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  Poster Programme - SSP2 Shallow to Deep-Water Marine Carbonate Systems

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Convener: Reijmer, J.
Co-Convener: Immenhauser, A., Samankassou, E.

Author in Attendance:

Tuesday, 26 April 2005 08:30 - 10:00
Display Time: Tuesday, 26 April 2005 08:00 -
Tuesday, 26 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall Z

Chairperson: SAMANKASSOU, E.

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EGU05-A-07630;  SSP2-1TU1P-0290
Jarvis, I.; Gale, A.S.; Jenkyns, H.; Pearce, M.A.
Applications of the carbon stable-isotope record to refining the Cenomanian – Santonian (99.6 – 83.5 Ma) geological timescale

EGU05-A-02691;  SSP2-1TU1P-0291
Lantzsch, H.; Roth, S.; Reijmer, J.G.
Sea-level related resedimentation processes on the northern slope of Little Bahama Bank (solicited)

EGU05-A-02745;  SSP2-1TU1P-0292
Schwarz, J.; Rendle-Bühring, R.
Controls on Carbonate Preservation in Surface Sediments of the Florida Straits

EGU05-A-07191;  SSP2-1TU1P-0293
Rendle-Bühring, R.H.; Reijmer, J.J.G
Controls on Grain-Size Patterns in Periplatform Carbonates: Marginal Setting vs. Glacio-Eustacy

EGU05-A-08863;  SSP2-1TU1P-0294
Schwarz, J.; Steinke, S.; Rendle-Bühring, R.
Carbonate Nodules in Bahamian Periplatform Sediments – Composition, Distribution and Formation

EGU05-A-09803;  SSP2-1TU1P-0295
Keim, L.
Shift in carbonate production after the Carnian platform demise (Dolomites, northern Italy)

EGU05-A-10060;  SSP2-1TU1P-0296
Leinfelder, R.R.; Zühlke, R.; Nose, M.; Hughes, G.W.
Accomodation-controlled, reef-bearing Upper Jurassic ramp types

EGU05-A-05437;  SSP2-1TU1P-0297
Preto, N; Spoetl, C; Mietto, P; Gianolla, P; Furin, S
Correlation potential of Middle Triassic hemipelagic carbonate successions using carbon isotopes

EGU05-A-08157;  SSP2-1TU1P-0298
Erbacher, J.; Friedrich, O.; Wilson, P.A.; Birch, H.; Mutterlose, J.
Stable organic carbon isotope stratigraphy across Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 of the western Tropical Atlantic (Leg 207, Demerara Rise)

EGU05-A-04057;  SSP2-1TU1P-0299
Hornung, T.; Brandner, R.; Krystyn, L.
Carnian black shale events triggered by Cimmerian-Eurasian collision?

EGU05-A-00975;  SSP2-1TU1P-0300
Karim, A.; Orberger, B.; Berkhli, M. ; Vachard, D.
Depositional environments and diagenetic evolution of sandy carbonates and microbialites of the Central Morocco basin, examplified by the Tizra Formation (Mississippian)

EGU05-A-03319;  SSP2-1TU1P-0301
van der Kooij, B.; Immenhauser, A.; Steuber, T.; Samankassou, E.; Bahamonde, J. ; Hagmaier, M. ; Merino Tome, O.
Paleoceanographic significance of red-stained sedimentary intervals in a Pennsylvanian high-rising carbonate platform

EGU05-A-07907;  SSP2-1TU1P-0302
Bahamonde, Juan; Merino, Oscar
Red-coloured phylloid-algal mounds in the margin of a steep-fronted Pennsylvanian carbonate platform (Picos de Europa Province, NW Spain)

EGU05-A-07689;  SSP2-1TU1P-0303
Remia, A.; Taviani, M.; Gasperini, L.
Imaging fossil deep-sea coral mounds by integrated geophysical techniques

EGU05-A-04902;  SSP2-1TU1P-0304
Mienis, F.; van Weering, T.C.E; de Stigter, H. C.; de Haas, H.; Richter, T.O.
Near bed hydrodynamic conditions of carbonate mounds in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean

EGU05-A-04830;  SSP2-1TU1P-0305
de Haas, H.; Mienis, F.; van Weering, T.C.E; de Stigter, H.C.; Richter, T.O.
Morphology and sedimentology of (clustered) cold water coral mounds at the south Rockall Trough margins, NE Atlantic Ocean

EGU05-A-09730;  SSP2-1TU1P-0306
Brachert, T.C.; Reuter, M.; Kroeger, K.F.; Felis, T.; Lohmann, G.; Micheels, A.
Growth band analysis in Porites corals: A fully unexplored tool in palaeoclimatology. Late Miocene, Island of Crete (Greece) (cancelled)

EGU05-A-00557;  SSP2-1TU1P-0307
Delle Rose, M.; Parise, M.
Pleistocene mixed volcaniclastic-carbonate deposits at the western margin of the Apulian Foreland (Ostuni, Southern Italy), and their palaeo-environmental significance

EGU05-A-04697;  SSP2-1TU1P-0308
Tropeano, M.; Pieri, P.; Sabato, L.
The Calcarenite di Gravina Formation: a fossil example of Mediterranean carbonate sedimentatiom around karstic island

EGU05-A-08534;  SSP2-1TU1P-0309
Schweizer, M.; Pawlowski, J.; Kouwenhoven, T.J.; van der Zwaan, G.J.
Morphological and molecular study of the benthic calcareous foraminifer Cibicides: preliminary results

EGU05-A-10492;  SSP2-1TU1P-0310
Sattler, U.; Zampetti, V.; Schlager, W.; Immenhauser, A.
Late leaching under deep burial conditions causing reservoir porosity: a case study from the Miocene Zhujiang carbonates, China

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