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  Poster Programme - NH2.02 Towards reduced uncertainty in flood risk analysis (co-listed in HS)

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Convener: Merz, B.
Co-Convener: van Gelder, P., Borga, M.

Author in Attendance:

Wednesday, 5 April 2006 13:30 - 15:00
Display Time: Wednesday, 5 April 2006 08:00 -
Wednesday, 5 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: MERZ, B.

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EGU06-A-03176;  NH2.02-1WE3P-0570
Mudelsee, M.; Deutsch, M.; Börngen, M.; Tetzlaff, G.
Towards quantified uncertainty in flood risk analysis: Statistics and History

EGU06-A-09906;  NH2.02-1WE3P-0571
Merz, R.; Blöschl, G.
National flood mapping in Austria – Combining regionalisation methods and local expert judgement

EGU06-A-01402;  NH2.02-1WE3P-0572
Doorn, N.; Van Gent, MRA
Estimates of uncertainties in near-shore hydraulic boundary conditions in design studies (cancelled)

EGU06-A-08788;  NH2.02-1WE3P-0573
Fosumpaur, P.
Uncertainty evaluation of flood risk assessment

EGU06-A-02590;  NH2.02-1WE3P-0574
Petrow, Th.; Thieken, A.H.; Lindenschmidt, K.-E.; Merz, B.
Scenario Development for extreme Flood Events in the Mulde Catchment (Germany)

EGU06-A-04512;  NH2.02-1WE3P-0575
Anhalt, M.; Meon, G.
Risk Assessment of dams under consideration of uncertainties

EGU06-A-06001;  NH2.02-1WE3P-0576
Ebner von Eschenbach, A.-D.; Haberlandt, U.
Stochastic precipitation for deterministic estimation of extreme floods

EGU06-A-03871;  NH2.02-1WE3P-0577
Lindenschmidt, K.-E.; Herrmann, U.; Pech, I.
Uncertainty in mapping and assessing flood risk at the macro-catchment scale

EGU06-A-10565;  NH2.02-1WE3P-0578
Vorogushyn, S.; Apel, H.; Lindenschmidt, K.-E.; Merz, B.
Coupling 1D hydrodynamic, dike breach and inundation models for flood risk assessment along the Elbe River

EGU06-A-06386;  NH2.02-1WE3P-0579
Freni, G.; Notaro, V.
Statistical analysis of the uncertainty linked to flood risk evaluation

EGU06-A-00734;  NH2.02-1WE3P-0580
Boonya-aroonnet, S.; Maksimovic, C.; Markovic, I.; Djordjevic, S.; Prodanovic, D.; Stanic, M.
Development of GIS based surface runoff and pathways model and interface with surcharged sewer model

EGU06-A-10566;  NH2.02-1WE3P-0581
Merz, B.; Apel, H.; Thieken, A.
Comparison of different approaches for calculating flood risk curves along rivers

EGU06-A-09030;  NH2.02-1WE3P-0582
Yörük, A.; Disse, M.
Comparison of different hydrodynamic models and their uncertainty in regard to different flood risk scenarios

EGU06-A-05380;  NH2.02-1WE3P-0583
Kasprzak, M.
Historical floods versus contemporary land use in the £omnica Valley, Sudetes, SW Poland - towards vulnerability assessment

EGU06-A-09141;  NH2.02-1WE3P-0584
Becciu, G.; Paoletti, A.; Sanfilippo, U.
Stormwater tanks and shock probability in receiving bodies

EGU06-A-03843;  NH2.02-1WE3P-0585
Dublyansky, Y.
Treatment of the FEP "Hydrothermal Activity" in the performance assessment of the proposed Yucca Mountain high-level nuclear waste disposal site

EGU06-A-05803;  NH2.02-1WE3P-0586
Gabellani, S.; Rudari, R.; Silvestro, F.
Calibration of snow models with MODIS products

EGU06-A-01413;  NH2.02-1WE3P-0587
Paloscia, S.; Pettinato, S.; Santi, E.; Huttonen, M.; Silander, J.; Vehvilainen, B.
Soil moisture maps from ENVISAT/ASAR images in a Finland area obtained by using an algorithm based on Neural Networks (cancelled)

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