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Nonlinear Processes in Geosciences
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  List of Accepted Contributions - OS16 Model development for large- and small-scale processes in the ocean (co-listed NP)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Gourgue, O.; Deleersnijder, E.; Legat, V.; Marchal, E.; Naithani, J.; Plisnier, P.-D.; White, L.
A finite element reduced-gravity model of Lake Tanganyika

Cessi, P.
A parametrization of eddy tracer flux constrained by the energy balance

Klocker, A.; McDougall, T.; Jackett, D.
Quantifying the consequences of the ill-defined nature of neutral surfaces

Hordoir, R.; Polcher, J.; Brun-Cottan, J-C.; Madec, G.
Spotting what lacks to resolve properly river inflows in ocean general circulation models

Hordoir, R.; Polcher, J.; Brun-Cottan, J-C.; Madec, G.
River inflows in ocean general circulation models: a closure through energy conservation

Bennis, B; Chacon, C; Gomez, G; Lewandowski, L
A comparison of four vertical mixing schemes with an application to the Pacific Ocean

Hanert, E.; Deleersnijder, E. ; Blaise, S.; Remacle, J.-F.
Capturing the bottom boundary layer in finite element ocean models

Bernard, P.-E.; Chevaugeon, N.; Deleersnijder, E.; Legat, V.; Remacle, J.-F.
High-order h-adaptive discontinuous Galerkin methods for ocean modeling

Bernard, P.-E.; Deleersnijder, E.; Legat, V.; Remacle, J.-F.
Modal analysis of dispersion and dissipation properties applied to Poincaré, Kelvin and Rossby waves with discontinuous Galerkin finite element method

Cotter, C; Ham, D; Holm, D; Percival, J
A continuous/discontinuous unstructured finite element method for a new equation for modelling large-scale nonlinear internal wave interactions

Krémeur, A.-S.; Lévy, M.; Aumont, O.; Reverdin, G.
Impact of the nitrate content of subtropical mode waters on primary production in the subtropical North Atlantic: results from an idealized model

Hervieux, G.; Penduff, T.; Barnier, B.
Numerical sensitivity studies of dense overflows in the DRAKKAR framework

Munday, D.R.; Marshall, D.P.; Piggott, M.D.
Modelling the flow past islands using the finite element method

Comblen, R.; White, L.; Deleersnijder, E.; Legat, V.
Development and validation of a finite element shallow-water model in spherical geometry

Bernsen, E.; Dijkstra, H.A.
A new approach for the reduction of spin-up time of ocean models

White, L.; Legat, V.; Deleersnijder, E.
Conservation and consistency in the finite element ocean model SLIM on moving unstructured meshes

Bricheno, L.; Piggott, M.; Cotter, C.; Ham, D.; Killworth, P.; Roberts, Z.
Dynamically adaptive finite element analysis of open ocean deep convection; model validation and parameterisation.

Kitauchi, H.; Hasumi, H.
A Labrador Sea modeling studied by a coupled sea ice-ocean circulation model

Yakovlev, N.
Arctic Ocean climate simulations by the FE model and directions of further progress.

Primeau, F.; Li, X.; Kwon, E.Y.
Fully implicit global ocean-biogeochemistry model

Hense, I.
Feedback mechanisms between cyanobacteria and their environment - insights from numerical experiment

Tsugawa, M.; Ikeda, M. ; Tanaka, Y. ; Kitauchi, H. ; Komuro, Y.
An application of a cubic grid OGCM to a study of the role of the Agulhas Current system in the thermohaline circulation

Oddo, P. ; Pinardi, N.
Lateral Open Boundary Conditions for Nested Limited Area Models: a scale selective approach (withdrawn)

Getzlaff, J.; Oschlies, A.; Nurser, G.; Smeed, D.
Diagnostics of diapycnal mixing z-level models

Blayo, E.; Debreu, L.; Dumas, F.; Garnier, V.; Marin, J.; Robert, C.; Vandermeirsch, F.
Investigation of 2-D and 3-D characteristic-based open boundary conditions for regional ocean models

Karleskind, P; Memery, L; Levy, M
A 1-year mesoscale simulation of the biogeochemistry in the north-eastern atlantic ocean

Schroeter, J.; Danilov, S.; Sidorenko, D.; Harig, S.; Wang, Q.; Timmermann, R.; Rollenhagen, K.; Boening, C.; Janjic-Pfander, T.; Huerta-Casas, A.
FEOM, an unstructured mesh Finite Element Ocean Model

Wang, Q.; Danilov, S.; Schroeter, J.
Representing the ocean bottom topography with z, z-sigma and sigma vertical coordinates

Holt, J; Umlauf, L
Modelling the tidal mixing fronts of the northwest European continental shelf

Lathuilière, C.; Lévy, M.; Echevin, V.; Madec, G.
The impact of the mesoscale dynamics on the coastal upwelling ecosystem : an idealized study of the Canary current system

Cahill, B.; Bissett, P.; Schofield, O.
Bio-physical modeling of the Hudson River plume dynamics from a bio-optical perspective: implementation of ROMS/EcoSim for LaTTe 2005

Haine, T.; Zhang, H.; Waugh, D.
On transit-time distributions in unsteady circulation models

Spivakovskaya, D.; Heemink, A.W.; Deleersnijder, E.
Lagrangian modelling of multi-dimensional advection-diffusion with space-varying diffusivities

Pietrzak, J.; Labeur, R. J.
Non-hydrostatic unstructured grid modelling of trapped internal waves and lee waves

Kramer, SC; Pain, CC; Piggott, MD
An efficient solution of the large aspect ratio pressure Poisson equation in unstructured global ocean models

d'Ovidio, F.; Legras, B.
A diagnostic for (sub-)mesoscale isopycnal stirring

Lyard, F.; Le Bars, Y.
A new unstructured model for the Amazon Estuary and shelf hydrodynamic modelling

White, L.; Deleersnijder, E.; Legat, V.; Remacle, J.-F.; Bernard, P.-E.; Lambrechts, J.; Comblen, R.; Lietaer, O.; Gourgue, O.
Toward the multi-purpose, unstructured mesh, finite element, marine model SLIM

Delhez, E.; Deleersnijder, E.
Overshootings and spurious oscillations caused by biharmonic mixing

Labeur, R.J.; Wells, G.N.
A finite element stabilization method for advection-diffusion, non-hydrostatic flow and the shallow-water equations

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