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  Poster Programme - SSS17 Trace elements in soils: Baseline levels and imbalance (co-listed in BG & GMPV)

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Convener: Bech, J.
Co-Convener: Bini, C.

Author in Attendance:

Tuesday, 4 April 2006 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Tuesday, 4 April 2006 08:00 -
Tuesday, 4 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: BECH , J . MATSCHULLAT , J .

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EGU06-A-02354;  SSS17-1TU5P-0299
Dorozhko, A.; Makarov, V.
Natural radon distribution order in Moscow region.

EGU06-A-01286;  SSS17-1TU5P-0300
Rifai, R. I.; Shaaban, M. N.
Authigenic dolomite cementation in the Upper Cretaceous Phosphate Formation, Western Desert, Egypt.

EGU06-A-01509;  SSS17-1TU5P-0301
Angelova, V; Ivanov, K
Effect of chemical forms of lead, cadmium and zinc in polluted soils on their uptake by peanuts

EGU06-A-02571;  SSS17-1TU5P-0302
Buscaroli, A.; Matteucci, C.; Zannoni, D.
Study on the state of microtoxics in Ravenna Province

EGU06-A-02605;  SSS17-1TU5P-0303
Casagrande, E. R.; Mouta, C.E.; Soares, M. R.
Comparative study of cadmium, copper, nickel and zinc adsorption by brazilian variable charge soils

EGU06-A-03116;  SSS17-1TU5P-0304
Roje, V.; Mikac, N.; Kniewald, G.
Trace Metals in Soil Samples from War -impacted Areas in the Republic of Croatia

EGU06-A-03337;  SSS17-1TU5P-0305
Ettler, V.; Mihaljevic, M.; Sebek, O.; Grygar, T.
Evaluation of single extractions for determination of available metals in highly contaminated soils and sediments – thermodynamic and analytical approach

EGU06-A-03340;  SSS17-1TU5P-0306
b.BOEV, b.B; Geochemistry group
Trace elements in the soils of the Tikves region in the Republic of Macedonia

EGU06-A-03921;  SSS17-1TU5P-0307
Jacks, G.; Gårdestedt, C.
Zinc in agricultural soils in the Niger inland delta in Mali

EGU06-A-04517;  SSS17-1TU5P-0308
Vega, F.A.; Covelo, E.F.; Andrade, M.L.
Industrial and urban impact on heavy metal content in salt marsh soils from southwest of Pontevedra province (Spain)

EGU06-A-04553;  SSS17-1TU5P-0309
Covelo, E.F.; Vega, F.A. ; Andrade, M.L.
Heavy metal adsorption and desorption by a Eutric Regosol and a Distric Regosol

EGU06-A-05012;  SSS17-1TU5P-0310
Kavanda, R.; Nagy, A.
Gamma background radiation measuring in South -West region of Hungary

EGU06-A-05260;  SSS17-1TU5P-0311
Szopka, K.; Karczewska, A.; Kabala, C.; Bogacz, A.
The variability of selected trace elements content in forest soils in the area of Karkonosze National Park – in chosen monitoring points of forest ecosystems

EGU06-A-06648;  SSS17-1TU5P-0312
Sharma, P
Correlation of heavy metal contamination in surface soils with infestation of viscum album in poplar trees in goslar using a micro-ecosystem study

EGU06-A-07670;  SSS17-1TU5P-0313
Njofang, C.; Matschullat, J.; Tchouankoué, J.P.
Trace elements in soils and plants of the noun valley, western cameroon: a contribution to the development of a baseline biochemical database

EGU06-A-08753;  SSS17-1TU5P-0314
Rihs, S.; Gaillard, C.; Manceau, A.
Interaction of U(VI) with birnessite: a solution chemistry and EXAFS study.

EGU06-A-08795;  SSS17-1TU5P-0315
Zhiyanski, M; Bech, J ; Sokolowska, M; Lucot, E; Lansac, A
Anaysis of Cs-137 spatial distribuition if forest soils in mountanous regions of Bulgaria

EGU06-A-09157;  SSS17-1TU5P-0316
Castorina, F.; Masi, U.
Sr-isotopic systematics in soils (Sardinia, Italy)

EGU06-A-09574;  SSS17-1TU5P-0317
Beck, J.; Totsche, K. U.; Koegel-Knabner, I.
Spatial Distribution of natural Estrogens in differently manured agricultural Soils

EGU06-A-10179;  SSS17-1TU5P-0318
Bech, J.; Tume, P. E.; Sokolowska, M.; Reverter, F.; Sanchez, P.; Longan, L.; Lansac, A.; Puente, A.; Oliver, T.
Use of exploratory data analysis (EDA) for pedogeochemical mapping of Cr, Ni and Cu in soils of NE Spain (oral Presentation)

EGU06-A-10180;  SSS17-1TU5P-0319
Tume, P.E.; Bech, J.; Garrigo, J.; Roca, N.; Lansac, A.
Distribution of Ba, Cr, Sr and V in Torrelles (Catalonia, Spain) Soil profiles. (Poster Presentation)

EGU06-A-10807;  SSS17-1TU5P-0320
Munilla, S.; Rico, M.I.; Obrador, A; Novillo, J.; Lopez-Valdivia, L.M; Alvarez, J.M
Comparison between available zinc for the plant extracted with the HAc, DTPA-TEA and EDTA extraction methods in acid and calcareous soils coming from a greenhouse flax crop.

EGU06-A-11019;  SSS17-1TU5P-0321
Zapata, J.; Pérez-Sirvent, C.; Martínez-Sánchez, M.J.; Tovar, P.
Bone element analysis of two late roman populations from Puerto de Mazarrón (Murcia, Spain)

EGU06-A-11020;  SSS17-1TU5P-0322
Pérez-Sirvent, C.; Martínez-Sánchez, M.J.; Garcia, M.L.; Agudo, I.; Marimon, J.; Navarro, C.
Use of residues of the marble industry for the remediation of soils contaminated by heavy metals

EGU06-A-11021;  SSS17-1TU5P-0323
Martínez-Sánchez , M.J; Pérez-Sirvent, C.; Solano, A.M.; Garcia, M.L.; Martínez, M.J.; López, J.; Hernández-Cordoba, M.
Eco-Efficient strategies for stabilising metals in contaminated soils

EGU06-A-11022;  SSS17-1TU5P-0324
Martínez-Sánchez, M.J.; Mantilla, W.; Pérez-Sirvent, C.; Molina, J.; Tudela, M.L.; Solano, A.M.; Hernández, C.
Diagnosis of soil desertification : use of chemical and physico-chemical parameters

EGU06-A-11065;  SSS17-1TU5P-0325
Lyles, M.B.; Fredrickson, L.H.; Bednar, A.J.; Fannin, H.B.; Sobecki, T.M.
The Chemical, Biological, & Mechanical Characterization of Airborne Micro-particulates from Kuwait

EGU06-A-11088;  SSS17-1TU5P-0326
Lyles, M.B.
The Chemical, Biological, & Mechanical Characterization of Airborne Micro-particulates from Kuwait

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