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  Poster Programme - CL024 Late Holocene climate swings - reconstructions, simulations, socioeconomic impacts

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Convener: Wanner, H.
Co-Convener: Cubasch, U., Beer, J., Oberhaensli, H.
Co-Sponsorship: IGBP-PAGES Programme, Swiss NCCR Climate

Author in Attendance:

Friday, 7 April 2006 15:30 - 17:00
Display Time: Friday, 7 April 2006 08:00 -
Friday, 7 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: CUBASCH U., WANNER H.

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EGU06-A-10456;  CL024-1FR4P-0236
Sorrel, P; Boroffka, N; Oberhaensli, H
Impact of climate variability on human activities in the Aral Sea Basin during the late Holocene

EGU06-A-00187;  CL024-1FR4P-0237
Khomutova, T.; Demkina, T.; Kashirskaya, N.; Borisov, A.; Demkin, V.
Dynamics of microbial communities in paleosoils from Southern Russia steppes as controlled by climatic change during the 3 millennium B.C.

EGU06-A-00488;  CL024-1FR4P-0238
Pesochina, L.S.
Paleosoil records of the late Holocene climate swings in the steppe zone of the Russian Plain

EGU06-A-01602;  CL024-1FR4P-0239
Gungor, E.; Cagatay, M.N.
Sedimentary record of Late Maunder Minimum in the Black Sea

EGU06-A-02304;  CL024-1FR4P-0240
Salzmann, U.; Hoelzmann, P.; Waller, M. P.
The termination of the Holocene Humid Period in West Africa: Abrupt climatic changes, local fluctuations and regional trends

EGU06-A-05922;  CL024-1FR4P-0241
Mollenhauer, G.; Mulitza, S.; Schulz, M.; Stuut, J.-B.
Linking NW-African climate and sea-surface temperature variations off Senegal during the late Holocene

EGU06-A-07669;  CL024-1FR4P-0242
Schwab, M.J.; Kagan, E.J.; Neumann, F.; Stein, M.; Agnon, A.; Haug, G.H.
Short-term paleo-environmental changes in the Dead Sea Region identified in varved Holocene records

EGU06-A-03506;  CL024-1FR4P-0243
Usoskin, I.G.; Solanki, S.; Korte, M.
Long term changes of the geomagnetic field and solar activity

EGU06-A-00527;  CL024-1FR4P-0244
Goosse, H.; Renssen, H.; Timmermann, A.; Bradley, R.S.; Mann, M.E.
Using paleoclimate proxy-data to select optimal realisations in an ensemble of simulations of the climate of the past millennium

EGU06-A-09331;  CL024-1FR4P-0245
Spangehl, T.; Niehörster, F.; Fast, I.; Cubasch, U.
Holocene simulations using a coupled climate model including the middle atmosphere

EGU06-A-02561;  CL024-1FR4P-0246
Yoshimori, M.; Raible, C. C.; Stocker, T. F.; Renold, M.
On the interpretation of low-latitude hydrological proxy records based on Maunder Minimum AOGCM simulations

EGU06-A-06898;  CL024-1FR4P-0247
Arnaud, F.; Debret, M.; Chapron, E.; Perrette, Y. ; Hobléa, F. ; Marguet, A. ; Magny, M. ; Bravard, J.-P.
Floods, droughts and human settlements in front of the Alps: a paleo-environmental perspective from Lake Bourget Holocene sediments and surrounding natural archives

EGU06-A-09790;  CL024-1FR4P-0248
Grosjean, M.; Suter, P.; Wanner, H.
Holocene glacier fluctuations and prehistoric trans-alpine routes: new evidence from the western Swiss Alps

EGU06-A-07565;  CL024-1FR4P-0249
Crowley, T
Volcanism and Holocene climate

EGU06-A-02558;  CL024-1FR4P-0250
Tarasov, P.; Wagner, M.; Jin, G.Y.
Environmental and human dynamics in the semi-arid NE China 6000-2000 years ago reconstructed from pollen and archaeological data

EGU06-A-01784;  CL024-1FR4P-0251
Mueller, A D; Anselmetti, F S ; Ariztegui, D; Brenner, M; Hillesheim, M B ; Hodell, D A; McKenzie, J A
Climate Drying and Forest Decline (~4.0-3.0 cal kyr BP) Preceded Sedentary Maya Occupation in the Lowlands of Petén, Guatemala

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