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  List of Accepted Contributions - TS4.2 Big subduction shakes – from geophysical imaging of the seismogenic zone to surface deformation

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Dmitrievsky, A.; Balanyuk, I.; Karakin, A.
Different regimes of fluid dynamic process in subduction zones

Melnick, D.; Bookhagen, B.; Moreno, M.; Echtler, H. P.; Strecker, M. R.
Forearc tectonics and the subduction-earthquake cycle at Isla Santa María, Chile: Surface deformation at periods of 5, 5000, and 50.000 years (withdrawn)

Grevemeyer, I.; Tiwari, V.M.
Overriding plate controls spatial distribution of megathrust earthquakes in the Sunda-Andaman subduction zone

Contreras-Reyes, E.; Scherwath, M.; Flueh, E.R.; Grevemeyer, I.
Impact of the incoming plate on seismogenesis - the role of hydration in the outer rise offshore Chiloe Island, Southern Chile

Fuller, C.; Willett, S.; Brandon, M.
Stabilization of subduction wedges and the effect on subduction-thrust seismicity

Collot, J-Y.; and the AMADEUS Team
Seafloor deformation associated with great subduction earthquakes at the Ecuador-Colombia margin: results from the Amadeus cruise

Marcaillou, B.; Spence, G.; Wang, K.; Collot, J.Y.; Ribodetti, A.
Relation between thermal variation, tectonic segmentation and seismic rupture zones along the N Ecuador – S Colombian margin.

Gagnon, K.; Chadwell, C.
Seafloor geodetic measurements over the Nazca - South America thrust fault: results and implications

Furlong, K.P.
Making the New Zealand Plate Boundary: Signatures of Transient Tectonics

Kapinos, G.; Brasse, H.
A combined on- and offshore magnetotelluric study in South Chile

Groß, K.; Buske, S.; Wigger, P.; Bataille, K.; Krawczyk, C. M.; Mechie, J.; Micksch, U.; Shapiro, S. A.; Stiller, M.; Schulze, A.; TIPTEQ Research Group
The Onshore Reflection Seismic Survey of Project TIPTEQ: Imaging the Chilean Subduction Zone Using Prestack Kirchhoff Depth Migration

Sibuet, J.-C.; Rangin, C.; Singh, S.; Cattaneo, A.; Graindorge, D.; Klingelhoefer, F.; Malod, J.; Schneider, J.-L.; Sultan, N.; Umber, M.; the SUMATRA AFTERSHOCKS TEAM
26th December 2004 Great Sumatra Earthquake: first insights from the summer 2005 Marion Dufresne cruise

Tilmann, F; Grevemeyer, I; Gossler, J; Flueh, E; Scherwath, M; Dahm, T; Hofmann, S; TIPTEQ Research Group (Team Seismology)
Repeating earthquakes in the outer rise offshore southern Chile

Micksch, U.; Krawczyk, C. M.; Stiller, M.; Groß, K.; Buske, S.; Mechie, J.; Schulze, A.; Wigger, P.; Bataille, K.; Shapiro, S. A.; TIPTEQ Research Group
The Onshore Reflection Seismic Survey of Project TIPTEQ: Structural Image and Petrophysical Interpretation of the Chilean Subduction Zone (withdrawn)

Roeser, G.; Behrmann, J.H.; Kopf, A.; Tipteq, R.G.
PETROTEC - geotechnical characterization of trench- and slope sediments off Southern Chile: first results

Thiebot, E.; Gutscher, M.-A.
The seismogenic zone of Cadiz - Gibraltar subduction and the source of the 1755 Lisbon earthquake and tsunami

Gutscher, M.-A.; Malod, J.A.; Graindorge, D.; Malavieille, J.
Landward vergence at the toe of the NW Sumatra accretionary wedge: implications for the rheology of the decollement in the source region of the 26 Dec. 2004 Sumatra earthquake

Rosenau, M.; Oncken, O.; Anderssohn, J.; Kaufmann, H.; Lohrmann, J.; TIPTEQ Research Group, the
Shocks in a box – Analogue simulations of the seismic cycle in subduction settings

Wang, K.; Hu, Y.
The theory of dynamic Coulomb wedge and its application to great subduction earthquakes

Bookhagen, B.; Echtler, H.P.; Melnick, D.; Strecker, M.R.
Holocene coastal landforms reveal earthquake-recurrence intervals on Santa María Island, south-central Chile

Calahorrano, A.; Collot, J.-Y.; Sage, F.
Tectonics and sedimentary distribution at the Ecuadorian inner trench slope, off the Gulf of Guayaquil: implications for the nature of the accretionary wedge and subduction channel

Rangin, C; Chamot-Rooke, N; Khin Maung Kyi, U; Zitter, T; Than Min, U; Bengal Team
Deformation at the northern tip of the Sunda trench: Giant landslides and active bending normal fault at the termination of the Sumatra earthquake rupture.

