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  Poster Programme - AS2.01 Air-Land Interactions (General Session) (co-listed in BG & HS)

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Convener: Foken, T.
Co-Convener: Hasager, C.
Co-Sponsorship: BG & HS

Author in Attendance:

Tuesday, 4 April 2006 13:30 - 15:00
Display Time: Tuesday, 4 April 2006 08:00 -
Tuesday, 4 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: FOKEN, T.

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EGU06-A-00671;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0026
Lauwaet, D.; van Lipzig, N.; De Ridder, K.
The influence of soil and vegetation parameters on atmospheric variables relevant for convection in the Sahel: A model study

EGU06-A-02974;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0027
van der Molen, M.K.; Dolman, A.J.
Advances in CBL budgetting and inverse modelling using a mesoscale model

EGU06-A-04021;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0028
Dudouit Fichet, A; Quénol, H; Douvinet, J
Application of a multi scale approach over the area of Caen (Normandy, France) to analyse the influence of local aerology on photooxidant pollution dynamics on coastal areas

EGU06-A-00616;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0029
Szinyei, D.; Mészáros, R.; Lagzi, I.
Estimation of energy-balance components for a photochemical reaction–transport model

EGU06-A-09410;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0030
A.M.C. do Carmo, AMCC; S.H. Franchito, SHF; V.B. Rao, VBR; J.M. Redondo , JMR
Atmospheric thermodynamic structure of the Amazonian convective Boundary Layer during the RBLE-3 (cancelled)

EGU06-A-00324;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0031
Hammerle, A.; Haslwanter, A.; Schmitt, M.; Bahn, M.; Cernusca, A.; Wohlfahrt, G.
Eddy Covariance Measurements of Carbon Dioxide, Latent and Sensible Energy Fluxes above a Meadow on a Mountain Slope

EGU06-A-02683;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0032
Olchev, A.; Sogachev, A.; Radler, K.; Panfyorov, O.; Fellert, D.; Gravenhorst, G.
Turbulent regime of the atmospheric surface layer at a small clear-cutting forest area: results of a modelling study

EGU06-A-06523;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0033
Hyppönen, N.P.; Shurpali, N.J.; Clement, R.; Launiainen, S.; Huttunen, J.T.; Martikainen, P.J
Eddy covariance measurements of CO2 and energy fluxes during the 2004 growing season from reed canary grass cultivation on a cutover peatland in Eastern Finland

EGU06-A-08505;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0034
Bsaibes, A.; Prevot, L.; Voltz, M.
Evaluating the evapotranspiration of a row cropped vineyard using 1D modelling approaches: comparison of energy and water balance based models.

EGU06-A-06734;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0035
Mir, J.; Bou-Zeid, E.; Parlange, M.B.
Variance methods for sensible surface heat flux determination at the earth surface

EGU06-A-07615;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0036
Rakkibu, M. G.; Ibrom, A.; Gravenhorst, G.
Gas flux measurements at leaf level in a tropical natural rain forest of Indonesia

EGU06-A-08296;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0037
Panferov, O.; Radler, K.; Olchev, A. ; Fellert, D.; Gravenhorst, G.
Radiation distribution on a clear-cut within a mature forest stand on a gentle slope.

EGU06-A-07758;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0038
Panferov, O.; Sogachev, A.; Kreilein, H.; Gravenhorst, G.
Influence of a topography on quality of flux measurements above a rainforest in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

EGU06-A-07746;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0039
Jarosz, N.; Brunet, Y.; Lamaud, E.; Loustau, D.; Bosc, A.; Irvine, M.
Evapotranspiration of a maritime pine forest estimated by eddy covariance and sap flow methods

EGU06-A-07753;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0040
Delon, C.; Serça, D.; Tulet, P.; Dupont, R.; Boissard, C.; De Rosnay, P.
NO emissions from soils and impact on tropospheric chemistry in the framework of AMMA.

EGU06-A-06520;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0041
Perez, P. J.; Castellvi, F.; Martinez-Cob, A.; Lecina, S.
Evapotranspiration estimation under variable bulk canopy resistance

EGU06-A-03730;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0042
Scozzari, A.; Raco, B.; Lelli, M.; Lippo, G.
Interaction of MSW landfills with the atmosphere: measurement experience and results

EGU06-A-03945;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0043
Likso, T.; Pandzic, K.
Comparison of observed and estimated wind speed at 2 m height above the ground

EGU06-A-03987;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0044
Pandzic, K.; Likso, T.
Comparison of air temperature different method observation within the atmospheric surface layer

EGU06-A-04584;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0045
Mikhailov, A.Yu.; Shmakin, A.B.; Rubinstein, K.G.
Estimation of integral advection influence on vertical land-air turbulent fluxes by combined ABL and SVAT modeling (cancelled)

EGU06-A-04567;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0046
Potužníková, K; Sedlák, P; Šauli, P
Characterization of night-time flow oscillations over forest canopy near a mountain crest

EGU06-A-02424;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0047
Ezber, Y.; Sen, Ö. L.; Karaca, M.
Investigation of Urbanization Effects on Climate in Istanbul : Using Statistical and Dynamical Techniques

EGU06-A-04884;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0048
Panebianco, J.E.; Buschiazzo, D.E.
Sampling height effects on airborne horizontal mass flux calculated with different equations

EGU06-A-08382;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0049
Markkanen, T; Göckede, M; Thomas, Chr; Lüers, J; Foken, Th
Lagrangian stochastic footprint modelling with wavelet analysis derived flow statistics

EGU06-A-08363;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0050
Kracher, D.; Foken, T
The closure of the energy balance in SVAT schemas

EGU06-A-08417;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0051
Martano, P.
Diagnostic turbulent fluxes retrieval by inverse parameter estimation

EGU06-A-08943;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0052
Syrakov, E; Cholakov, E
On the influence of conventional and non-local turbulent factors on atmosphere-land interaction processes

EGU06-A-09616;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0053
Lehning, M.; Loewe, H.
Topography induced Heterogeneities of drifting Snow

EGU06-A-08116;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0054
Kirk-Davidoff, D; Keith, D
On the impact of very large wind turbine arrays on climate

EGU06-A-03162;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0055
Mueller, M.; Gossmann, H.
Modelling and visualisation of changes in radiation budget due to historic land use changes: A virtual 3D flight over SW Germany

EGU06-A-06484;  AS2.01-1TU3P-0056
Truhetz, H; Gobiet, A; Kirchengast, G
Generation of highly resolved wind climatologies in the Alpine region at the 100 m scale

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