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  Poster Programme - OS14 Temporal variability of ocean temperature (heat content) and salinity (freshwater content)

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Convener: Levitus, S.
Co-Convener: Rixen, M.

Author in Attendance:

Thursday, 6 April 2006 08:30 - 10:00
Display Time: Thursday, 6 April 2006 08:00 -
Thursday, 6 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: LEVITUS, S.

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EGU06-A-02411;  OS14-1TH1P-0722
Sura, P.; Newman, M.; Alexander, M.
Daily to decadal sea surface temperature variability driven by state-dependent stochastic heat fluxes

EGU06-A-05745;  OS14-1TH1P-0723
Kang, S.K.; Foreman, M.G.G; Cherniawsky, J.; Yum, K.D.; So, J.K.
Spatial variability of the seasonal sea level variation component and its mechanism in the adjacent seas to Korean peninsula

EGU06-A-06419;  OS14-1TH1P-0724
Yamazaki, K.; Christensen, C.; Marshall, D.P.; Stone, D.A.
Exploring factors controlling ocean heat and freshwater uptake using a perturbed physics ensemble

EGU06-A-08172;  OS14-1TH1P-0725
Wenzel, M.; Schroeter, J.
Modelling the oceanic heat and freshwater budget using a volume constraint

EGU06-A-03669;  OS14-1TH1P-0726
Tozuka, T; Philander, S.G.; Yamagata, T.
Thermodynamics of the simulated ENSO and its decadal modulation

EGU06-A-02178;  OS14-1TH1P-0727
Dransfeld, S.; Stammer, D.
Temporal and spatial Salinity Variations in the GIN Sea

EGU06-A-04222;  OS14-1TH1P-0728
Korablev, A.; Pnyushkov, A.; Smirnov, A.; Johannessen, O.; Ionov, V.
Improved oceanographic database for the Nordic Seas

EGU06-A-04655;  OS14-1TH1P-0729
Möller, J; Dommenget, D
Time scale interaction between decadal variability and the annual cycle of the SST in the North Atlantic

EGU06-A-04945;  OS14-1TH1P-0730
Ivchenko, V.; Wells, N.; Aleynik, D.
Is the north atlantic ocean warming or cooling?

EGU06-A-04970;  OS14-1TH1P-0731
Aleynik, D.; Ivchenko, V.; Wells, N.
Thirty years of heat and salinity variability in the Newfoundland Basin

EGU06-A-06098;  OS14-1TH1P-0732
Schmith, T.; Stendel, M.
Major oceanographic Changes in the North Atlantic during the 20th Century seen in a 500 year Perspective

EGU06-A-06814;  OS14-1TH1P-0733
Klein, B; Koltermann, K; Wieczorek, G
Water mass variability over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in the North Atlantic as inferred from ARGO Data

EGU06-A-07556;  OS14-1TH1P-0734
Mauritzen, C; Curry, R
Hydrographic changes in the northern North Atlantic in recent decades (cancelled)

EGU06-A-07582;  OS14-1TH1P-0735
Sánchez, R.F.; Ruiz-Villareal, M.; González-Pola, C.; Díaz del Río, G.; Cabanas, J.M.; González, N.; Rodríguez, C.; Alonso, J.; Plaza, F. ; Lavín, A.
Labrador Sea Water in the Bay of Biscay: analysis of historical data (1990-2005) and comparisons with recent observations

EGU06-A-07763;  OS14-1TH1P-0736
Leadbetter, SJ; Williams, RG; Roussenov, V; Lozier, MS
Mechanisms of volumetric change over the North Atlantic on interdecadal timescales

EGU06-A-09354;  OS14-1TH1P-0737
Badan, A.; Rivas, D.; Ochoa, J.; Sheinbaum, J.; Candela, J.
More on the vertical heat flux in the central Gulf of Mexico.

EGU06-A-06239;  OS14-1TH1P-0738
Jevrejeva, S.; Grinsted, A.; Moore, J.; Holgate, S.
Increase in high frequency (2-14 years) variability in sea records

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