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  Poster Programme - NP3.04 Geophysical Extremes: scaling aspects and modern statistical approaches (co-listed in AS, CL, HS & NH)

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Convener: Cârsteanu, A.
Co-Convener: Bunde, A., Tchiguirinskaia, I., Koutsoyiannis, D.

Author in Attendance:

Thursday, 6 April 2006 13:30 - 15:00
Display Time: Thursday, 6 April 2006 08:00 -
Thursday, 6 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A


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EGU06-A-00325;  NP3.04-1TH3P-0218
Eichner, J. F.; Kantelhardt, J. W.; Bunde, A.; Havlin, S
Extreme value statistics in records with long-term persistence

EGU06-A-10057;  NP3.04-1TH3P-0219
Ashkenazy, Y.; Baker, D.R.; Gildor, H.
Simple stochastic models for glacial dynamics

EGU06-A-00079;  NP3.04-1TH3P-0220
Lyubushin, A.A.
Evolution of multifractal singularities spectra of geophysical time series: applications for detecting periodic and synchronization effects (solicited)

EGU06-A-00443;  NP3.04-1TH3P-0221
Markiewicz, I.; Strupczewski, W.G.; Kochanek, K.; Singh, V.J.
Relations of three dispersion measures used in Flood Frequency Analysis

EGU06-A-03741;  NP3.04-1TH3P-0222
Botero, B. A.; Francés, F.
Statistical estimators of high return period quantiles obtained using no systematic information and an upper bound distribution (solicited)

EGU06-A-10870;  NP3.04-1TH3P-0223
Ba, K.M.; Diaz-Delgado, C.; Carsteanu, A.A.; Gonzalez-Alvarez, J.C.
Statistical analysis of low flows: The role of higher-order moments

EGU06-A-00561;  NP3.04-1TH3P-0224
Livina, V. ; Havlin, S. ; Bunde, A.
Memory in the Occurrence of Earthquakes

EGU06-A-06899;  NP3.04-1TH3P-0225
Rodkin, M.; Pisarenko, V.
An approach to examination of the rare strong events distribution law and the regime of their occurrences

EGU06-A-08012;  NP3.04-1TH3P-0226
Westra, S; Sharma, A; Brown, C; Lall, U
Independent component analysis based stochastic generation of multivariable hydrological series

EGU06-A-09316;  NP3.04-1TH3P-0227
Lepore, C.; Furcolo, P.
Scaling Properties of the IDF Curves and Characteristics of the Rainfall Process: Investigation and Modelling

EGU06-A-01612;  NP3.04-1TH3P-0228
Sutarno, D
Robust estimation of magnetotelluric impedance functions based on a bounded-influence regression M-estimator and the Hilbert transform

EGU06-A-02088;  NP3.04-1TH3P-0229
Chmel, A.; Smirnov, V.
The sea-ice drift dynamics in the period of catastrophic ice-pack fragmentation in the Arctic Ocean

EGU06-A-02201;  NP3.04-1TH3P-0230
Unkasevic, M.; Tosic, I.
Spectral characteristics of the Koshava wind

EGU06-A-02891;  NP3.04-1TH3P-0231
McSweeney, C; Osborn, T; Jones, P; Reynard, N; Hiscock, K
Assessment of daily rainfall variability in climate model simulations using estimations of areal rainfall

EGU06-A-03160;  NP3.04-1TH3P-0232
Serrano, A. I.; Leite, S. M.; Silva, A. M.; Lúcio, P. S.
The Evaluation of the National Meteorological Network for Detecting Climatic Variability

EGU06-A-04918;  NP3.04-1TH3P-0233
Rybski, D; Havlin, S; Bunde, A
Network properties of meteorological stations connected by rank of phase synchronization or cross-correlation

EGU06-A-05066;  NP3.04-1TH3P-0234
Serrano, A. I.; Leite, S. M.; Silva, A. M.; Lúcio, P. S.
Variations of some Winter Precipitation Characteristics in Portugal: a Case Study

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