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  Poster Programme - HS10 Hydrological modelling and software : Poster session

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Convener: Moussa, R.
Co-Convener: Castellarin, A.

Author in Attendance:

Monday, 3 April 2006 10:30 - 12:00
Display Time: Monday, 3 April 2006 08:00 -
Monday, 3 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: MOUSSA, R., CASTELLARIN, A.

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EGU06-A-02551;  HS10-1MO2P-0111
Rozos, E.; Koutsoyiannis, D.
Subsurface flow simulation with model coupling

EGU06-A-03181;  HS10-1MO2P-0112
Adem, G.; Batelaan, O.
Modeling Groundwater - Surface Water Interaction by coupling MODFLOW with WetSpa

EGU06-A-06039;  HS10-1MO2P-0113
Thatcher, K. E.; Mackay, R.; Priestley, A.
Modelling unsaturated flow through heterogeneous drift using ECLIPSE

EGU06-A-10666;  HS10-1MO2P-0114
Previati, M.; Canone, D.; Ferraris, S.
ADHYDRA: a user friendly graphical interface model to simulate variably saturated flow on unstructured grids

EGU06-A-04000;  HS10-1MO2P-0115
Niedzielski, T.
Forecasting river discharges using MAR models: a study from the Odra River

EGU06-A-03054;  HS10-1MO2P-0116
Fry, M.; Kjeldsen, T. R.
Software implementation of a revitalised rainfall-runoff method for event-based design flood estimation

EGU06-A-08344;  HS10-1MO2P-0117
Schindler, H.; Gutknecht, D.
A Tool for rapid Flood Warning based on HEC-HMS Software

EGU06-A-02277;  HS10-1MO2P-0118
Lindenschmidt, K.-E.
Quasi two dimensional flood modelling approach with dynamic discretisation (elements added and removed during simulation) of the floodplain

EGU06-A-10278;  HS10-1MO2P-0119
Popescu, I.; Jonoski, A.; Wang, F.
Modelling compound channels with Sobek

EGU06-A-03391;  HS10-1MO2P-0120
Rokos, E.; Koumantakis, J.
Contribution of remote sensing methods and techniques in the detection of submarine springs in Eastern Crete, Greece.

EGU06-A-05579;  HS10-1MO2P-0121
Bastyrova, Z.; Rieder, M.; Vejvodova, J.; Svobodova, D.; Kodes, V.
Use of GIS for surface water quality maps production

EGU06-A-09811;  HS10-1MO2P-0122
Bogaart, P.W.; Torfs, P.; Troch, P.A.
A multiple flow direction algorithm for computing intra hillslope flow length maps

EGU06-A-07235;  HS10-1MO2P-0123
Zvolensky, M.; Kohnova, S.; Hlavcova, K.
Estimation of Rainfall - Runoff Model Parameters in Ungauged Catchments of the Hron Region

EGU06-A-08055;  HS10-1MO2P-0124
Rodriguez Aguilera, D.; Giraldez, J.V.; Diaz, J.C.; Regnier, P.
Analysis of the influence of spatial variability on the hydrologic response of a watershed (cancelled)

EGU06-A-02701;  HS10-1MO2P-0125
Francke, T.; Creutzfeldt, B.; Güntner, A.; Maerker, M.; Mamede, G.; Mueller, E.N.
Spatial Discretisation in semi-distributed hydrological Modelling using the Landscape Unit Mapping Program (LUMP)

EGU06-A-08186;  HS10-1MO2P-0126
Fortin, J.P.; Moussa, R.; Turcotte, R.; Rousseau, A.N.; Villeneuve, J.P.
The HYDROTEL distributed hydrological model: a simulation and forecasting model making good use of GIS and RS data

EGU06-A-08914;  HS10-1MO2P-0127
Moussa, R.; Voltz, M.; Lagacherie, P.; Louchart, X.; Colin, F.; Fabre, J.C.
MHYDAS : Modélisation Hydrologique Spatialisée des AgroSystèmes - Spatially Distributed Hydrological Modelling of AgroSystems

EGU06-A-08511;  HS10-1MO2P-0128
Hörmann, G.; Zhang, Y.; Fohrer, N.
Comparison of a Simple and a Spatially Distributed Hydrological Model for the Runoff Simulation of a Lowland Catchment in Northern Germany

EGU06-A-10532;  HS10-1MO2P-0129
Coskun, M.; Sen, O.L.
Establishing a distributed hydrological model for the Middle Euphrates basin using remote sensing and GIS tools

EGU06-A-08431;  HS10-1MO2P-0130
Pappenberger, F; Harvey, H; Beven, K; Hall, J
Decision tree for choosing an uncertainty analysis methodology: a Wiki experiment

EGU06-A-10974;  HS10-1MO2P-0131
Quilbe, R.; Rousseau, A.N.; Villeneuve, J.P.
GIBSI : an integrated modelling software for watershed management

EGU06-A-00742;  HS10-1MO2P-0132
Tigkas, D.; Tsakiris, G.
Medbasin II: an integrated rainfall – runoff software package for watershed management

EGU06-A-03910;  HS10-1MO2P-0133
Efstratiadis, A.; Mamassis, N.; Noutsopoulos, C.; Koutsoyiannis, D.; The ODUSSEUS team
The ODUSSEUS project: Developing an advanced software system for the analysis and management of water resource systems

EGU06-A-02838;  HS10-1MO2P-0134
Shikunova, E.
Computer-based technology for estimation of condition and management of water resources at a catchment scale

EGU06-A-03152;  HS10-1MO2P-0135
Adamowski, J.F.
Daily water demand forecast modeling

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