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  Poster Programme - AS3.01 Past and Future Changes in Mid-Latitude Ozone (co-listed in CL)

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Convener: Godin-Beekmann, S.
Co-Convener: Braathen, G., Harris, N.
Co-Sponsorship: International Ozone Commission (IO3C)

Author in Attendance:

Wednesday, 27 April 2005 08:30 - 10:00
Display Time: Wednesday, 27 April 2005 08:00 -
Wednesday, 27 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall X

Chairperson: CALISESI,Y., BRUNNER, D.

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EGU05-A-03735;  AS3.01-1WE1P-0168
Wild, J. D.; Miller, A. J.; Long, C. S.; Godin-Beekmann, S. ; McDermid, I. S.; Nakane, H.; Parrish, A.; McCormick, M. P.
Validation and use of SBUV/2 ozone profiles for operational and climate monitoring purposes

EGU05-A-04473;  AS3.01-1WE1P-0169
Zanis, P.; Zerefos, C.S.; Maillard, E.; Kosmidis, E.; Stahelin, J.
Ozone variability and long-term trends deduced from the step-corrected Umkehr record of Arosa, Switzerland

EGU05-A-04591;  AS3.01-1WE1P-0170
Maeder, J. A.; Staehelin, J.; Brunner, D.; Stahel, W. A.; Peter, T.
Turnaround in total ozone?

EGU05-A-05379;  AS3.01-1WE1P-0171
Nikulin, G.; Karpetchko, A.
Early stage of wintertime ozone buildup in the Northern Hemisphere midlatitudes

EGU05-A-05754;  AS3.01-1WE1P-0172
Tripathi, O.P.; Leblanc, T.; McDermid, I.S.; Lefèvre, F.; Hauchecorne, A.
3-D CTM simulation of polar lower stratospheric ozone intrusion to mid-latitude observed by lidar at the JPL Table Mountain Facility (34.4o N, 117.7o W), California

EGU05-A-06365;  AS3.01-1WE1P-0173
Mendeva, B.; Petkov, B.; Gogosheva, Ts.; Krastev, D.
Influence of the Solar activity on the total ozone content

EGU05-A-06624;  AS3.01-1WE1P-0174
Gómez, I.; Labajo, A.; Camacho, J.
Analysis of stratospheric ozone over Iberian peninsula

EGU05-A-07767;  AS3.01-1WE1P-0175
Maillard, E.; Schill, H.; Stübi, R.; Staehelin, J.
Homogenization of the Dobson Umkehr serie of Arosa, Switzerland

EGU05-A-08348;  AS3.01-1WE1P-0176
Claude, H.; Köhler, U.; Steinbrecht, W.; Hassler, B.
Ozone and Temperature Trends at Hohenpeissenberg in the Light of a Recovery of the Ozone Layer

EGU05-A-08385;  AS3.01-1WE1P-0177
Calisesi, Y.; Kaempfer, N.; Godin-Beekmann, S.; Steinbrecht, W.
Characterization of daily to decadal variation cycles in stratospheric and mesospheric ozone as observed over Europe by ground-based NDSC instruments

EGU05-A-08522;  AS3.01-1WE1P-0178
Dhomse, S.; Weber, M.; Wohltmann, I.; Rex, M.; Burrows, J.
Long-term trend in NH SBUV V8 zonal mean ozone between 1979 and 2003

EGU05-A-08657;  AS3.01-1WE1P-0179
Song, T.; Godin-Beekmann, S.
Transport of polar/subtropical air mass at the Observatoire de Haute Provence (OHP) from 1985 to 2002

EGU05-A-08738;  AS3.01-1WE1P-0180
Song, T.; Godin-Beekmann, S.
Ozone trend related to its explanatory parameters at Observatoire de Haute Provence (OHP) from 1985 to 2004

EGU05-A-08546;  AS3.01-1WE1P-0181
Song, T.; Lefevre, F.; Godin-Beekmann, S.
The 50-year stratospheric ozone evolution: 3D chemical-transport modelling

EGU05-A-08846;  AS3.01-1WE1P-0182
Hadjinicolaou, P.; Pyle, J.A.; Harris, N.R.
Past changes of stratospheric ozone over northern middle latitudes: modelling the chemical and dynamical impacts

EGU05-A-10106;  AS3.01-1WE1P-0183
Andersen, S. B.
Comparison of recent modeled and observed trends in stratospheric total column ozone

EGU05-A-00875;  AS3.01-1WE1P-0184
Postylyakov, O.V. ; Igaev, A.I. ; Elansky, N.F. ; Elohov, A.S
Observations of the ozone and nitrogen dioxide profiles in TROICA train expeditions Moscow-Khabarovsk-Moscow

EGU05-A-03461;  AS3.01-1WE1P-0185
Wohltmann, I.; Rex, M.; Brunner, D.; Maeder, J.
Integrated equivalent latitude as a proxy for dynamical changes in ozone column

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