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  Poster Programme - AS3.04 Tropospheric Composition: Variability and Trends

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Convener: Schultz, M.
Co-Convener: Tarasova, O.

Author in Attendance:

Friday, 7 April 2006 10:30 - 12:00
Display Time: Friday, 7 April 2006 08:00 -
Friday, 7 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: SCHULTZ, M.

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EGU06-A-03714;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0075
Reanalysis of the tropospheric chemical composition over the past 40 years (RETRO)

EGU06-A-04463;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0076
Rast, S.; Schultz, M.G.
Analysis of trends in the chemical compostition of the troposphere during the last 40 years (RETRO) simulated with the MOZECH model

EGU06-A-03926;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0077
Szopa, S.; Hauglustaine, D.; Vautard, R. ; Menut, L.
Trends and interannual variability of tropospheric ozone concentrations over Europe from 1960 to 2000

EGU06-A-04221;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0078
Savage, NH; RETRO
Studies of seasonal cycles and sensitivity to dynamic and emissions of tropospheric ozone and precursors in the period 1997-2000

EGU06-A-05169;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0079
Dalsøren, S. B.; Retro Project partners, RETRO
Sensitivity studies performed in the RETRO project on the environmental impact of past, present and potential future policy measures (cancelled)

EGU06-A-08247;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0080
van Noije, T.; Schultz, M.; Rast, S.; Szopa, S.; Hauglustaine, D.; Savage, N.; Dalsoren, S.; Wittrock, F.; Eskes, H.; van Velthoven, P.
Model simulations of tropospheric NO2 compared with GOME retrievals for the years 1996-2000

EGU06-A-08770;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0081
Wittrock, F.; Schultz, M.G.; Rast, S.; van der Noije, T.P.C; Szopa, S.; Hauglustaine, D.; Savage, N.C.; Dalsøren, S.B.; Richter, A.; Burrows, J.P.
Model Simulations of Formaldehyde compared with GOME Observations from 1996 to 2000

EGU06-A-07737;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0082
Vik, A.F.; Bjørndalsæter, S.; Stoll, C.; Krognes, T.; P, R.; Bårde, T; Walker, S.E.
The Retro database for observations

EGU06-A-03373;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0083
Michel, C.; Granier, C.; Boonne, C.; Girod, F.
ECCAD: a GEIA-ACCENT database of driving variables

EGU06-A-10256;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0084
De Mazière, M.; UFTIR Team
Advanced exploitation of ground-based Fourier transform infrared observations for tropospheric studies over Europe: achievements of the UFTIR project

EGU06-A-02357;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0085
Flossmann, A.; Laj, P.; EUSAAR Partners
European Supersites for Atmospheric Aerosol Research (EUSAAR): a new FP6 integrated infrastructure initiative

EGU06-A-08824;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0086
Bonasoni, P.; ABC-PYR TEAM
ABC-PYR: a new remote high mountain station in the Himalayas to study the atmospheric composition change and climate

EGU06-A-00746;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0087
Korontzi, S.
Seasonal savanna fire emissions in southern Africa

EGU06-A-00748;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0088
Korontzi, S. ; McCarty, J. ; Loboda, T. ; Kumar, S; Justice, C
Seasonal and interannual distribution of global cropland fires detected by MODIS

EGU06-A-07665;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0089
Marbach, T.; Beirle, S.; Platt, U.; Wagner, T.
Isoprene and Biomass Burning Emissions from Satellite Observations: Synergistic use of HCHO and NO2 Trace Gas Measurements

EGU06-A-01035;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0090
J.A. Adame Carnero, JA; J.P. Bolívar Raya, JP; B.A. De la Morena Carretero, BA
Origin of elevated ozone concentration in Huelva (southwest of Spain)

EGU06-A-07380;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0091
Mogo, S.; Cachorro, V.; Sorribas, M.; de Frutos, A.; de la Rosa, J.; Vilaplana, J.; de la Morena, B.
The imaginary refractive index and black carbon levels of particulate matter collected in ``El Arenosillo'' (Spain)

EGU06-A-08567;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0092
Marinoni, A.; Bonasoni, P.; Cristofanelli, P.; Calzolari, F.; Evangelisti, F.; Roccato, F.; Vitale, V.
Preliminary study on continuous Black Carbon measurements at Monte Cimone high mountain Station (Italy)

