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  Poster Programme - HS12 Remote sensing data assimilation in land surface process models (co-listed in AS & GI)

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Convener: Loew, A.
Co-Convener: Wood, E.

Author in Attendance:

Tuesday, 4 April 2006 13:30 - 15:00
Display Time: Tuesday, 4 April 2006 08:00 -
Tuesday, 4 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: LOEW, A.

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EGU06-A-08491;  HS12-1TU3P-0059
Houser, P.
Land Data Assimilation Systems

EGU06-A-08115;  HS12-1TU3P-0060
Pan, M.; McCabe, M.; Wood, E.; Wojcik, R.
Regional Water Budget Estimation Using Multi-sensor Remote Sensing Observations

EGU06-A-05388;  HS12-1TU3P-0061
Pipunic, R.; Walker, J.; Trudinger, C.; Western, A.
Assimilation for latent and sensible heat flux prediction - a synthetic study

EGU06-A-05322;  HS12-1TU3P-0062
Rüdiger, C.; Walker, J.P.; Kalma, J.D.; Willgoose, G.R.; Houser, P.R.
Streamflow Assimilation: On the effect of model biases

EGU06-A-08670;  HS12-1TU3P-0063
Mangiarotti, S.; Jarlan, L.; Mougin, E.; Mazzega, P.; Hiernaux, P.
Assimilation of Optical and Radar data in a Simple Land Surface Model over Sahel with a Multi-Criterion Evolution Strategies Algorithm

EGU06-A-04066;  HS12-1TU3P-0064
De Lannoy, G.; Verhoest, N.; Pauwels, V.; Houser, P.
State and bias estimation for soil moisture profiles by an ensemble Kalman filter

EGU06-A-10201;  HS12-1TU3P-0065
Loew, A.; Ludwig, R. ; Bach, H.; Appel, F. ; Mauser, W.
Integration of remote sensing data into operational water balance and flood forecasting systems

EGU06-A-10340;  HS12-1TU3P-0066
Kapler, P.; Trnka, M.; Semeradova, D.; Dubrovsky, M.; Zalud, Z.; Svoboda, M.; Eitzinger, J.; Hösch, J.; Mozný, M.
Newhall Model for Assessment of Agricultural Drought Event Probability under Present and Changed Climatic Conditions

EGU06-A-10341;  HS12-1TU3P-0067
Schaumberger, A.; Trnka, M.; Eitzinger, J.; Formayer, H.; Bartelme, N.
Monitoring Drought Impact over Austrian Grasslands Using GIS Based Model

EGU06-A-10526;  HS12-1TU3P-0068
Tanaka, K.; Tol, R.; Knorr, W.; Bruckner, T.; Kriegler, E.; Raddatz, T.
Uncertainty Analysis using Aggregated Carbon Cycle, Atmospheric Chemistry, and Climate Model (ACC2)

EGU06-A-06528;  HS12-1TU3P-0069
Pásztor, Sz.; Bognár, P.; Ferencz, Cs.; Hamar, D.; Lichtenberger, J.; Molnár, G.; Steinbach, P.; Székely, B.; Timár, G.; Ferencz, O. E.
Cross-calibration of AVHRR-MVISR and AVHRR-MODIS greenness data

EGU06-A-00233;  HS12-1TU3P-0070
Zegrar, A; Spaces application
Application of remote sensing with Alsat-1 data in survey of forest fires and its imapct in forest ecosystem in the north of Algeria

EGU06-A-08780;  HS12-1TU3P-0071
Gu, Y; Belair, S; Mahfouf, J F; Deblonde, G
A Simple Data Analysis of Leaf Area Index Using MODIS Data

EGU06-A-01755;  HS12-1TU3P-0072
El-Sobky, H.; Dorobek, S.
Using ETM+ Imagery to Constrain Cokriging Interpolation of the Shuttle Rader Digital Elevation Model

EGU06-A-10545;  HS12-1TU3P-0073
Russchenberg, H.W.J; Spek, A.L.J; Moisseev, D.N.; Unal, C.M.H; Chandrasekar, V.
Retrieval of microphysical properties of snow using dual polarization spectral analysis

EGU06-A-10214;  HS12-1TU3P-0074
Runge, H.; Fritz, T.; Eineder, M.; Spohn, T.; Oberst, J.; Werner, M.
Potential applications of state of the art synthetic aperture radar in planetary exploration

EGU06-A-09362;  HS12-1TU3P-0075
Ermolaeva, O.; Zeiliguer, A.
Technique of detailed - level-by-level definition of soil moisture with TDR TRIME-FM3.

EGU06-A-09626;  HS12-1TU3P-0076
Kolberg, S.; Gottschalk, L.
Satellite snow data in hydrological models

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