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  Poster Programme - AS1.09 The tropical tropopause region

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Convener: Schiller, C.
Co-Convener: Schlager, H., Pommereau, J.

Author in Attendance:

Friday, 7 April 2006 08:30 - 10:00
Display Time: Friday, 7 April 2006 08:00 -
Friday, 7 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y


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EGU06-A-00936;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0015
Schuck, T.J.; Arnold, F.; Nau, R.; Fiedler, V.; Schlager, H.; Stohl, A.
Sulfur Dioxide Pollution of the Upper Troposphere over Brazil

EGU06-A-02613;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0016
Fiedler, V.; Aufmhoff, H.; Nau, R.; Kuhlmann, A.; Arnold, F.; Schlager, H.
Sulfur dioxide measurements in the tropical troposphere: Deployment of an aircraft-based CIMS instrument with permanent in-flight calibration during the SCOUT-O3 tropical campaign.

EGU06-A-05739;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0017
Curtius, J.; Weigel, R.; Vössing, H.-J.; Minikin, A.; Lovejoy, E. R.; Kazil, J.; Schiller, C.; Stohl, A.; Borrmann, S.
Observations of aerosol nucleation in the tropical UT/LS

EGU06-A-08075;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0018
Minikin, A.; Curtius, J.; Weigel, R.; Huntrieser, H.; Schlager, H.; Forster, C.; Stohl, A.
Aerosol number concentrations in the upper troposphere over the Atlantic and Brazil and their relation to transport from continental sources and convective regions

EGU06-A-04380;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0019
Vössing, H.-J.; Raupach , S. M.; Weigel , R. ; Curtius, J.; Voigt, C.; Schlager, H.; Borrmann, S.
Upper Tropospheric Tropical Ice Clouds: In-situ Measurements of Aerosol covering sizes from 6 nm to 1550 µm and Particle NOy during TROCCINOX and SCOUT-O3

EGU06-A-06090;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0020
Whiteway, J.; Cook, C.; Connolly, P.; Busen, R. ; Vaughan, G.
In situ measurements of humidity in the tropical tropopause region within anvil outflow and clear air

EGU06-A-06650;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0021
Yushkov, V.; Sitnikov, N.; Ulanovsky, A.; Ravegnani, F.
Some results of in situ water vapour and ozone measurements in the tropical UTLS on board of high-altitude aircraft M-55 “Geophysica”

EGU06-A-09344;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0022
Mitev, V.; Martucci, G.; Matthey, R.
Tropical high-altitude thin cirrus clouds observed with an airborne lidar on M55-Geophysica during the transfer flights in TROCCINOX and SCOUT-O3

EGU06-A-06279;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0023
Nielsen, J. K.; Larsen, N.; Cairo, F.; Di Donfrancesco, G.; Rosen, J. M.; Durry, G.
Solid particles in the tropical lowest stratosphere

EGU06-A-08892;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0024
Immler, F.; Schrems, O.; Krüger, K.; Tegtmeier, S.; Verver, G.; Fortuin, P.
Lidar observations and model studies of subvisible cloud formation at the tropical tropopause.

EGU06-A-01753;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0025
Jaya Rao, Y; Devara, P C S; Ernest Raj, P; Narayana Rao, D; Schiller, C
Vertical Velocity and Heating Rates Associated With Tropical Cirrus: Combained Lidar and MST Radar Observations

EGU06-A-04677;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0026
Hamann, U.; Mayer, B.
Impact of clouds on the radiation budget of the tropical tropopause layer

EGU06-A-04191;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0027
Ren, C; MacKenzie, A. R.
Forecasting cirrus clouds and water vapour in the tropical tropopause layer

EGU06-A-09632;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0028
Montoux, N.; Hauchecorne, A.; Dalaudier, F.; Bencherif, H.
Determination of the top altitude if high level clouds in the tropics with GOMOS/ENVISAT

EGU06-A-07688;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0029
Volz-Thomas, A.; Paetz, H.W.; Houben, N.; Berg, M.
Measurements of NOx and CO during the ACTIVE campaign

EGU06-A-06859;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0030
von Hobe, M.; Konopka, P.; Günther, G.; Stroh, F.
Chlorine Activation on Cirrus Clouds in the tropical UTLS

