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  Poster Programme - AS1.03 Observation, Prediction and Verification of Precipitation (General Session) (co-listed in HS)

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Convener: Michaelides, S.
Co-Convener: Amitai, E., Wernli, H.
Co-Sponsorship: nil

Author in Attendance:

Wednesday, 5 April 2006 13:30 - 15:00
Display Time: Wednesday, 5 April 2006 08:00 -
Wednesday, 5 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y


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EGU06-A-00383;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0001
Tosic, I.; Unkasevic, M.
Seasonal and annual precipitation series in Belgrade

EGU06-A-01032;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0002
Gao, G
A comparison of four East Asian winter monsoon indices

EGU06-A-01497;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0003
Stocker, E; Velauthapillia, B
Precipitation links (PrecipLinks) – a prototype directory for precipitation information

EGU06-A-01786;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0004
Al-Maskari, J.; Gadian, A. ; Smolarkiewicz, P.
A study of orographic convection over the Hajar mountains in Northern Oman

EGU06-A-02846;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0005
Nastos, P.; Zerefos, C.
On extreme daily precipitation totals at Athens, Greece

EGU06-A-03155;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0006
Stoycheva, A.; Kozinarova, G.; Latinov, L.; Bogachev, A.
Synoptical Conditions during the Winter of 2005 caused Floods and Snowstorms in some Regions of Bulgaria (cancelled)

EGU06-A-03595;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0007
Kvicera, V.; Grabner, M.
Cumulative Distributions of Rain Intensities Obtained from Different Types of Raingauges

EGU06-A-03776;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0008
Wilkinson, M E; Bathurst, J C; Kilsby, C G
Runoff exceeding rainfall: The problems of precipitation underestimation in the Eden Catchment, Cumbria, UK.

EGU06-A-05069;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0009
Lempio, G.; Bumke, K.; Macke, A.
Measurement of solid precipitation with an optical disdrometer

EGU06-A-05157;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0010
Quartly, G.D.; Kyte, E.A.; Srokosz, M.A.; Tsimplis, M.N.
A comparison of GPCP, NCEP and ECMWF precipitation records

EGU06-A-05896;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0011
Huebener, H.; Born, K.; Kerschgens, M.
Downscaling of heavy rainfall in the subtropics - challenges and limits

EGU06-A-06498;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0012
Reuder, J.; Barstad, I.
An extreme precipitation event during STOPEX I

EGU06-A-06599;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0013
Ouali, A; Chaabane, M.; Maalej, A.; Hannachi, A.
The 16-18 septembre 2003 tunisian flood

EGU06-A-06725;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0014
Ignaccolo, M; De Michele, C
The rainfall behavior in time: the influence of the instrumentation time resolution and the seasonal variability

EGU06-A-07352;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0015
Stankunavicius, G.; Rimkus, E.; Rimkuviene, J.
Downscaling of the precipitation amount in the river catchments during the maximum rainfall runoff periods

EGU06-A-07399;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0016
Mathes, A.; Hense, A.
Quality control of precipitation data (solicited)

EGU06-A-07488;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0017
Bozkurt, D.; Göktürk, O.M.
Quality Control and Homogenization of Turkish Precipitation and Streamflow Dataset

EGU06-A-09728;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0018
Skok, G.
Average nearest-neighbor distance in a raingauge network. Analytical and practical examples.

EGU06-A-06097;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0019
Casu, G.; Falasconi, L.; Malaspina, F.; Foti, F.; Vuerich, E.; Lamagna, R.
Meteorology and precipitation analysis: a study on the chemical contents in different kind of precipitation and the relationship between daily and weekly collection. (cancelled)

EGU06-A-00022;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0020
Abdul Rashid, Z. A.; Suparta, W.; Othman, M.; Mohd. Ali, M. A; Yatim, B.; Angkasa
GPS Precipitable Water Vapour Measurements at Scott Base and McMurdo Station Antarctica during the Major Storm of 2003 (cancelled)

EGU06-A-02888;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0021
Tomassone, L.; Campana, V.; Cremonini, R.; Bechini, R.
Combined use of meteorological radar, forecast local model and air temperature at ground level measurements, in precipitation type detection

EGU06-A-00027;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0022
Bakhanov, V.; Dorman, B.; Kryvobok, O.
Simulation of mixed frontal cloud microstructure effect on satellite signal

EGU06-A-09611;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0023
Hernandez-Aldarondo, C.; Mahani, S.; Khanbilvardi, R.
Developing a remotely sensed rainfall retrieval algorithm using multi-spectral information

EGU06-A-08471;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0024
Nourozi, N.; Mahani, S.; Khanbilvardi, R.
Validation of satellite-based rainfall estimates for severe storms (Hurricanes)

EGU06-A-05265;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0025
Mejia, Y.; Mahani, S.; Khanbilvardi, R.
Multi-spectral remotely sensed snowfall rate estimation

EGU06-A-07793;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0026
Ali, A.; Amani, A.; Lebel, T.; Laurent, H.; Chopin, F.; Desbois, M.; Diederich, M. ; Battaglia, A.; Melani, S.
Intercomparison of Satellite Rainfall Estimates in the PrecipAMMA Framework for the 2004 Rainy Season in the Sahel. (cancelled)

EGU06-A-05062;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0027
Bellerby, T.; Sun, J.
Quantifying the propagation of satellite precipitation retrieval error though coupled hydrological models (solicited) (cancelled)

