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  Poster Programme - ST2 Open session on the magnetosphere

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Convener: Lucek, E.
Co-Convener: Amm, O.

Author in Attendance:

Thursday, 6 April 2006 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Thursday, 6 April 2006 08:00 -
Thursday, 6 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: LUCEK, E.

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EGU06-A-07980;  ST2-1TH5P-0878
Krasnosselskikh, V.; Bale, S.; Dudok de Wit, T.
Polarisation properties of intense Langmuir wave packets near the electron foreshock: WIND observations and interpretation

EGU06-A-03278;  ST2-1TH5P-0879
Kudela, K; Chang, S.-W.
Energetic ions on Interball-1: an empirical model of the upstream flux

EGU06-A-08162;  ST2-1TH5P-0880
Mazelle, C.; Meziane, K.; Wilber, M.; Hamza, A.; Parks, G.K.; Eastwood, J.P.; Lucek, E.
Detailed properties of gyrophase-bunched ion distributions in the Earth's foreshock

EGU06-A-06620;  ST2-1TH5P-0881
Prech, L.; Kasper, J.C.; Safrankova, J.; Nemecek, Z.; Andreeova, K.
Magnetosheath modification and bow shock movement during an interplanetary shock passage

EGU06-A-05875;  ST2-1TH5P-0882
Andreeova, K.; Prech, L.; Safrankova, J.; Nemecek, Z.
Interaction of interplanetary shocks with foreshock and their response in the Earth's magnetosphere

EGU06-A-05654;  ST2-1TH5P-0883
Jelinek, K.; Safrankova, J.; Nemecek, Z.
Comparison of model bow shock locations with two–point observations

EGU06-A-07024;  ST2-1TH5P-0884
Genot, V.; Budnik, E.; Jacquey, C.; Sauvaud, J. A.; Lucek, E.; team, CDPP
Statistical study of mirror mode events in the Earth magnetosheath

EGU06-A-01539;  ST2-1TH5P-0885
Lacombe, C. ; Mangeney, A. ; Maksimovic, M. ; Samsonov, A.A.; Cornilleau-Werhlin, N.; Harvey, C.C.; Bosqued, J.-M.; Travnicek, P.; Balogh, A.
Cluster observations in the magnetosheath: anisotropies and intensity of the turbulence at electron scales

EGU06-A-07115;  ST2-1TH5P-0886
Waara, M; Nilsson, H; Avrelius, S; Marghitu, O; Bouhram, M; Hobara, Y; Yamauchi, M; André, M; THE CIS TEAM
Oxygen ion outflow observed at high altitude

EGU06-A-05596;  ST2-1TH5P-0887
Nilsson, H.; Waara, M.; Marghitu, O.; Yamauchi, M.; Rème, H.; The CIS Team
Cluster CIS observations of polar cap O+ outflow flux variability; the connection to the ionosphere

EGU06-A-10432;  ST2-1TH5P-0888
Zhou, X.; Lummerzheim, D.
Auroral observation using NIR camera onboard balloons: A new approach for dayside auroral observations (cancelled)

EGU06-A-01912;  ST2-1TH5P-0889
Korth, A.; Echer, E.; Zong, Q.-G.; Fraenz, M.; Gonzalez, W.D.; Guarnieri, F.L.; Fu, S.Y.; Reme, H.
Cluster observations of O+ escape into the magnetotail in comparison with the ring current input rate during an intense magnetic storm

EGU06-A-04131;  ST2-1TH5P-0890
Pedersen, A; Cluster plasma density team
Electron densities derived from Cluster spacecraft potential measurements

EGU06-A-03746;  ST2-1TH5P-0891
Hamrin, M.; Stenberg, G.; Marghitu, O.; Cornilleau-Wehrlin, N.; Decreau, P.M.E; Fazakerley, A.; Strangeway, R. J.
The wave environment of plasma sheet generator regions as observed by Cluster and FAST

EGU06-A-07603;  ST2-1TH5P-0892
Domrachev, V.V.; Chugunin, D.; Zinin, L.V.
Modeling of plasmasphere flux tube refilling

EGU06-A-02513;  ST2-1TH5P-0893
Heilig, B.; Lühr, H.; Rother, M.
Statistical survey of compressional Pc3 pulsations at low Earth orbit observed by CHAMP

EGU06-A-02544;  ST2-1TH5P-0894
Du, A.; Xu, W.
Sunward propagation characteristics of Pc5 ULF waves at dayside

EGU06-A-03706;  ST2-1TH5P-0895
Santarelli, L.; Cafarella, L.; Lepidi, S.
Low frequency geomagnetic field fluctuations in Antarctica: comparison between two polar cap stations

EGU06-A-01205;  ST2-1TH5P-0896
Kurazhkovskaya, N.A.; Klain, B.I.
The response of magnetospheric substorm activity in the characteristics of burst regime of long-period irregular pulsations in a frequency band 2.1-5.5 mHz

EGU06-A-01210;  ST2-1TH5P-0897
Zotov, O.D.; Klain, B.I.; Kurazhkovskaya, N.A.
The influence of the solar activity chaotic component on a magnetosphere dynamics

EGU06-A-00260;  ST2-1TH5P-0898
Echer, E.; Gonzalez, W. D.
On the solar cycle distribution of geomagnetic storms

EGU06-A-05702;  ST2-1TH5P-0899
Gleisner, H.; Watermann, J.
Seasonal variations of the auroral electrojet activity for different levels of solar activity

EGU06-A-02718;  ST2-1TH5P-0900
Borodkova, N. L.; Liu, J. B.; Zastenker, G. N.; Wang, C.; Huang, Z. H.
Effect of large and fast solar wind dynamic pressure changes on the geosynchronous magnetic field

EGU06-A-03980;  ST2-1TH5P-0901
Chum, J.; Jiricek, F.; Santolik, O.
Assigning the causative lightning strokes to the observed whistlers

EGU06-A-01515;  ST2-1TH5P-0902
Kovac, A.
An Influence of the Geomagnetic Disturbances to the Long Lasting Whistler Activity

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