EGU06-A-03447;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0093
Emblico, L.; Mancinelli, V.; Rinaldi, M.; Facchini, M.C.; Decesari, S.; Mircea, M.; Fuzzi, S.; Cristofanelli, P.; Bonasoni, P.
Chemical characterization of the aerosol in the free troposphere and during dust events at Mount Cimone, Italy, in the period 2002-2005

EGU06-A-00629;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0094
Nested grid application of a globl chemistry model over Europe

EGU06-A-00703;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0095
Voulgarakis, A.; Savage, N.; Pyle, J.
A study of the effect of differing photolysis treatment on tropospheric chemistry simulations using p-TOMCAT 3-D chemistry transport model

EGU06-A-09286;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0096
Laepple, T.; Schultz, M.G.; Lamarque, J.F.; Madronich, S.; Shetter, R.E.; Lefer, B.L.; Atlas, E.
Improved Albedo Formulation for Chemistry-Transport Models based on satellite observations and assimilated snow data and its impact on tropospheric photochemistry

EGU06-A-06895;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0097
Neary, L.; Kaminski, J.; McConnell, J. C.; Lupu, A.; Jiang, J. ; Filipiak, M.
Evaluation of a Five Year Global Simulation with GEM-AQ

EGU06-A-06720;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0098
Eyring, V.; ACCENT-S Team
Multi-Model Simulations of the Impact of International Shipping on Chemistry and Climate in 2030

EGU06-A-03393;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0099
Dombrowski-Etchevers, I.; Peuch, V.-H.; Legrand, M.
Simulations of sulphate's concentrations over Europe (cancelled)

EGU06-A-01687;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0100
Emmerson, KM; Carslaw, N
Modelling radical production during the TORCH campaign

EGU06-A-06861;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0101
Delcloo, A.; De Backer, H.
A ten day 3D backward trajectories climatology for the Uccle ozone sounding time series at different pressure levels (1969-2001)

EGU06-A-00749;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0102
Godunova, V.
Seasonal and long-term variability of tropospheric ozone

EGU06-A-00817;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0103
Zhamsueva, G; Zayakhanov, A; Tsydypov, B; Tsydypov, V; Ayurzhanaev, A
Seasonal variability of concentrations of small gaseous impurities in atmosphere of Ulan-Ude

EGU06-A-00927;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0104
Tarasova, O.A.; Elansky, N.F. ; Belikov, I.B.; Ral’ko, A.A.; Brenninkmeijer, C.A.M
Seasonal and long-term variability of key tropospheric species across Russia: the TROICA campaigns

EGU06-A-01842;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0105
Balcar, T.; Krizan, P.; Kastner, J.
Urban And Background Surface Ozone Trends Over The Czech Republic In 1995 - 2004

EGU06-A-04097;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0106
Krasouski, A.N.; Balatsko , L.M.; Liudchik, A.M.; Pakatashkin, V.I.
Discrepancies between local surface ozone concentrations and ones averaged over the route

EGU06-A-05820;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0107
Demin, V. ; Elansky, N.; Senik, I.
Free air foehn effects on ozone concentration in the Khibiny and Caucasus Mountains

EGU06-A-05923;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0108
Demin, V.; Karpechko, A.
On the contribution of the turbulent mixed in the ground-level ozone balance in the Kola Peninsula (Russia)

EGU06-A-00661;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0109
Shumskiy, R.; Elansky, N.; Belikov, I.; Lokoshchenko, M.; Ralko, A.; Skorokhod, A.
Minor gases composition variability in surface air in Moscow city

EGU06-A-06048;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0110
Demin, V.; Beloglazov, M.
Ozone measurements in the Khibiny Mountains (the Kola Peninsula, Russia)

EGU06-A-07175;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0111
Skorokhod, A.; Elansky, N.; Mashkovtseva, A.; Kopeikin, V.; Volokh, A.; Lisitsyna, L.
Ozone and inorganic halogens in surface air in Kalmykia during summertime (cancelled)

EGU06-A-07887;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0112
Kremler, M.
Surface ozone concentrations on the mountain stations in Slovakia

EGU06-A-08887;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0113
Valev, D.; Werner, R.; Kostadinov, I.; Atanassov, A.; Giovanelli, G.; Petritoli, A.; Bortoli, D.; Ravegnani, F.; Markova, T.; Palazzi, E.
Application of DOAS measurements in Stara Zagora station (42N, 26E) for investigation of tropospheric NO2 pollution

EGU06-A-09040;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0114
Jaroslawski, J.; Obninska, B. ; Bogucka, M.
Surface ozone variability in Poland, 1995-2005

EGU06-A-08544;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0115
Sicard, P.; Coddeville, P.; Sauvage, S.; Galloo, J.C.
Annual and seasonal trends surface ozone background levels at rural French monitoring stations over the 1995-2003 period.

