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  Poster Programme - HS39/SSS23 Dryland hydrology (co-organized by SSS) (co-listed in GM)

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Convener: Kirkby, M.
Co-Convener: Gallart, F., Sivapalan, M., Gabriels, D.

Author in Attendance:

Friday, 7 April 2006 13:30 - 15:00
Display Time: Friday, 7 April 2006 08:00 -
Friday, 7 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: GALLART, F.; GABRIELS, D.

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EGU06-A-01245;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0199
Mabit, L; Bernard, C; Melero Urzainqui, M
Test of Cs-134 as soil erosion tracer under rainfall simulation

EGU06-A-01246;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0200
Mabit, L; Bernard, C; Melero Urzainqui, M
Impact of the soil sample intensity on soil erosion estimation

EGU06-A-01764;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0201
Dalen, E.N.; Kirkby, M.J.; Chapman, P.J.; Bracken, L.J.
Runoff generation in SE Spain

EGU06-A-02283;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0202
Roche, N; Daian, J-F
Head losses modelling and Darcy-Weisbach coefficient derivation on a rough surface under partial inundation

EGU06-A-02490;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0203
Vetter, T.
Runoff pathways, disconnected contributing areas and adapted ancient watershed management in the semi-arid Northern Marmarica (NW-Egypt)

EGU06-A-02517;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0204
Mueller, E. N.; Batalla, R. J.; Bronstert, A.
Dryland River Modelling of Water and Sediment Fluxes using a representative River Stretch Approach

EGU06-A-02874;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0205
Appel, K.; Mueller, E.N.; Francke, T.; Opp, C.
Soil-Erosion Modelling along Badland Hillslopes in a Dryland Environment of NE Spain

EGU06-A-03552;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0206
Knoblauch, H.; Badura, H.; Schneider, J.
Monitoring of sediment transport and deposition within a reservoir of a river run-off power plant

EGU06-A-04347;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0207
Okoli, C.S.
Rainfall characteristic of Niger republic

EGU06-A-04434;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0208
David, A.; Perrin, J.L.; Picot, B.; Tournoud, M.G.
Sewage inputs and accumulation of nutrients in the bed sediments of a temporary Mediterranean river

EGU06-A-04602;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0209
Vallet-Coulomb, C.; Gasse, F.; Chalie, F.; Robison, L.; Ferry, L.
Sensitivity of Lake Ihotry (SW Madagascar) to climate change: hydrological modeling and diatom-inferred long-term evolution

EGU06-A-04719;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0210
Geerinck, S.; Vanlierde , E.; de Schutter , J.; Mostaert, F.; Jacobs, P.
Investigating density measurements as a means of determining suspended sediment concentrations in aquatic environments.

EGU06-A-04851;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0211
Zehetner, F.; Miller, W.P.
Runoff-erosion characteristics of soils along volcanic slopes in the Ecuadorian Andes

EGU06-A-05550;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0212
Kato, H.; Onda, Y.; Tanaka, Y.; Tsujimura, M.; Davaa, G.; Oyunbaatar, D.
Evaluating soil erosion history using fallout radionuclides in semi-arid grassland, Mongolia

EGU06-A-06188;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0213
Irvine, B; Kirkby, M; Chapman, P
Mapping the changing risk of land degradation, ephemerality and water quality across Europe

EGU06-A-06794;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0214
Gabriels, D; Ouessar, M; Cornelis, W; Temmerman, M
Evaluation of the efficiency of recharge wells for groundwater recharge in South Tunisia: a laboratory study

EGU06-A-06828;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0215
Joundi, S; Gabriels, D
Assessment of specific sediment yields in dams of Morocco from climate and catchment properties (cancelled)

EGU06-A-06877;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0216
Klik, A.; Melero Urzainqui, M.
Interrill erosion processes along a hillslope

EGU06-A-07189;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0217
Got, P.; Caro, A.; Perrin, J.L.; Tournoud, M.G.
Sewage inputs and accumulation of faecal bacteria in the bed sediments of a temporary river flowing into the Thau lagoon

EGU06-A-07647;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0218
Soler, M; Regüés, D; Latron, J; Gallart, F
Analysing event water discharge and sediment load magnitudes against frequency in a small Mediterranean basin (Vallcebre, Eastern Pyrenees).

EGU06-A-07851;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0219
Denas, Z.; Sliaupa, S.; Kumetaitis, A.; Zakarevicius, A.
GIS based surface erosion model of Lithuania

EGU06-A-08934;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0220
Lange, J.; Leistert, H.; Schwartz, U.
Process-based simulation of channel transmission losses

EGU06-A-08944;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0221
Leguédois, S.; Kuhn, N.; Darboux, F.
Prediction of the size distribution of soil fragments detached by interrill erosion

EGU06-A-09388;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0222
Tromp-van Meerveld, H.J.; Parlange, M.B.; Sander, G.; Parlange, J.-Y.; Barry, D.A.
Measured and Modeled Rainfall Induced Soil Erosion under Varying Antecedent Soil Moisture Conditions

EGU06-A-09688;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0223
De Girolamo, A.M.; Lo Porto, A.; Masciale, R.; Portoghese, I.
Water and nutrient balance modeling in a semi-arid catchment in Southern Italy

EGU06-A-09820;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0224
Cammeraat, L.H.; van Beek, L.P.H; Lesschen, J.P.
A multi-scale hydrological response unit model for semi-arid environments

EGU06-A-09995;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0225
Draganits, E.; Zámolyi, A.; Hodits, B.; Gier, S.; Grasemann, B.; Janda, C.; Schiel, B.; Rohatsch, A.; Popp, F.
Neusiedlersee/Fertö Tó area (Austria/Hungary): landscape change through time constrained by geomorphology, lithostratigraphic sections, archaeology and historical maps

EGU06-A-10104;  HS39/SSS23-1FR3P-0226
Chambel-Leitão, P.; Braunschweig, F.; Obermann, M.; Trancoso, R.; Galvão, P.; Lo Porto, A.
Coupling SWAT and tempQsim Mohid River Network

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