J.
The Mobility of Organic Contaminants in Hydrated Clays at Elevated Pressures and Temperatures

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