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  Poster Programme - HS33 Subsurface flow, solute transport, end energy processes: concepts, modelling, and observations (co-listed in BG, SSS & SSP)

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Convener: Zechner, E.
Co-Convener: Elliot, T., Vrugt, J., Cislerova, M., de Rooij, G., Romano, N.

Author in Attendance:

Wednesday, 5 April 2006 15:30 - 17:00
Display Time: Wednesday, 5 April 2006 08:00 -
Wednesday, 5 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: ELLIOT, T.

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EGU06-A-03131;  HS33-1WE4P-0333
Hinnell, A.C.; Ferré , T.P.A; Vrugt , J.A.
Inferring unsaturated hydraulic properties from measurements made in angled boreholes

EGU06-A-10694;  HS33-1WE4P-0318
Williams, A.; Dowd, J.; Heppell, K.
Kinematic stormflow generation from two contrasting catchments

EGU06-A-03771;  HS33-1WE4P-0319
Pavelkova, H.; Vogel, T.; Tesar, M.
Runoff generation in shallow hillslope soils at watersheds with different forest cover

EGU06-A-00252;  HS33-1WE4P-0320
Hrncir, M.; Sanda, M.; Cislerova, M.; Hess, T.
Evaluation of the role of the soil moisture on the lateral subsurface stormflow dynamics at the small catchment in the Jizera Mountains

EGU06-A-08328;  HS33-1WE4P-0321
Rebel, K.T.; McGuire, K.J.; Rastetter, E.B.; Stieglitz, M. ; McKane, R.B.
Linking Hydrology and Biogeochemistry at multiple spatial and temporal Scales

EGU06-A-03368;  HS33-1WE4P-0322
Huber, K.; Baret, F.; Eitzinger, J.; Haumann, J.; Kaiser, G.; Linke, R.; Postl, W.; Rischbeck, P.; Schneider, W.; Weihs, P.
Comparison of inversion methods for retrieval of biophysical vegetation parameters indicating drought stress

EGU06-A-00048;  HS33-1WE4P-0323
Unsal, E.; Mason, G.
A Model for Counter-Current Spontaneous Imbibition through Interacting Capillaries

EGU06-A-06641;  HS33-1WE4P-0324
Snehota, M.; Jelinkova, V.; Sobotkova, M.; Cislerova, M.
Hydraulic conductivity and entrapped air in heterogeneous soil: experimental set-up

EGU06-A-01229;  HS33-1WE4P-0325
Rezanezhad, F.; Vogel, H.-J.; Roth, K.
Unstable fingered flow during infiltration in homogenous sands

EGU06-A-01367;  HS33-1WE4P-0326
White, R. A.; Rivett, M. O.; Tellam, J. H.
Palaeo-Root Hole Influenced Aromatic Hydrocarbon Transport Within a Clay Stratum

EGU06-A-08992;  HS33-1WE4P-0327
San Jose Martinez, F.; Pachepsky, Y. A.; Rawls, W. J.; Caniego, F. J.
Testing the fractional advective-dispersive equation for solute transport in soil with data from miscible displacements experiments

EGU06-A-07932;  HS33-1WE4P-0328
Menziani, M.; Pugnaghi, S.; Vincenzi, S.
Analytical solutions of the linearized Richards equation for arbitrary surface boundary conditions and arbitrary initial conditions

EGU06-A-04426;  HS33-1WE4P-0329
Zumr, D.; Cislerova, M.; Dohnal, M.
Simulation of water regime in heterogeneous soil with macropores

EGU06-A-07415;  HS33-1WE4P-0330
Marchetti, R.; Ponzoni, G.; Laruccia, N.; Guermandi, M.
Influence of selected methods for estimating water retention parameters on the evaluation of soil water content with simulation models

EGU06-A-03670;  HS33-1WE4P-0331
Dusek, J.; Dohnal, M.; Vogel, T.; Dolezal, F.; Cislerova, M.
Determination of hydraulic parameters of Planosol using dual-permeability model

EGU06-A-03811;  HS33-1WE4P-0332
Dohnal, M.; Dusek, J.; Vogel, T.; Snehota, M.; Cislerova, M.
Inverse dual-permeability simulations: sensitivity analysis

EGU06-A-08739;  HS33-1WE4P-0334
Goutaland, D.; Winiarski, T.; Lassabatère, L.; Angulo-Jaramillo, R.; Dube, J.-S.
Unsaturated hydrodynamic parameters estimation of glaciofluvial lithofacies

EGU06-A-09068;  HS33-1WE4P-0335
Palladino, M.; Romano, N.
On soil hydraulic conductivity variability in inverse methods

EGU06-A-10169;  HS33-1WE4P-0337
Coppola, A.
Effects of measurement layout and water flux on the discrimination of solute transport mechanism in layered soils (cancelled)

EGU06-A-08958;  HS33-1WE4P-0338
D'Affonseca, F.M.; Blum, P.; Finkel, M.; Martus, P.; Melzer, R.; Olk, C.; Grathwohl, P.; Schnell, K.
Modelling the depletion of a coal tar creosote DNAPL source zone

EGU06-A-05433;  HS33-1WE4P-0339
Lee, K.; Kim, J.
Modeling of contaminant transport resulting from dissolution of a coal tar pool in an experimental aquifer

EGU06-A-02265;  HS33-1WE4P-0340
Romano, E.; Preziosi, E.; Martinelli, A.
Using different piezometric heads distributions to reduce the uncertainty on the water budget evaluation of a phreatic aquifer model.

EGU06-A-01618;  HS33-1WE4P-0341
Kumar, J; Jain, A; Srivastava, R
Estimating groundwater pollution source location using neural networks and noisy breakthrough curve data

EGU06-A-08767;  HS33-1WE4P-0342
Dagès, C.; Voltz, M.; Fabre, J.C.; Ackerer, P.
Three-dimensional modelling water flow and solute transport through a ditch in a farmed Mediterranean catchment: multicriteria parameter identification .

EGU06-A-06783;  HS33-1WE4P-0343
Hendricks-Franssen , H.; Roeser , I.; Kaiser , H.; Mueller , R.; Troesch , J.; Stauffer , F.; Kinzelbach , W.
Groundwater flow and solute transport modelling in the upper Limmat valley (Switzerland)

EGU06-A-01724;  HS33-1WE4P-0344
Samani, N; Raoof, A
Modeling of flow and solute transport to solve environmental problems in Kerbala City, Iraq

EGU06-A-00735;  HS33-1WE4P-0345
El-Sadek, A.
Assessing the impact on groundwater of solute transport in contaminated soils using numerical and analytical models

EGU06-A-03298;  HS33-1WE4P-0346
Santangelo, R; Vincenzi, S; De Leva, M; Balestri, L
Model of an aquifer in front of a window in a vertical well: cylindrical approximation

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