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  Poster Programme - HS40/SSS7 Monitoring and modelling for soil and ecohydrological processes across space-time scales (co-organized by SSS)

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Convener: Romano, N.
Co-Convener: Mulligan, M., Van der Ploeg, M., White, S.

Author in Attendance:

Monday, 3 April 2006 15:30 - 17:00
Display Time: Monday, 3 April 2006 08:00 -
Monday, 3 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: ROMANO, N.

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EGU06-A-04432;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0162
Deangelis, M.L.; Cusi, E.
Simulating the water movement in a maize cropped field in Northern Italy with the SWAP model

EGU06-A-02094;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0163
Garg, K. K.; Safeeq, Md.; Das, B. S.; Bhadoria, P. B.
Plot-Scale Measurement and Modeling of Soil Water Regime in a Lowland Paddy Field

EGU06-A-04995;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0164
Heuer, A.; Beha, A.; Casper, M.
Parameterization and long term simulation using the SVAT-model STICS

EGU06-A-09192;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0165
Horeschi, D.; Montaldo, N.; Mancini, M.; Detto, M.; Facchi, A.; Baroni, G.; Gandolfi, C.
Estimate of the Crop Coefficients of the FAO-Penman Monteith Evapotranspiration method in an Experimental Field of Padana Plain, Italy

EGU06-A-10669;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0166
Raimondi, S.; Ciulla, G.; Perrone, E.
Irrigation management with brackish water and evolution of soil salinity in a slope situated in agro of Castelvetrano (Trapani-Sicily)

EGU06-A-06715;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0167
Rittter, A.; Regalado, C.M.; Aschan, G.
Estimation of water uptake by a laurel forest in the Garajonay National Park combining monitoring and simulation techniques (cancelled)

EGU06-A-06226;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0168
Rubio, C.; Llorens, P.; Latron, J.; van Genuchten, M.Th.
Modelling sub surface flow in an old agricultural terraced area using HYDRUS-1D. A multi criteria evaluation approach.

EGU06-A-03632;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0169
Torres, E. A.; Rubio, E.; Calera, A.; Cuesta, A.
Evaluation of FAO 56 model for bare soil evaporation in a semi - arid region using experimental data

EGU06-A-07178;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0170
Hildebrandt, A.; Attinger, S.
Beyond the Gardner Model: Developing a Physical Understanding of Water Uptake by Single Roots.

EGU06-A-08472;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0171
Palladino, M.; D'Urso, G.
Field validation of root water uptake functions using experimental measurements and SWAP model

EGU06-A-09494;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0172
Castellanos, M.T.; Tarquis, A.M.; Ribas, F.; Cabello, M.J.; Figueiró, N. ; Arce, A.; Cartagena, M.C.
Field Measurements Of Water And Nitrogen Losses Under fertirrigated Melon Crop In A Shallow Calcareous Soil in Spain

EGU06-A-10539;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0173
Castrignanò, A.; Costantini, E.A.C; Barbetti, R.; Lopez, N.
Assessing and describing multi-scale spatial variability using factorial kriging

EGU06-A-09033;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0174
Joris, I.; Feyen, J.
The effect of hydrological regime on base cations in the root zone of an alluvial wetland

EGU06-A-02041;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0175
Martínez-Fernández, J.; Hernández-Santana, V.; Morán, C.; Casado, S.
Soil water availability and tree water stress in a deciduous oak forest under a Mediterranean subhumid climate

EGU06-A-09521;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0176
Chirico, G.B.; Medina, H.; Romano, N.
Propagation of the PTF prediction uncertainty into the simulated soil water budget at the hillslope scale

EGU06-A-06026;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0177
Montoroi, J.P.; Hovhannissian, G.
Self potential method applied to salt-affected soils of Thailand (cancelled)

EGU06-A-03166;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0178
Verhoef, A.; Diaz-Espejo, A.
Adsorption of Water Vapour by bare Soil in an Olive Grove in Southern Spain

EGU06-A-08715;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0179
Barontini, S.; Clerici, A.; Ranzi, R.; Bacchi, B.
The role of the organic matter in the soil water retention: some recent laboratory experiences

EGU06-A-01672;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0181
Klitzsch, N.
How does hydrocarbon decrease the electrical resistivity of soils?

EGU06-A-07952;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0182
Palladino, M.; Basile, A.; De Mascellis, R.; D'Urso, G.
Increasing data requirement to up-scale from local to landscape scale for water retention function

EGU06-A-07304;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0183
Ponzoni, G.; Marchetti, R.
Green manuring influence on soil water retention

EGU06-A-02761;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0184
Schneider, M.K. ; Hollis, J.; Stamm, C.
Classifying the hydrology of European soils

EGU06-A-06790;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0185
van der Tol, C.; Dolman, A.J.; Waterloo, M.J.
Diurnal and seasonal cycles of transpiration of Mediterranean forests explained by adaptation to climate and soil conditions

EGU06-A-10230;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0186
Álexandridis, T.; Crisman, T.L.; Lazaridou, E.; Takavakoglou, V.; Giannelos, I.; Kouloumtouri, G.; Zalidis, G.C.
Dynamics of Phragmites Pattern using Multi-temporal Satellite Earth Observation and its Relation to Soil-ecohydrological Processes

EGU06-A-04475;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0187
Brodsky, L.; Kodesova, R.
Comparison of simulation results using Hydrus-1d and model in Cgms for selected region grid50 of the Czech Republic

EGU06-A-09277;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0188
Ferraris, S.; Canone, D.; Previati, M.
Forecasting soil water content

EGU06-A-04227;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0189
Medina, H.; Ruiz, M.E.; Amarakoon, D.; Romano, N.
An approach for the spatial up-scaling of a dynamic crop model: calibration and sensitivity to rainfall and soil variability.

EGU06-A-03042;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0190
Nagare, R.; Liese, M.; Voigt, H.-J.
Hydrogeochemistry at the 100 years old sewage farms Berlin Karolinenhoehe

EGU06-A-02634;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0191
Settin, T.; Botter, G.; Marani, M.; Rinaldo, A.
Stochastic controls on biogeochemical and hydrological processes in river basins

EGU06-A-04262;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0192
Teuling, A.J.; Uijlenhoet, R.; Hupet, F.; van Loon, E.E.; Troch, P.A.
Root water uptake uncertainty: implications for modeling and observation strategy

EGU06-A-05748;  HS40/SSS7-1MO4P-0193
Ventrella, D.; Giglio, L.; Castellini, M.; Losavio, N.; Leogrande, R.
Impact of soil hydraulic properties on water fluxes for a typical cropping system of Southern Italy: a sensitivity analysis using SWAP model (cancelled)

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