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  Poster Programme - NH9.07 Natural Hazards Impact on Urban Areas and Infrastructure

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Convener: Bostenaru, M.
Co-Convener: Kreibich, H.

Author in Attendance:

Friday, 7 April 2006 10:30 - 12:00
Display Time: Friday, 7 April 2006 08:00 -
Friday, 7 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: HENEKA, P.

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EGU06-A-10707;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0694
Bostenaru Dan, M.
Past and future publications from the session series "Natural Hazards' Impact on Urban Areas and Infrastructure"

EGU06-A-00587;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0695
Ozeyranli Ergenc, M.N.; Ilkisik, O.M. ; Turk, M.T.
Earthquake Risk and Mitigation Studies in Istanbul

EGU06-A-01136;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0696
Bostenaru Dan, M.; Pinho, R.
ca'redivivus: early RC housing and urban seismic risk

EGU06-A-09009;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0697
Kopf, A.; Bohnhoff, M.
Amphibic scientific drilling transect across the Hellenic subduction zone (HSZ)

EGU06-A-10503;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0698
Hosseini, S.K.; Fatemi Aghda, S.M.; Matsushima, T.; Yoshioka, S.; Suzuki, S.
Interplate locking zone along the Nankai trough, southwest Japan, deduced from continuous GPS data (cancelled)

EGU06-A-01868;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0699
Reuther, C.-D.; Buurman, N.; Reiss, S.

EGU06-A-01878;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0700
Buurman, N.; Reuther, C.-D.
Profiling of sinkholes in the metropolitan region of Hamburg and Lüneburg with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

EGU06-A-05940;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0701
Mueller, M.; Senitz, S.
The interdisciplinary Postgraduate Programme "Natural Disasters"

EGU06-A-06069;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0702
Senitz, S.; Hesse, G.; Büchel, G.
“Emergency-groundwater-supply” by maar volcanoes in a natural disaster case? – A field data and flow modelling based study from the Gees Maar (West Eifel volcanic field, Germany)

EGU06-A-00949;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0703
Bostenaru Dan, M.
A case study of the role of earthquake displacement spectra in assessing physical vulnerability of buildings

EGU06-A-08282;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0704
Deilmann, D; Pflügner, P; Naumann, N
Vulnerability calculation of residential areas

EGU06-A-03723;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0705
Marsico, A.; Pennetta, L.
The last huge rainfall in the Murge area (Apulia, southern Italy): the reasons of announced disaster

EGU06-A-07710;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0706
Alberico, I.; Ramondini, M.; Zito, G.
Hydro-geological Instability Events hazard assessment in Napoli municipality

EGU06-A-01300;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0707
López-Moreno, J.I.; Vicente-Serrano, S.; Lanjeri, S.; García-Ruiz, J.M.; Cuadrat, J.M.
Mapping the potential development of snow pack for large areas using precipitation and temperature data

EGU06-A-01106;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0708
Siminea, I.; Bostenaru, M.M.; Bolosina, H.
Research related to the slope consolidation through the use of a biodegradable geotextile

EGU06-A-10226;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0709
Bétemps, N.; Comino, E.
Risk analysis of a shallow land sliding controlled by vegetation

EGU06-A-10267;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0710
Tamas, E.A.; Zellei, L.; Sziebert, J.; Szlavik, L.; Kalocsa, B.
Determination of status, processes and targets in the planning of the nature protection aspect rehabilitation of the southern Hungarian Danube floodplains

EGU06-A-10378;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0711
Cernesson, F.; Borderelle, A.L.; Barret, O.; Boutet, A.
Phylou : a first experiment of co-design model with local stakeholders of water management

EGU06-A-10536;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0712
Reichstein, M.; Fluxnet Data Integration Team
Spatio-temporal variability of land-atmosphere carbon and water fluxes: Coming to grips via integration of FLUXNET, earth observation data and biogeochemical modeling?

EGU06-A-00096;  NH9.07-1FR2P-0713
Abdel-Hafez, T.
Geophysical and geotechnical studies to stand behind the damage potential in 15th May city, Cairo, Egypt. (cancelled)

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