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  Poster Programme - CL001 Open Session on Climatology and Palaeoclimatology

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Convener: Rousseau, D.
Co-Convener: Sicre, M.

Author in Attendance:

Tuesday, 4 April 2006 10:30 - 12:00
Display Time: Tuesday, 4 April 2006 08:00 -
Tuesday, 4 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: ROUSSEAU, D.

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EGU06-A-00696;  CL001-1TU2P-0167
Vicente-Serrano, S.M.; Delbart, N.; Le Toan, T.; Grippa, M.
ENSO influences the leaf appearance dates of boreal forests in central Siberia

EGU06-A-00727;  CL001-1TU2P-0168
Savin, E.; Kianicka, J.; Flueraru, C.
Use of remote sensing data for monitoring and mapping phenology

EGU06-A-01590;  CL001-1TU2P-0169
Hájková, L.; Nekováø, J.
GIS evaluation of selected plants generative phenophases for allergology purposes

EGU06-A-04897;  CL001-1TU2P-0170
Gouveia, C.; Trigo, R. M.; DaCamara, C. C.
Influence of climate variability on wheat production in Portugal

EGU06-A-05995;  CL001-1TU2P-0172
Scheifinger, H; Koch, E; Cate, P; Matulla, C
CLIMPHEN – a comprehensive analysis of Austria’s plant and insect phenological observations 1951 - 2005

EGU06-A-06110;  CL001-1TU2P-0173
Gibelin, A.-L.; Calvet, J.-C.; Viovy, N.; Roujean, J.-L.; Jarlan, L.; Los, S.
Validation of global leaf area index simulated by a land surface model through comparison with satellite products

EGU06-A-07714;  CL001-1TU2P-0174
Merk, C; Menzel, A; Hirschberg, M; Estrella, N
Comparing start and end of season dates by ground observations and NOAA AVHRR NDVI data in Germany

EGU06-A-07749;  CL001-1TU2P-0175
Kostova, M; Menzel, A
Regional patterns in the temperature response of phenological phases across Europe

EGU06-A-08024;  CL001-1TU2P-0176
Ventura, F.; Rossi Pisa, P.; Traini, S.; Botarelli, L.; Marletto, V.
Validation of phenological models with data from an agrophenological station

EGU06-A-04149;  CL001-1TU2P-0178
Moliba Bankanza, J. C.; Huth, R.; Kyselý, J.
Trends in percentiles of temperature and precipitation distributions in the Czech Republic

EGU06-A-06158;  CL001-1TU2P-0179
Hellebrand, H.; van den Bos, R.; Hoffmann, L.; Juilleret, J.; Wagner, C.; Pfister, L.
The impact of the daily weather situation on the spatio-temporal hydrological behaviour of the Mosel river system

EGU06-A-06458;  CL001-1TU2P-0180
Bali, Manik
Studying land-atmosphere feedbacks using the ECHAM5/JSBACH model

EGU06-A-08065;  CL001-1TU2P-0181
Georgakakos, K.; Koutsoyiannis, D.; Efstratiadis, A.
Uncertainty assessment of future hydroclimatic predictions: Methodological framework and a case study in Greece

EGU06-A-08166;  CL001-1TU2P-0182
Lohmann, G. ; Haak, H. ; Jungclaus, J.
Detecting climate change in Atlantic meridional overturning circulation: Analyses of climate scenario simulations, stations and hydrographic sections

EGU06-A-08444;  CL001-1TU2P-0183
Grieser, J.; Beck, C.
Analysis of Observed Global Mean Land-Surface Precipitation of the Period 1951 to 2000

EGU06-A-08506;  CL001-1TU2P-0184
Jonsson, P.; Jonsdottir, J.F.
Signals of climate change and variability in the Icelandic discharge records

EGU06-A-09415;  CL001-1TU2P-0185
Pires, C.A. ; Valente, M.A. ; Trigo, R.M.
Statistical Seasonal Forecasting of Portuguese River Flows

EGU06-A-03080;  CL001-1TU2P-0186
Lago Núñez, M.A.; Cruz Guerrero, R.; Lage González, A.; Míguez Macho, G.
synoptic situations associated with principal wave patterns in Galicia (NW of Spain)

EGU06-A-03400;  CL001-1TU2P-0187
Smith, R.S.; Marotzke, J.
Why is the global meridional energy transport so antisymmetric?

