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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS46 Erosion, sediment transport and deposition – process assessment and mitigation (co-listed in GM & NH)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Bulygina, N.; Nearing, M.; Stone, J.; Nichols, M.
A new dynamic, hillslope scale rangeland erosion model for Kineros2 (withdrawn)

Mazzorana, B.
A new practical approach for risk assessment in the Tinne torrent catchment that considers the response of control structures exposed to extreme sediment transport and debris flow events.

Krein, A.; Hoffmann, L.; Pfister, L.; Symader, W.; Klinck, H.; Eiden, M.
Investigating the dynamics of the bed load transport with a hydro-acoustic measuring system

Bou kheir, R.; Abdallah, C.
Conceptualization of GIS field prediction regional soil-erosion Mediterranean models, case study Lebanon

Montoya, J.; Francés, F.; Julien, P.
Developing a new geomorphological distributed model. Application in Goodwin Creek experimental catchment.

Ghizzoni, T.; Lomazzi, M.; Roth, G.; Rudari, R.
Regional scale identification of erosion- and deposition-prone reaches

Frey, P.; Dufresne, M.; Böhm, T.; Jodeau, M.; Ancey, C.
Experimental study of bed-load on steep slopes at the grain scale

Michaelides, K.; Ibraim, I.; Quine, T.
Experimental investigation of sediment sources and travel distances using multiple tracers

Yamakoshi, T.; Tagata, S.; Kurihara, J.; Doi, Y.
Development of the prediction method of the sediment yield in the volcanically disturbed watersheds

Chiari, M.; Rickenmann, D.; Friedl, K.
SETRAC - A sediment routing model for steep torrent channels

Kim, J.K.; Yang, D.Y.; Kim, M.S.; Lee, S.H.
The role of tree on the expansion of gully during a rainstrom, South Korea

Mizuyama, T; Laronne, JB; Satofuka, Y; Sawada, T; Yamashita, S; Sako, Y; Tamaki, A; Nonaka, M
Issues in the calibration of an acoustic bedload sensor in mountain rivers, Japan

Frick, E.; Kienholz, H.; Romang, H.; Roth, H.
SEDEX – a practical method to estimate sediment delivery in mountain torrents

Kirsch, J.; Burlando, P.; Molnar, P.
Flood and Erosion Modelling under Land Use Change in a mountainous Catchment

Siviglia, A; Nobile, G; Stocchino, A; Colombini, M
Morphological evolution of near-critical flows: numerical solutions

Rinderer, M.; Jenewein, S.; Senfter, S.; Kleindienst, H.; Rickenmann, D.; Schöberl, F.; Stötter, J.; Ploner, A.; Schönlaub, H.; Sönser , T.
Bedload Transport Modelling for practical Hazard Assessment in alpine Catchments - the Model PROMAB-GIS

Del Grande, C.; Dottori, F.; Elmi, C. ; Ghirotti, M.; Martina, M.L.V
Natural and anthropic roles on the sediment processes evolution at the catchment scale: numerical modelling and geomorphologic inference

Catani, F.; Menci, S.; Moretti, S.
Soil erosion and sediment yield modelling by rainfall simulations

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