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  Poster Programme - AS2.01 Air-land interaction (co-listed in BG & HS)

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Convener: Hasager, C.
Co-Convener: Foken, T.

Author in Attendance:

Wednesday, 27 April 2005 15:30 - 17:00
Display Time: Wednesday, 27 April 2005 08:00 -
Wednesday, 27 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall X

Chairperson: HASAGER, C. & FOKEN, T.

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EGU05-A-00211;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0136
Hammerle, A.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Schmitt, M.; Haslwanter, A.; Bahn, M.; Cernusca, A.
Eddy Covariance Measurements on a steep Mountain Slope

EGU05-A-03255;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0137
Yahia, J. C; Paumier, J.-L.; Personne, P.; Isaka, H.
Assessment of a physical model for the prediction of surface temperature to prevent the ice formation on roadway

EGU05-A-03322;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0138
Mauder, M.; Foken, T.
Processing and quality control of eddy covariance measurements

EGU05-A-04238;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0139
Foken, T.; Wimmer, F.; Mauder, M.; Thomas, C.; Liebethal, C.
Some aspects of the energy balance closure problem

EGU05-A-05477;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0140
Soegaard, H.; Tuulik, J.; Houborg, R. M.; Lindroth, A.; Jensen, N.O.; Pilegaard, K.
Landscape fluxes of CO2 derived by satellite based aggregation of flux tower measurements and validated against airborne measurements

EGU05-A-06004;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0141
Li, P. ; Taylor, P.
Application of a three-dimensional Lagrangian Stochastic numerical model to blowing snow scenarios; comparisons with observations

EGU05-A-07627;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0142
Potuznikova, K.; Sedlak, P.
Turbulent structures at the atmosphere-forest interface at mountainous site Bily Kriz

EGU05-A-05529;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0143
Lehmann, L.; Ammann, C.; Meixner, F. X.; Neftel, A.
An automated dynamic chamber system for measuring reactive trace gas exchange of grassland ecosystems

EGU05-A-09071;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0144
Martano, P.
Evaluation of turbulent heat fluxes estimates obtained by local semiempirical expressions of the Bowen ratio.

EGU05-A-09692;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0145
Olchev, A.; Radler, K.; Panfyorov, O.; Fellert, D.; Gravenhorst, G.
Influence of a clear cutting on microclimate and water budget of forest ecosystems

EGU05-A-10385;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0146
Buenestado-Caballero, P.; Jarauta-Bragulat, E.; Hervada-Sala, C.
Weibull Distribution Relationships of Heights

EGU05-A-04472;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0147
Mammarella, I
Analysis of turbulence statistics above a Scots pine forest in a sub-arctic northern region

EGU05-A-06036;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0148
Ganev, K.; Yordanov, D.; Miloshev, N.
Dry deposition processes in the surface layer for admixtures with gravity sedimentation

EGU05-A-02952;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0149
Chu, P.C.; Lu, S.H.; Chen, Y.C.
Oasis Breeze Circulation for the Desert Oasis Self Preservation

EGU05-A-00581;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0150
Johnsen, K.-P.; Huneke, S.; Mengelkamp, H.-T.
Multi-Objective calibration of the SVAT scheme TERRA/LM

EGU05-A-05951;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0151
Salmun, H.; Molod, A. ; Huang, L.
Dependence of a large scale blending heights on local surface fields from BOREAS observations. (cancelled)

EGU05-A-00603;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0152
Lauwaet, D.; De Ridder, K.
Evaluation of soil parameters in modelling surface fluxes in the Sahel

EGU05-A-01430;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0153
Pshennikov, V.; Mechoso, C.; Severov, D.
Relationship between Atmospheric Circulation, SST anomalies and ENSO evens in the Southern Atlantic and Pacific oceans

EGU05-A-02824;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0154
h. Quénol, h.Q.; m.Fort, m.F.; a.Sakamoto, a.S.; l.Barbiero, l.B.; f.Gradella, f.G.; v.Bacani, v.B.
Fine Scales Climatology in Saline Lakes at the Pantanal of the Nhecolandia, Brazil

EGU05-A-03269;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0155
Dlugi, R.; Berger, M.; Zelger, M.; Rube, S.; Knaps, A.; Moellmann-Coers, M.; Koppmann, R.
Turbulent and Advective Transport in Mixed Forests

EGU05-A-04138;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0156
Heinemann, G.; Kerschgens, M.
High-resolution simulations of surface energy fluxes during the LITFASS-2003 experiment

EGU05-A-04538;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0157
Castellvi, F.; Martinez-Cob, A.; Perez, O.; Perez, P.J.
Estimating the bowen ratio from measurements taken at one height. A study over sprinkler irrigated rice

EGU05-A-09835;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0158
Ross, T.; Ibrom, A.; Kreilein, H.; Gravenhorst, G.; Oltchev, A.
One year continuous CO2 flux observations above an Indonesian upland rainforest

EGU05-A-09495;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0159
Basu, S.; Stoll, R.; Porté-Agel, F.
Large-eddy simulation of the early evening boundary layer transition

EGU05-A-09485;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0160
Yordanov, D.; Kolarova, M.; Syrakov, D.
Comparison of the PBL Models YORDAN and YORCON with Experimental Data

EGU05-A-08359;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0161
Truhetz, H.; Gobiet, A.; Kirchengast, G.
Downscaling of near surface wind fields in the Alpine region from the 100 km to the 100 m scale

EGU05-A-07204;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0162
Dye, D.
Sensitivity of simulated forest canopy photosynthesis to cloud-induced variation in the spectral composition of diffuse and global photosynthetically active radiation

EGU05-A-06722;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0163
Yue, W.; Parlange, M.B.; Meneveau, C.
Large eddy simulation of canopy flows using Lagrangian dynamic model and comparison with PIV field experimental data

EGU05-A-06478;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0164
Courault, D; Rossello, P; Talbot, C; Lacarrère, P; Brunet, Y
Impact of the spatial surface heterogeneity on the surface fluxes and on the turbulent structures analyzed with the Meso-NH model applied at fine resolution

EGU05-A-05365;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0165
Bohnenstengel, S.; Schlünzen, K.H.
Classification of precipitation events by use of a locality index

EGU05-A-07761;  AS2.01-1WE4P-0166
Maione, M.; Arduini, J.; Berloni, A.; Capaccioni, B. ; Mangani, F.; Mangani, G. ; Pirillo, L.; Tatano, F.
Landfills as sources of trace gases involved in global change phenomena and in air quality issues

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