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  List of Accepted Contributions - GM19 Recent developments in river sediment dynamics

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Simoncini, C.; Rinaldi, M.
Geomorphological study of Magra and Vara rivers (Northern Italy) aimed to sediment management

Luppi, L.; Coppi, L.; Rinaldi, M.
River bank erosion processes interaction and effects of riparian vegetation

Monteith, H; Pender, G
Compositional analysis of Stress History effects on the stability of a graded sediment bed

Papanicolaou, A
Research on streambed micro-structures of coarse-grain streams

Vetter, T.
Channel dynamics of a riffle-pool floodplain river under disturbed and undisturbed sediment load conditions (Mulde river, Germany)

Choux, C.M.; Best, J.; McCaffrey, W.D.
Studying turbulence modulation –in gravel-bed rivers - with invisible particles.

Tassi, P.; Bokhove, O.; Ottevanger, W.; Vionnet, C.
Discontinuous Finite Element River Hydraulics and Morphology with Application to the Parana River, Argentina

Gardarsson, S. M.; Stefansdottir, M.
Long term Simulation of the Glacial River Jokulsa i Fljotsdal Delta (withdrawn)

Gardarsson, S. M.
Estimation of Confidence Interval for Halslon Reservoir Sediment filling rate using Monte Carlo Simulation (withdrawn)

Rickenmann, D.; McArdell, B.W.
Measurements of bedload transport with piezoelectric bedload impact sensors (PBIS)

Milzow, C; Kgotlhang, L; Kinzelbach, W
Monitoring and modelling of sediment transport in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

Hoffmann, T.; Erkens, G.; Dikau, R.
Holocene flood plain sediment storage and hillslope erosion within the Rhine Catchment.

Fourriere, A.; Claudin, P.; Andreotti, B.
River width selection

El kadi, K.; Paquier, A.
Sediment transport and morphology changes in the Ha!Ha! River: the modeling of the flood event of July 1996

Bertoldi, W.; Luchi, R.; Tubino, M.
An evaluation of dimensionless shear stress in braided streams

Bertoldi, W.; Salvaro, M.; Tubino, M.
Bank erosion and channel shift in braided networks

Kim, J.Y.; Kim, J.Y.; Yang, D.Y.; Yi, S.H.; Kim, J.K.; Kim, J.C.; Nahm, W.H.; Yun, H.S.; Oh, G.C.
Fluvial stratigraphy and palaeo-environments of lower Han River, near Hanam: A Stratigraphic investigations with boring cores

Toussaint, R.; Johnsen, O.; Maloy, K.J.; Flekkoy, E.G.
Erosion induced by localized fluid injection in a granular medium

Nobile, G.; Bolla Pittaluga, M.; Seminara, G.
The effect of suspended load on bed topography in wide channel bends

Carrasco, A; Vionnet, C; Valentine, E; Barthurst, J
Experimental study on bars formation

Coulthard, T; Macklin, M; Lewin, J
How bed-load discharge relationships can shift in response to climate change

Laguionie, P.; Crave, A.; Bonté, P.
Use of in-situ radioactive 131-I to trace sediments at short time scales (withdrawn)

Milan, D; Heritage, G
Channel survey spatial sampling strategy & interpolation techniques: implications for scour & fill estimation (withdrawn)

Habersack, H; Seitz, H
Spatio-temporal variability of bed load discharge

Seitz, H; Habersack, H
Development of a bed-load measuring system for large Alpine rivers

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