EGU06-A-01693;  AS1.03-1WE3P-0028
Ivanov, S.; Palamarchuk, Y.
The fine-scale precipitation structures of a cool front as observed by high resolution radar and the problem of the representativeness error

Author in Attendance:

Wednesday, 5 April 2006 15:30 - 17:00
Display Time: Wednesday, 5 April 2006 08:00 -
Wednesday, 5 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y


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EGU06-A-02764;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0029
Pujol, Ol.; Georgis, J-F.; Féral, L.; Sauvageot, H.
Cloud contribution to the degradation of radar reflectivity retrieval

EGU06-A-09403;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0030
Michaelides, S.C.; Christodoulou, C.I.; Gabella, M.; Pattichis, C.
Neural and Statistical Classifiers in Estimating Rain Rate by using Weather Radar Measurements

EGU06-A-02602;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0031
Heinemann, G.; Gerstner, E.-M.
Real-time areal precipitation determination from radar by means of statistical objective analysis

EGU06-A-02785;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0032
Brommundt, J; Bárdossy, A
Spatial correlation of radar- and gauge-measured precipitation in different temporal aggregation steps (solicited)

EGU06-A-08688;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0033
Teschl, R.; Randeu, W. L.; Teschl, F.
Attenuation correction of a C-band weather radar, validated by surrounding radar stations

EGU06-A-02917;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0034
Bechini, R.; Cremonini, R.; Tomassone, L.; Campana, V.; Cassardo, C.
Verification of the algorithm for hail detection in Regione Piemonte, from doppler C-band radar, using ground hail damage reports for 2005.

EGU06-A-06378;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0035
Baldini, L.; Cicogna, A.; Dietrich, S.; Di Paola, F.; Gani, M.; Gorgucci, E.; Santorelli, E.
Radar detection of small rainfall amounts for spazialized monitoring of leaf wetness duration (cancelled)

EGU06-A-00409;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0036
Weusthoff, T; Hauf, T
Improved understanding of convective cell growth under post-frontal conditions as a prerequisite for a hybrid forecast scheme

EGU06-A-02223;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0037
Jenkner, J.; Schwierz, C.
Verification of precipitation forecasts from the limited area model of MeteoSwiss (aLMo)

EGU06-A-02366;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0038
Phillips, VTJ; Andronache, C; Ginoux, P
Aerosol Effects on Deep Convection in Tropical Hurricanes Observed in the Tropical Cloud Systems and Processes (TCSP) Experiment

EGU06-A-02439;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0039
Ahrens, B.; Beck, A.
On upscaling of rain-gauge data for evaluation of numerical weather forecasts

EGU06-A-02781;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0040
Wernli, H.; Paulat, M.; Frei, C.
The concept for a new error score "SAL" for the verification of high-resolution precipitation forecasts

EGU06-A-03125;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0041
Younger, P; Gadian, A; Beven, K
High resolution modelling of the conditions over the Brue catchment using the UK Met Office Unified Model

EGU06-A-03527;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0042
Iturrioz, I.; Ribera, P.; Hernández, E.; Queralt, S.
Instability and its relationship with precipitation dynamics over the Eastern Iberian Peninsula

EGU06-A-03561;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0043
Queralt, S.; Gallego, D.; Hernández, E.; Iturrioz, I.
Atmospheric instability analysis and its relationship with precipitation patterns over the western Iberian Peninsula.

EGU06-A-03798;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0044
Khomenko, I.; Ivanova, A.; Chakina, N.; Skriptunova, E.; Zavyalova, A.
Freezing precipitation in Russia and the Ukraine: conditions of formation and an approach to probabilistic forecasting

EGU06-A-04758;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0045
Pfeiffer, A.; Garny, H.; Zängl, G.
Simulating rainfall in mountainous terrain with MM5 – the role of physics parametrizations

EGU06-A-05791;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0046
Kalin, L.; Vakula, Z.; Juras, J.
Recent verification results at Croatian Met Service

EGU06-A-05869;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0047
Starosta, K; Linkowska, J
Verification of Precipitation of the COSMO_LM in Poland

EGU06-A-06027;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0048
Bonta, I
Using ensemble precipitation forecasts for hydrological purposes

EGU06-A-08713;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0049
Tedici, L. ; Ciceroni, L. ; Adamo, C.
Meteorological Forecasts on Television

EGU06-A-09328;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0050
Ferraris, L. ; von Hardenberg, J.; Provenzale, A.; Rebora, N.
On the reliability scales of LAM precipitation forecasts

EGU06-A-09376;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0051
Orphanou, A.; Savvidou, K.; Constantinides, P.; Michaelides, S.C.; Schulz, J-P.; Voigt, U.; Savvides, M.
Verification of precipitation forecasts by the DWD Limited Area Model LME over Cyprus

EGU06-A-09457;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0052
Prat, O.; Barros, A.
A three-dimensional dynamic model of DSD microphysics in warm rain

EGU06-A-09971;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0053
Arason, T.; Ólafsson, H.; Rögnvaldsson, Ó.
Analysis of a large collection of cases of high-resolution simulations of precip

EGU06-A-07469;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0054
Langer, I.; Reimer, E.
Separation of convective and stratiform precipitation for an analysis of the lokal model

EGU06-A-11011;  AS1.03-1WE4P-0055
Mirás-Avalos, J.M.; Paz-González, A.; Vidal-Vázquez, E.; Sande-Fouz, P.
Mapping monthly rainfall data in Galicia (NW Spain) using inverse distances and geostatistical methods

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