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  Poster Programme - NH1.06 Progress in Hazardous Storm Research using Evolving Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) & Global Water Cycle (GWC) Remotely Sensed Datasets (co-listed in AS)

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Convener: Smith, E.
Co-Convener: Kidd, C., Mugnai, A., Nakamura, K.

Author in Attendance:

Tuesday, 4 April 2006 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Tuesday, 4 April 2006 08:00 -
Tuesday, 4 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: MUGNAI, A.

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EGU06-A-03463;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0595
Nam, J.-C.; Nam, K.-Y.; Suk, M.-K.; Choi, B.-C.
Estimation of Quantitative Rain Intensity from Radar reflectivity using a Window Probability Matching Method

EGU06-A-09356;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0596
Shimizu, S.; Oki, R.; Hirose, M.; Iguchi, T.; Nakamura, K.
Development and validation of the DPR products for GPM

EGU06-A-08769;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0597
Medaglia, C.M.; Hoch, J.; Mehta, A.; Baordo, F.; Mugnai, A.; Smith, E.A.; Tripoli, G.J.
A new methodology for the retrieval of heavy precipitation from satellite-borne microwave radiometers: the cloud dynamic and radiative dataBase approach (cancelled)

EGU06-A-07230;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0598
A. Battaglia, A.; Ajewole, M. O.; Simmer , C.
Relevance of multiple scattering effects in space-borne radar-based rainfall retrievals

EGU06-A-10190;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0599
Bizzarri, B.; Baordo, F.; Mugnai, A.; Pinori, S.
Sounding capability of millimetre-submillimetre wave radiometry from geostationary orbit

EGU06-A-10913;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0600
Chiu, L.; Lu, G.; Wong, D.
Spatial Disaggregation of Satellite Rainfall using High Resolution Topographic and Environmental Data (cancelled)

EGU06-A-06820;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0601
Kidd, C; Bennartz , R; Mugnai , A
Sampling of precipitation by the Global Precipitation Measurement mission in mid- to high-latitudes

EGU06-A-02512;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0602
Nakamura, K.; Iguchi, T.; Kojima, M.
Global Precipitation Mission (GPM) and Dual-Wavelength Radar (DPR)

EGU06-A-10912;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0603
Pinori, S.; Weinman, J. A.; Kim, M.-J.
A Model of Mm-wave Scattering by Aggregates of Cylindrical Ice Hydrometeors

EGU06-A-06497;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0604
Weinbrecht, S.; Mason, P. J.
Effects of a modified stochastic backscatter model on simulations of convection

EGU06-A-02604;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0605
A multisource analysis of 2005 hazardous storms in Spain

EGU06-A-10764;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0606
Graham, E.; Morland, J.; Matzler, C.; Germann, U.
Integrated Water-Vapour Dynamics over Switzerland during Severe Precipitation in August 2005

EGU06-A-06272;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0607
Hirose, M.; Shimizu, S.; Oki, R.; Kachi, M.; Higashiuwatoko, T.
The detection of severe storms using eight-year of TRMM PR data

EGU06-A-10186;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0608
Mugnai, A.; Baordo, F.; Hoch, J.; Medaglia, C.M.; Metha, A.; Smith, E.A.; Tripoli, G.J.
Precipitation retrieval and analysis of severe storm events based on Cloud Dynamics and Radiation Database (CDRD) approach

EGU06-A-06163;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0609
Rosenfeld, D
Satellite microphysical signature of severe convective storms and its application to early tornado warning

EGU06-A-06067;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0610
Rigo, T.; Llasat, M.C.
Identification of Different Patterns of Life Cycle of Convective Cells in Catalonia (NE of Spain)

EGU06-A-10309;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0611
Mehta, A.V.; Smith, E.A.; Tripoli, G.J.
Precipitation efficiency of hurricanes over Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea basins

EGU06-A-03182;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0612
Hossain, F.; Anagnostou, E.N.
Multi-dimensional Modeling of Satellite Rainfall Uncertainty: An Emerging Paradigm for Studying Land Surface Modeling Uncertainty

EGU06-A-08486;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0613
Bell, T. L.; Rosenfeld, D.; Kim, K.-M.; Hahnenberger, M.
"Weekend-effect" evidence for intensification of storms by pollution over U.S.

EGU06-A-08702;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0614
Lau, K. M.; Wu, H. T.
Detecting trends in tropical rainfall characteristics during 1979-2003 (cancelled)

EGU06-A-10927;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0616
Smith, E.A.; Santos, P.
Monthly-diurnal water budget variability over Gulf of Mexico-Caribbean Sea basin from satellite observations

EGU06-A-05622;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0617
Yang, M.-J.; Sui, C.-H.; Liou, Y.-C.; Chen, T.-C.; Chen, W.-J.; Chou, M.-D.; Liu, G.-R.; Liou, Y.-A.; Jou, J.-D.
Severe weather research activities in Taiwan and their applications to GPM ground validation

EGU06-A-02503;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0619
Dietrich, S.; Joyce, R.J.; Janowiak, J.E.; Di Paola, F.; Santorelli, E.; Bechini, R.; Cremonini, R.
Cloud physics guidance in morphing precipitation for nowcasting applications (cancelled)

EGU06-A-09872;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0620
Tripoli, G. J.
Numerical Simulation of Atmospheric Flows Using Vorticity Confinement Techniques

EGU06-A-08448;  NH1.06-1TU5P-0621
Weng, F.; Zhu, T.
Uses of Rain-Affected Microwave Observations to Improve Hurricane Model Initialization (cancelled)

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