EGU06-A-01068;  CL001-1TU2P-0188
Georgiadis, A.; Bigg, G.R.
Environmental links to reduced cyclogenesis over the south-east Caribbean

EGU06-A-04349;  CL001-1TU2P-0189
Rauscher, S.; Seth, A.; Liebmann, B.; Camargo, S.; Qian, J.
Sub-seasonal rainfall statistics from a regional climate model for South America: Does improved resolution add value?

EGU06-A-05836;  CL001-1TU2P-0190
Szwed, M.; Graczyk, D.
Thermal seasons in Poland - the present and the future, based on HadRM3-PRECIS results

EGU06-A-07224;  CL001-1TU2P-0191
Fukutome, S.; Gyalistras, D.; Théato, C. ; Fischlin, A.
Frequency dependence of tree-ring climate reconstructions

EGU06-A-07522;  CL001-1TU2P-0192
Pisoft, P.; Kalvova, J.
Cluster analysis and pseudo-2D wavelet transform of NCEP/NCAR reanalysis datasets: trends in global temperature fields

EGU06-A-08552;  CL001-1TU2P-0193
Pongracz, R. ; Bartholy, J.
Extreme climate analysis using extreme index time series for the Central/Eastern European region

EGU06-A-09830;  CL001-1TU2P-0194
Palus, M. ; Novotna, D.
Shifts of seasons at mid-latitudes: Natural fluctuations correlated with the North Atlantic Oscillation

EGU06-A-10005;  CL001-1TU2P-0195
de Lima , M.I.P; de Lima, JLMP; Coelho , MFES; Pereira , S.
Precipitation trends in Madeira and Azores Islands over the 20th century

EGU06-A-01676;  CL001-1TU2P-0196
Huws, D; Lopez Chacon, M; Scourse, J
Large Diameter Piston Coring: Pitfalls and Solutions

EGU06-A-11098;  CL001-1TU2P-0197
Singer, S. F.
Climate Change and Our Energy Future

EGU06-A-04203;  CL001-1TU2P-0198
Tjallingii, R.; Bickert, T.; Stuut, JB.W ; Röhl, U.
NW African millennial-scale climate variability during the late Quaternary: validation and use of XRF core scanner measurements as proxies for terrigenous input and sediment-transport mechanisms

EGU06-A-04338;  CL001-1TU2P-0199
Tjallingii, R.; Bickert, T.; Röhl, U.; Stuut, JB W.; Kölling, M.
XRF core scanner measurements as proxies for terrigeous material and lithogenic grain-size variability: An example of NW African climate conditions during the Late Quaternary (cancelled)

EGU06-A-04778;  CL001-1TU2P-0200
Swindles, G.T.; Roe, H.M.
Reconstruction of Holocene climate change from peatlands in the North of Ireland

EGU06-A-07366;  CL001-1TU2P-0201
Andersson, C.; Linge, H.C.; Telford, R.J.; Hovland, M.; Lauritzen, S.-E.
Holocene marine 14C reservoir corrections for the Norwegian Sea based on paired U/Th and AMS 14C dating of the coral Lophelia pertusa

EGU06-A-10277;  CL001-1TU2P-0202
Welsh, K.; Elliot, M.; Chappell, J.
Reconstructing the Western Pacific Warm Pool hydrography during times of perturbed themohaline circulation

EGU06-A-09825;  CL001-1TU2P-0203
Moine, O.; Rousseau, D.-D.; Antoine, P.
Does snails always feel cold during the last glacial ?

EGU06-A-02923;  CL001-1TU2P-0204
Giunta, S.; Morigi, C.; Guichard, F.; Negri, A.; Lericolais, G.
Evidences of Holocene biostratigraphic and paleoenvironmental modifications based on calcareous nannoplankton in the Black Sea

EGU06-A-10050;  CL001-1TU2P-0205
Ashkenazy, Y.; Tziperman, E.
Scenarios regarding the lead of equatorial sea surface temperature over global ice volume

EGU06-A-10155;  CL001-1TU2P-0206
Uchida, M.; Ohkushi, K.; Ahagon, N.; Ishimura, T.; Tsunogai, U.; Shibata, Y.
Quantification of hydrate derived authigenic carbonate of extremely 13C-depleted foraminifera from the western North Pacific sediments: Implication from the coupled 13C and 14C isotopic mass balance approach

EGU06-A-04522;  CL001-1TU2P-0207
Harting, M.; Ramkumar, M.
Barium abundance below K/T boundary: Triggered by the release of Gas hydrates ? Few requests on terminal Cretaceous events

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