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  Poster Programme - CR3 Applied geophysics in cryosperic sciences (co-listed in CL, GI, GM & SM)

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Convener: Hauck, C.
Co-Convener: Eisen, O., Kneisel, C.

Author in Attendance:

Monday, 3 April 2006 10:30 - 12:00
Display Time: Monday, 3 April 2006 08:00 -
Monday, 3 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: KNEISEL, C.

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EGU06-A-03016;  CR3-1MO2P-0244
Milana, J. P.; Güell, A. E.
Mechanical differences of the permafrost/active layer interface from two neighboring glacigenic and cryogenic rock-glaciers at El Tapado glacier system, IV Region of Chile

EGU06-A-10336;  CR3-1MO2P-0245
Krautblatter, M.; Hauck, C.; Dikau, R.
Geophysical monitoring of permafrost occurrence in solid rock faces: problems and perspectives

EGU06-A-03026;  CR3-1MO2P-0246
Croce, F. A.; Milana, J. P.
Electrical Tomography applied to image the 3D extent of the permafrost of three different Rock Glaciers of the Arid Andes of Argentina

EGU06-A-01633;  CR3-1MO2P-0247
Etzelmüller, B.; Sharkhuu, A.; Sharkhuu, N.; Goulden, C.
DC resistivity tomography as a highly valuable tool in mapping permafrost characteristics and transitions in arid mountain permafrost – case studies from northern Mongolia

EGU06-A-01826;  CR3-1MO2P-0248
Hauck, C.; Kneisel, C.
Quantifying the ice content in low-altitude scree slopes using geophysical methods

EGU06-A-01881;  CR3-1MO2P-0249
Hilbich, C.; Hauck, C.
Quantitative assessment of permafrost degradation in steep topography using geophysical monitoring systems - the project GO4ICE

EGU06-A-04181;  CR3-1MO2P-0250
Kneisel, Ch.
Mapping and monitoring mountain permafrost using electrical resistivity tomography

EGU06-A-04489;  CR3-1MO2P-0251
Nyenhuis, M.; Otto, J.-C.
Permafrost distribution mapping and landscape evolution in a small cirque glacier forefield of the Turtmanntal, Swiss Alps: application of DC-resistivity, refraction seismics and BTS measurements

EGU06-A-06894;  CR3-1MO2P-0252
Bodin, X.; Fabre, D.; Ribolini, A.
Interpretation of the internal structure of an active rockglacier using geoelectrical methods, geodynamics of alpine permafrost environment: the case of Combe de Laurichard, French Alps.

EGU06-A-08800;  CR3-1MO2P-0253
Frauenfelder, R.; Kneisel, C.; Hilbich, C.; Hauck, C.
An integrative observation of kinematics and geophysical parameters of Gianda Grischa rockglacier, Upper Engadine, Swiss Alps

EGU06-A-10676;  CR3-1MO2P-0254
Friedlein, M.; Kneisel, C.
Evaluation of the impact of permafrost in a subarctic periglacial environment using electrical resistivity tomography, BTS measurements and geomorphological mapping

EGU06-A-05733;  CR3-1MO2P-0255
Jørgensen, T.M.; Larsen, T.B.; Krüger, J.; Bøggild, C.E.; Ahlstrøm, A.P.
Glacial earthquakes in Greenland

EGU06-A-02289;  CR3-1MO2P-0256
Riesen, P.; Bauder, A. ; Eisen, O.
Dual-frequency radar investigations on an alpine valley glacier

EGU06-A-03005;  CR3-1MO2P-0257
Milana, J. P.; Schmok, J. P.
GPR evidence of episodic and areally continuous degradation of high-altitude arid glaciers (Atacama Region, Chile): Remnants of the Little Ice Age?

EGU06-A-06248;  CR3-1MO2P-0258
Helm, V.; Cullen, R.; Rack, W.
The Cryosat land ice validation experiment CryoVex 2004 – ASIRAS vs. laser altimeter measurements

EGU06-A-06640;  CR3-1MO2P-0259
Dunse, T.; Helm, V.; Eisen, O.; Rack, W.; Steinhage, D.
The internal layering of snow along a section of the EGIG-line, western Greenland, derived from GPR and ASIRAS-measurements

EGU06-A-06916;  CR3-1MO2P-0260
Binder, D.; Schöner, W.; Behm, M.; Brückl, E.
Determination of glacier volumes in the Hohe Tauern region (Eastern Alps) by ground penetrating radar (GPR)

EGU06-A-02118;  CR3-1MO2P-0261
Wilhelms, F.
Explaining the dielectric properties of firn as a density- and conductivity mixed permittivity (DECOMP) for geophysical applications

EGU06-A-10146;  CR3-1MO2P-0262
Chasseriau, P.; Lattion, V.; Hammami, D.; Marillier, F.; Olivier, R.
3D modelling of the Tortin glacier (Switzerland) using gravity and georadar data

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