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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS2.03 Basic Studies on Turbulence in Atmospheric and Oceanic Boundary Layers (General Session) (co-listed in OS & NP)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Bonacquisti, V.; Casale, G.R.; Palmieri, S.; Siani, A.M.
A canopy layer model to describe the urban heat island in Rome

Reinert, D.; Eichhorn, J.; Panhans, W. G.; Wirth, V.
A new LES-model for flow of a moist atmosphere over highly complex terrain

Colonna, N. M.; Ferrero, E.
Non-Local PBL Models Based on Higher Order Moments Closure

Mortarini, L.; Ferrero, E.; Franzese, P.
A one-dimensional fluctuating plume model for non-Gaussian inhomogeneous turbulence within a plant canopy.

Eidelman, A.; Golbraikh, E.
Turbulent spectra formation over energy and helicity transfer

Chlond, A.
Evaluation of the ECHAM boundary layer scheme against large eddy simulations

Chamecki, M.; Meneveau, C.; Parlange, M. B.
Influence of atmospheric stability and local turbulence structure upon model coefficients for large eddy simulation of the atmospheric boundary layer

Williams, A.G.; Chambers, S.; Zahorowski, W.; Kuo, E.; Sisoutham, O.; Werczynski, S.; Boyd, A.
Vertical radon measurements in the boundary layer as a tool for quantifying mixing and exchange processes and evaluation of climate models

Genovese, R.; Longhetto, A.; Ferrero, E.; Manfrin, M.; Mortarini, L.
Turbulent structures in rotating boundary layers

Kawano, K
Turbulent layer observations with the MU radar spatial and frequency domain interferometry techniques

Barthlott, C.; Fesquet, C. ; Drobinski, P.; Dubos, T.; Pietras, C.; Haeffelin, M.
Long-term study of coherent structures in the atmospheric surface layer

Armenio, V.
Stable stratification in wall bounded turbulence

Kniffka, A.; Arnold, K.; Barth, M.; Ziemann, A.; Chunchuzov, I.; Kulichkov, S.; Perepelkin, V.
Acoustic remote sensing study of the influence of internal gravity waves on the lower atmosphere

Boniface, K.; Bourras, D.; Branger, H.; Giovanangeli, J.-P; Hauser, D.; Weill, A.; Legac, C.
A new instrumentation for measuring static pressure fluctuations in the marine atmospheric boundary layer

Zampieri, M.
A Generalized Planetary Boundary Layer E-Epsilon Model

Syrakov, E; Tsankov, M
Parameterization of the PBL over orographic-thermal nonhomogeneities with some applications in synoptic and climatic aspects

Higgins, C.; Meneveau, C.; Parlange, M.B.
Geometric alignments of the SGS force in the atmospheric surface layer

Miranda, PMA; Salgado, R; Soares, PMM; Teixeira, J
Misrepresentation of horizontal rolls at high mesoscale resolutions

Dubos, T.; Barthlott, C.; Fesquet, C.; Drobinski, P.
Secondary instability of Ekman layer rolls

Perov, V; Sukoriansky, S; Galperin, B
Implementation of the quasi-normal scale elimination theory of turbulence in a regional weather prediction model HIRLAM

Catarino, A; Soares, PMM; Miranda, PMM; Teixeira, J
LES diagnostics of momentum fluxes in the convective boundary layer

Stoll, R.; Porté-Agel, F.
Surface heterogeneity effects on regional-scale fluxes in stable boundary layers: an LES study

Wan, F.; Porté-Agel, F.; Stoll, R.
Evaluation of dynamic subgrid-scale models in large-eddy simulations of turbulent flow over a two-dimensional sinusoidal hill

Scuba, W.; Niiler, P.; Lumpkin, R.
The performance of Minimet wind and temperature chain drifters in Hurricane Rita

Chemel, C.; Staquet, C.; Chollet, J.-P.
Entrainment processes at the top of the convectively-driven atmospheric boundary layer

Karelsky, K.V.; Petrosyan, A.S.; Smirnov, I.V.
3D modeling of particulate plumes in boundary layer with obstacles

Tamsalu, R.; Zalesny, V.; Zaslavskii, M.
The influence of the boundary layer turbulence on the marine dynamics

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