EGU06-A-04551;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0031
Sinnhuber, B.-M.; Sheode, N.; Burrows, J. P.
Convective transport of short-lived source gases into the tropical tropopause region and the stratospheric bromine budget (solicited)

EGU06-A-08380;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0032
Fueglistaler, S.; Mote, P.W.; Dunkerton, T.J.
Characteristics of the tropical tropopause layer (solicited)

EGU06-A-04888;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0033
Krüger, K.; Tegtmeier, S.; Schöllhammer, K.; Rex, M.
Multi-year calculations of transport processes in the TTL

EGU06-A-09710;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0034
Pisso, I.; Legras, B.
Lagrangian reconstructions of chemical tracers nearby the tropical tropopause

EGU06-A-09884;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0035
James, R. ; Legras, B.
Mixing across the subtropical tropopause during PRE-AVE campaign

EGU06-A-02011;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0036
Robinson, AD; Gostlow, B; O'Brien, L; Levine, J; Harris, NRP; Pyle, JA
Halocarbon measurements in the tropical free troposphere during ACTIVE in 2005/2006

EGU06-A-02763;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0037
Allen, G; the ACTIVE team
Mid-latitude influences on the Tropical Upper Troposphere during ACTIVE

EGU06-A-04605;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0038
Kuhn, A. C.; Volk, C. M.; Baehr, J.; Ivanova , E.; Werner, A.; Konopka , P.; Ulanovski , A.; Fierli , F.; Ravegnani , F.
Horizontal exchange between the tropical UTLS and the extratropical stratosphere over South America as observed by in-situ measurements on board the M55 Geophysica

EGU06-A-08254;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0039
Baehr, J.; Volk, C. M.; Kuhn, A. C.; Viciani, S.; Ulanovski, A.; Ravegnani, F.; Schlager, H.; Andreae, M.; Konopka, P.; Stohl, A.
Influence of convection on the TTL over Brazil: Analysis of airborne in situ trace gas measurements

EGU06-A-10076;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0040
Bencherif, H.; Semane, N.; Kirgis, G.; Morel, B.; Hauchecorne, A.; Diab, R.D.
Stratospheric ozone variability and anomalies as observed by radiosondes over Irene (25.5°S, 28.1°E), South Africa

EGU06-A-04821;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0041
Grunow, K.; Langematz, U.; Pfeilsticker, K.
The stratospheric situation and balloon flight planning during the ENVISAT validation campaign in the tropics

EGU06-A-07935;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0042
Oelhaf, H.; Friedl-Vallon, F.; Kleinert, A.; Lengel, A.; Maucher, G.; Nordmeyer, H.; Wetzel, G.; Wiegele, A.
The tropical tropopause layer and lower stratosphere as sounded with MIPAS-B: First results.

EGU06-A-08666;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0043
Borchi, F.; Pommereau, J.P.; Hauchecorne, A.
Evaluation of ozonesondes, HALOE, SAGE II and III, Odin-OSIRIS and SMR, and ENVISAT-GOMOS, -SCIAMACHY and -MIPAS o3 profiles in the tropics from SAOZ long duration balloon measurements

EGU06-A-07333;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0044
Gerber, D.; Siddans, R.; Reburn, W. J.; Kerridge, B. J.; Moyna, B. P.; Oldfield, M. L.; Matheson, D. N.
Results from the first deployment of the MARSCHALS mm-wave UTLS limb-sounder in SCOUT-O3

EGU06-A-06737;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0045
Christensen, T.; Knudsen, B. M.; Pommereau, J.-P.; Letrenne, G.; Vial, F.; Hertzog, A.
Validation of ECMWF ERA-40 tropical lower stratosphere temperatures and winds with long-duration balloon data

EGU06-A-09592;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0046
Borsche, M.; Kirchengast, G. ; Foelsche, U.; Gobiet, A.; Steiner, A. K.; Schmidt, T.; Wickert, J.
Tropical tropopause variability from four years of CHAMP radio occultation data

EGU06-A-03276;  AS1.09-1FR1P-0047
Knudsen, B. M.; Christensen, T. ; Hertzog, A. ; Deme, A. ; Vial, F. ; Pommereau, J.-P.
Accuracy of Analyzed Temperatures, Winds and Trajectories in the Southern Hemisphere Tropical and Midlatitude Stratosphere as Compared to Long-duration Balloon Flights.

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