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  Poster Programme - BG2.02 Biogeochemistry of coastal seas and continental shelves (co-listed in OS)

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Convener: Thomas, H.
Co-Convener: Borges, A.
Co-Sponsorship: IGBP core project LOICZ, CARBOOCEAN

Author in Attendance:

Tuesday, 17 April 2007 10:30 - 12:00
Display Time: Tuesday, 17 April 2007 08:00 -
Tuesday, 17 April 2007 19:30
Poster Area: Foyer BG

Chairperson: BORGES, A.

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EGU2007-A-11624;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0020
Azetsu-Scott, K.; Prinsenberg, S.
Sources and transport of freshwater and their influence on carbon dynamics in the Hudson Bay

EGU2007-A-02409;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0021
Suykens, K.; Delille, B.; Borges, A.V.
Dissolved inorganic carbon dynamics in the Gulf of Biscay (June 2006)

EGU2007-A-03386;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0022
Schiettecatte, L.-S.; Borges, A.V.
Variations of the partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the upper Scheldt estuary from 1993 to 2006

EGU2007-A-03392;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0023
Schiettecatte, L.-S.; Champenois, W.; Delille, B.; Borges, A.V.; Beckers, J.-M.
Preliminary results of continuous oxygen measurement above a Posidonia oceanica seagrass bed in the Bay of Calvi (Corsica)

EGU2007-A-04281;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0024
Koné, Y. J.; Borges, A.V.
Dissolved inorganic carbon dynamics in the waters surrounding forested mangroves of the Ca Mau Province (Vietnam)

EGU2007-A-04780;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0025
Koné, Y.J.M; Delille, B.; Borges, A.V.
Carbon dioxide dynamics in the tropical Ebrié lagoon (Ivory coast)

EGU2007-A-00692;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0026
Kulinski, K; Pempkowiak, J
DOC concentrations variability in the seashore zone of the Gdansk Bay, Baltic Sea

EGU2007-A-06732;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0027
Santana-Casiano, J.M.; González-Dávila, M.; Rodríguez-Ucha, I
Carbon dioxide fluxes in the Benguela region

EGU2007-A-07734;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0028
Karakas, G.; Fischer, G.; Marchesiello, P.; Schlitzer, R.
Organic carbon export in the NW African high productivity zone

EGU2007-A-01042;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0029
Semiletov, I.; Pipko, I.; Repina, I.; Shakhova, N.; Salyuk, A.
Carbon dioxide fluxes across the atmosphere-ice-water interfaces in the Siberian and Alaskan shelf seas.

EGU2007-A-01043;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0030
Semiletov, I.; Dudarev, O.; Charkin, A.; Shakhova, N.; Kosmach, D.
Terrestrial organic carbon in the Arctic East Siberian land-shelf system

EGU2007-A-06838;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0031
Lukkari, K.; Leivuori, M.
Phosphorus Fractions in Sediment from a shallow Estuary to Open Sea in The Baltic Sea

EGU2007-A-07910;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0032
Deborde, J.; Mouret, A.; Abril, G.; Anschutz, P.; Bachelet, G.
Impact of Zostera noltii meadow cycle on iron and phosphorus dynamics in tidal mudflat (Arcachon Bay, France)

EGU2007-A-08539;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0033
Lallier-Verges, ELV; Marchand, CM; Albéric, PA
Impact of organic matter decomposition on heavy metal distribution

EGU2007-A-00799;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0034
Fallet, U.
Seasonal particle fluxes and superimposed re-suspension events in the Mozambique Channel

EGU2007-A-02956;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0035
Balzano, S
Release of nitrite and ferrous iron from marine aggregates: anoxic nanozones?

EGU2007-A-05174;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0036
Sukigara, C; Saino, T
Particulate transport processes from the Tokyo Bay to the Open Ocean

EGU2007-A-03546;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0037
Küster, K.; de Lange, G.J.; Slomp, C.P.; Steinmetz, E.; Zabel, M.
Phosphorus cycling in marine sediments off Namibia

EGU2007-A-03644;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0038
Ogier, S.; Baraud, F.; Mesnage, V.; Leleyter, L.; Bourdin, M.
Partitioning of reduced-S forms and stability of trace metals in anoxic sediments of a shallow eutrophic Mediterranean lagoon

EGU2007-A-09241;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0039
Venchiarutti, C; Jeandel, C; Roy-Barman, M
Particle dynamics in the wake of Kerguelen Island traced by thorium isotopes (Southern Ocean, KEOPS program)

EGU2007-A-09888;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0040
Baumgart, A.; Jennerjahn, T.; Krück, N.; Pranowo, W. S.
Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope distribution in the water column and sediments in the Indian Ocean upwelling region off Java and Sumatra, Indonesia

EGU2007-A-03096;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0041
Shumilin, E.; Rodríguez-Figueroa , G.; Sapozhnikov , D.; Choumiline, K.
Non-lithogenic (autigenic and anthropogenic) uranium enrichments in the coastal marine sediments of the central Gulf of California

EGU2007-A-00139;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0042
Mulsow, S
SPI and microelectrodes studies in Southern Chile Fjords: organic loading carrying capacity

EGU2007-A-10689;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0043
Bareille, G; Amouroux, D; Weber, O; Jouanneau, JM; Donard, O
Geochemistry of sediment trace metals from both the urban Adour estuary and a mud-patch developed in the south part of the continental shelf of the Bay of Biscaye

EGU2007-A-01035;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0044
Deydier-Stephan, L; Garcia-Gorriz, E; Stips, A; Dowell, M; Schrimpf, W
Carbon and oxygen dynamics in shelf and coastal seas: a physical-biogeochemical modelling and satellite approach (cancelled)

EGU2007-A-08635;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0045
Lathuiličre, C.; Echevin, V.; Lévy, M.
Primary production along the Northwest African coast : from satellite data to an idealized study of the coastal upwelling ecosystem

EGU2007-A-04536;  BG2.02-1TU2P-0046
Thomas, H.; The North Sea team
Rising CO2 conditions and ocean acidification - a severe threat to high latitude coastal ecosystems

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