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  Poster Programme - SSS22 Wildfire effects on soil organic carbon dynamics, soil degradation and soil redistribution (co-listed in BG & ERE)

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Convener: Doerr, S.
Co-Convener: Cerda, A., Robichaud, P.
Co-Sponsorship: To be announced

Author in Attendance:

Tuesday, 4 April 2006 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Tuesday, 4 April 2006 08:00 -
Tuesday, 4 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: DOERR, S.

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EGU06-A-01249;  SSS22-1TU5P-0327
Mataix-Solera, J.; Zornoza, R.; Lloret, E.; Guerrero, C.; García-Orenes, F.; Mataix-Beneyto, J.; Gómez, I.; Navarro, J.
Soil organic carbon, microbial biomass and basal respiration 11 years after a forest fire in a Mediterranean environment (solicited)

EGU06-A-02337;  SSS22-1TU5P-0328
Outeiro, L.; Úbeda, X.
Effects of a prescribed fire on pH, total carbon and total nitrogen in a Mediterranean forest at the wildland urban interface: one year study

EGU06-A-08225;  SSS22-1TU5P-0329
Kuzyakov , Y.; Subbotina , I.; Xu, X.
Decomposition of 14C labeled black carbon in soil

EGU06-A-06544;  SSS22-1TU5P-0330
Hilscher, A.; Hagedorn, F.; Knicker, H.
Incorporation of black carbon into soil organic matter of forested high-elevation soils in Switzerland

EGU06-A-09764;  SSS22-1TU5P-0331
Dlapa, P.; Simkovic, I.; Simonovic, V.
Effect of forest fire on soil properties and vegetation of dune sands (SW Slovakia)

EGU06-A-10213;  SSS22-1TU5P-0332
Campo, J.; Rubio, J.L.; Andreu, V.; Gimeno-García, E.; González, O.
Changes in soil structure and organic matter after repeated experimental fires in a mediterranean forest soil

EGU06-A-10372;  SSS22-1TU5P-0333
Bryant, RJ; Doerr, SH; Morgenstern, P
Losses and redistribution of TOC in soil columns during simulated ground fires

EGU06-A-06743;  SSS22-1TU5P-0334
Ibarra, P.; Pérez-Cabello, F.; Echeverría, M.; de la Riva, J.
Superficial soils horizons changes after fire in sub-Mediterranean ecosystems. A mid-term approach

EGU06-A-08886;  SSS22-1TU5P-0335
Blake, WH; Wallbrink, PJ; Doerr, SH; Shakesby, RA; Humphreys, GS; Wilkinson, S
Appraisal of Sediment Tracing Tools to Improve Knowledge of Soil and Sediment Redistribution following Wildfire

EGU06-A-03786;  SSS22-1TU5P-0336
Guerrero, C.; Mataix-Solera, J.; Arcenegui, V.; García-Orenes, F.; Gómez, I.; Zornoza, R.; Navarro, J.
The use of near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) to estimate fire severity and effects on soils

EGU06-A-10653;  SSS22-1TU5P-0337
Shakesby, RA; Doerr, SH
Perceived vs actual rates of soil erosion and redistribution following fire: an unsolved issue?

EGU06-A-10654;  SSS22-1TU5P-0338
Tomkins, KM; Humphreys, GS; Doerr, SH; Shakesby, RA; Wallbrink, PJ; Blake, WH
Evaluating the role of wildfires in contemporary soil erosion and sediment redistribution in the Sydney region using a multiproxy approach (cancelled)

EGU06-A-01847;  SSS22-1TU5P-0339
Cerda, A.
Long-term effects of fire on soil loss under simulated rainfall.

EGU06-A-11026;  SSS22-1TU5P-0340
Iglesias, T.; Fernández Bermejo, M.C.; González Parra, J.
Forestfire-induced changes in chemical and mineralogical properties of Mediterranean soils

EGU06-A-04460;  SSS22-1TU5P-0341
Rulli, M.C.; Spada, M.; Bozzi, S.; Bocchiola, D.; Rosso, R.
Rainfall simulations on a fire disturbed mediterranean area

EGU06-A-11027;  SSS22-1TU5P-0342
Iglesias , T.; Walter, I.
Microbial biomass changes in Mediterranean burnt forest soils

EGU06-A-06691;  SSS22-1TU5P-0343
Pérez-Cabello, F.; Lasanta, T.; Montorio, R.; Palacios, V.; García-Martín, A.; Echeverría, M.; de la Riva, J.; Ibarra, P.; Cerdá, A.
Post-fire hydro-geomorphological consequences in a semi-arid environment (Ebro Basin, Spain)

EGU06-A-10373;  SSS22-1TU5P-0344
Keizer, J; The EROSFIRE team
The EROSFIRE project – preliminary results of small-scale and slope-scale runoff plots

EGU06-A-10470;  SSS22-1TU5P-0345
Llovet, J.; Mayor, A.G.; Bautista, S.; Bellot, J.; Vallejo, V.R.
Scale relationships in the hydrological and erosional response to fire in a Mediterranean terraced landscape

EGU06-A-01898;  SSS22-1TU5P-0346
Duguy, B.; Rovira, P.; Vallejo, R.
Fire and land use history effects on soil fertility in eastern Spain

EGU06-A-03057;  SSS22-1TU5P-0347
De Marco, A.; Ranucci, S.; Meola, A.; Virzo De Santo, A.
Decomposition of leaf litter of Phillyrea angustifolia L. and mixed aboveground litter of herbaceous species from a mediterranean maquis.

EGU06-A-06501;  SSS22-1TU5P-0348
Esposito, F.; Gentile, A.; Vittozzi, P.; De Marco, A.; Virzo De Santo, A.
Metabolic activity and functional biodiversity of mediterranean sandy soils as influenced by soil development stage and plant cover

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