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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS3.11 Process studies of trace gases and aerosols in simulation chambers

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kleffmann, J.; Gavriloaiei, T.; Wiesen, P.; Wirtz, K.
Developement and intercomparison of a new instrument for the sensitive detection of nitric acid (HNO3) in the atmosphere

Wyche, K. P.; Parker, A. E.; Ellis, A. M.; Monks, P. S.
Detection of the high mass, gas phase oxidation products of trimethyl benzene, á-pinene and isoprene during aerosol chamber studies and their potential role in aerosol formation

Hamilton, J.; Webb, P.; Reynolds, J.; Lewis, A.
Investigating the composition of secondary organic aerosol from smog chamber studies: low molecular weight and heterogeneous reaction products.

Coeur-tourneur, C; Henry, F; Janquin, M-A; Brutier, L; Kopiychenko, D
Gaz-phase reaction of hydroxyl radicals with m-, o- and p-cresol

Langer , S. ; Pointet , K. ; Moldanová , J. ; Ljungström , E. ; Ekberg , L.
Formation of ultrafine particles by chemical reactions in indoor air: Effect of ventilation and relative humidity

Chiappini, L.; Perraudin, E.; Durand-Jolibois, R.; Doussin, J. F.
Chemical composition analysis of secondary aerosol

Wegener, R; The ACCENT OVOC Intercomparison Team
Intercomparison of Oxygenated Volatile Organic Compound (OVOC) Measurements in the Atmosphere Simulation Chamber SAPHIR

Mass spectrometers for the chemical analysis of organic substances (MS-CHAOS) in the gas and aerosol phase

Wisthaler, A.; Hansel, A.; Koppmann, R.; Brauers, T.; Bossmeyer, J.; Steinbrecher, R.; Junkermann, W.; Mueller, K.; Solomon, S. J.; Apel, E.
PTR-MS measurements of HCHO and results from HCHO intercomparison measurements in the atmosphere simulation chamber SAPHIR

Metzger, A.; Duplissy, J.; Gäggeler, K.; Healy, R.; Kalberer, M.; Legreid, G.; Parker, A.; Dommen, J.; Prevot, A.; Baltensperger, U.
Gas and aerosol chemistry of the isoprene system

Zhou, Sh.; Barnes, I.; Zhu, T.; Klotz, B.; Albu, M.; Bejan, I.; Benter, Th.
Mechanism for the atmospheric photooxidations of vinyl ether

Verheggen, B.; Mozurkewich, M.
Alpha-Pinene Oxidation in the Presence of Seed Aerosol: Estimates of Particle Nucleation and Growth Rates, Aerosol Yield and Saturation Vapour Pressure

Borrás, E.; Martin-Reviejo, M.; Wirtz, K.
Chemical Characterisation of Carboxylic Acids in Aerosols. Comparation between Simulator Atmospheric Samples and Ambiental Samples.

Rickard, A. R.; Pilling, M. J.; Davey, J. B.; Smith, S. C.; Bloss, W. J.; Heard, D. E.; Wirtz, K. ; Carrascosa, A. ; Solignac, G. ; Mellouki, W.
Development and validation of the tropospheric degradation mechanisms of ethylene glycol mono-vinyl and di-vinyl ethers

Gaeggeler, K.; Fisseha, R.; Dommen, J.; Prevot, A.S.H; Baltensperger, U.
Identification of organic acids in secondary organic aerosols from smog chamber experiments

Duncianu, M.; Bejan , I.; Barnes , I.
Atmospheric chemistry of phenoxy-type radicals formed in the oxidation of phenolic-type compounds

Gómez Alvarez, E.; Viidanoja , J. ; Hjorth, J.; Wirtz, K.
Determination of carboniles in the photo-oxidation reaction of benzene and toluene in the EUPHORE chambers. Comparison of SPME and PTR-MS data

Bossmeyer, J.; Brauers, T.; Rohrer, F.; Wegener, R.; Wahner, A.
Simulation Chamber Studies on the NO3 Chemistry of Atmospheric Aldehydes

Saathoff, H.; Naumann, K.-H.; Wagner, R.
Chemistry of NO2, N2O4, and N2O5 at simulated stratospheric conditions: An aerosol chamber and modelling study

Carey, T.; O'Connor, M.; Wenger, J.
Simulation chamber studies of the reaction of ozone with C6 biogenic VOCs

Healy, R.M.; Kuprovskyte, K.; Temime-Roussel, B.; Wenger, J.C.
Gas/particle partitioning of oxidation products in simulation chamber experiments

Kalberer, M.; Reinhardt, A.; Emmenegger, C.; Zenobi, R.; Baltensperger, U.; Dommen, J.
Structural information and quantification of oligomeric components in secondary organic aerosols

Picquet-Varrault, B.; Chiappini, L.; Eyglunent, G.; Leperson, A.; Marchand, N.; Mellouki, W.; Perraudin, E.; Solignac, G.
Secondary Organic Secondary Organic Aerosol from the ozonolysis of Aromatic Compounds: smog chamber experiments and multi-tools particle-phase chemical analysis

Schlosser, E.; Brauers, T.; Dorn, H.-P.; Fuchs, H.; Hofzumahaus, A.; Holland, F.; Wahner, A.
Intercomparison of Two Hydroxyl Radical Measurement Techniques at the Atmosphere Simulation Chamber SAPHIR

Poppe, D.; Brauers, Th.; Dorn, H.-P.; Karl, M.; Schlosser, E.; Tillmann, R.; Wegener, R.; Wahner, A.
Degradation of hydrocarbons in in atmosphere by OH radicals: a kinetic study in the reaction chamber SAPHIR

Iannone, R.; Koppmann, R.; Rudolph, J.
Kinetic isotope effect (KIE) measurements of isoprene, methacrolein, and methyl vinyl ketone in reaction with OH radicals and ozone in the gas phase

Kiendler-Scharr, A.; Mentel, T.; Dorn, H.-P.; Schlosser, E.; Bossmeier, J.; Brauers, T.; Wahner, A.
Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation in the SAPHIR Chamber

Pinho, P.G.; Lemos, L.T.; Pio, C.A.; Evtyugina, M.G.; Jenkin, M.E.
Evaluation of detailed tropospheric chemical mechanism, MCM v3, using atmospheric field study data

Current progress and future directions in the Eurochamp collaboration

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