EGU06-A-10259;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0116
Saey, P.R.J; De Geer, L.-E.; Wotawa, G.
New Results of Global Ground Level Radioxenon Measurements

EGU06-A-08923;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0117
O'Sullivan, D; Oram, D; Brenninkmeijer, C; Penkett, S; Slemr, F; van Velthoven, P; Zahn, A
Aircraft measurements of halocarbons and other trace gases showing tropospheric variability and trends.

EGU06-A-07759;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0118
Maione, M.; Arduini, J.; Belfiore, L.; Furlani, F.; Giostra, U. ; Mangani, G.
Observations of Methyl Chloroform at Mt. Cimone, Italy

EGU06-A-06784;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0119
Lopez, J.; Mahoney, M.; Moriarty, J.; Wenger, J.; Sodeau, J.
Spatial and temporal variability of PAH concentration in Cork urban air.

EGU06-A-06580;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0120
Dunkl, J.; Schnitzhofer, R.; Beauchamp, J.; Wisthaler, A.; Hansel, A.
Long-term Measurements of biogenic VOCs in an Austrian Valley – Discussion of seasonal Fluctuations of Isoprene and Monoterpene Concentrations

EGU06-A-06388;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0121
Artuso, F.; Chamard, P.; Chiavarini, S.; Piacentino, S.; Sferlazzo, D.
Measurements of atmospheric halogenated greenhouse gases at Lampedusa island in the Mediterranean

EGU06-A-04999;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0122
Maione, M.; Arduini, J.; Furlani, F.; Mangani, G.
Methyl bromide emissions as derived from continuous measurements at Mt. Cimone (Italy) (cancelled)

EGU06-A-02957;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0123
Legreid, G.; Reimann, S.; Steinbacher, M.; Balzani, J.; Staehelin, J.; Simmonds, P.; O'Doherty, S.; Young, D.
OVOCs in Switzerland: Background and urban measurements and estimation of anthropogenic source

EGU06-A-02529;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0124
Noël, S.; Buchwitz, M.; Bovensmann, H.; Burrows, J. P.
GOME and SCIAMACHY Global Water Vapour Columns

EGU06-A-01511;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0125
Papayannis, A.; Tsaknakis, G.; Kalabokas, P.D.; Ziomas, I.; Chourdakis, G.; Georgoussis, G.; Zanis, P.; Tsamalis, C.
Systematic measurements of tropospheric ozone and aerosol vertical profiles using a combined RAMAN-DIAL system over Athens, Greece

EGU06-A-04561;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0126
Palazzi, E.; Petritoli, A.; Giovanelli, G.; Contraffatto, V.; Volta, C
An estimate of NO2 vertical mixing layer in the PO Valley Area from DOAS measurements and radiative transfer modeling

EGU06-A-05809;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0127
Ladstaetter-Weissenmayer, A.; Kanakidou, M.; Dermitzaki, E.V.; Meyer-Arnek, J.; Richter, A.; Wittrock, F.; Burros, J. P.; Tzirita, G.
Pollution events over the East Mediterranean : Synergistic use of GOME, ground based and sonde observations and models

EGU06-A-06568;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0128
Schnitzhofer, R; Dunkl, J; Beauchamp, J; Wisthaler, A; Hansel, A
Influence of meteorological Variability on the Concentration of Traffic Air Pollutants in the River Inn Valley over the cource of one Year

EGU06-A-08191;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0129
Wittrock, F.; Richter, A.; Burrows, J.P.; Volkamer, R.
Global Observations of Formaldehyde and Glyoxal with spaceborne and ground-based UV/vis Instruments

EGU06-A-09409;  AS3.04-1FR2P-0130
Sinreich, R.; Filsinger, F.; Kern, C.; Sebastian, O.; Volkamer, R.; Wagner, T.; Platt, U.
Results from the MAX-DOAS network-measurement of NO2, HCHO, SO2 and CHOCHO during the NEAQS-ITCT 2004 campaign

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