Haberland, C.; Rietbrock, A.; Lange, D.; Bataille, K.; Hofmann, S.; Dahm, T.; Scherbaum, F.; Hermosilla, G.
Seismicity and velocity structure in Southern Chile (between 37° and 39°S): First results from the TIPTEQ network

Le Pichon, X; Rangin, C; Maurin, T; Henry, P
Deep structure of the subduction zone from Sumatra to the Bay of Bengal.

Krawczyk, C.M.; Haberland, C.; Brasse, H.; Götze, H.-J.; Ritter, O.; Bataille, K.; TIPTEQ Research Group, -
Plate interface properties at the southern central Chilean margin from onshore geophysical images across the seismogenic coupling zone

Ladage, S.; Gaedicke, G.; Djajadihardja, Y.; SO186 SEACAUSE TEAM
Great Sumatran Earthquakes - MCS images and bathymetry offshore Sumatra- first results of SEACAUSE2 Leg 1 cruise SO186

Feenstra, A.; Kellner, A.; Kukowski, N.; Kummerow, J.; Schilling, F.R.; Tipteq Research Group, P.
Metamorphic fluid release and transport in a subduction orogen: Interrelations with the thermal and seismic evolution

Lange, C.D.; Hofmann, S.D.; Rietbrock, A.; Haberland, C.; Bataille, K.; Dahm, T.
The TIPTEQ seismic network covering the Chilean forearc between 41.5° and 43.5°S - Seismicity and velocity model

Scherwath, M.; Contreras-Reyes, E.; Grevemeyer, I.; Flueh, E.R.; Weinrebe, W.
Structural images of the Southern Chile subduction zone system offshore

Anderssohn, J.; Rosenau, M.; Oncken, O.; Kaufmann, H.
Monitoring surface deformation during the seismic cycle at natural and artificial active continental margins

Brown, K.M.; DeShon , H.R.; Tryon, M. ; Dorm, L.M.; Schwartz, S.Y.
Episodic Creep, Tremor, and Fluid Expulsion at the Updip Edge of the Seismogenic Zone, Costa Rica

Rietbrock, A.; Haberland, Ch.; Dahm, T.; Bataille, K.; Tilmann, F.; Flueh, E.; Lange, D.; Hofmann, S.
The TIPTEQ seismological network in Southern Chile - Studying the Seismogenic Coupling Zone

Heesemann, M.; Grevemeyer, I.; Villinger, H.; Kaul, N.; the TIPTEQ Research Group
Thermal State of the seismogenic Plate Boundary in Central Chile, 36°S

Bachmann, R.; Georgieva, V.; Oncken, O.
Imaging a fossil seismogenic coupling zone – ancient counterparts of active systems

Bachmann, R.; Victor, P.; Sobiesiak, M.; Oncken, O.
Seismicity distribution along recent and ancient convergent plate boundaries

Roux, E; Laigle, M; Sapin, M; Hirn, A; the Sismantilles team
Refraction reflection seismic reconnaissance of the Lesser Antilles subduction zone (Guadeloupe and Martinique Islands)

Nippress, S; Rietbrock, A
Waveform cross correlation and relocation using the CINCA aftershock dataset from the Antofagasta (Chile) 1995 earthquake

Sage, F.; Collot, J.-Y.; Ranero, C. ; Calahorrano, A.
Interplate patchiness and subduction-erosion mechanisms : evidence from depth migrated seismic images at the Central Ecuador convergent margin.

Ritter, O; Huebert, J; Asch, G
Magnetotelluric monitoring experiment in TIPTEQ

Gailler, A.; Charvis, Ph.; Flueh, E.
Structure of the Ecuador-Colombia convergent margin from wide-angle data modelling

Pontoise, B.; Charvis, Ph.; Béthoux, N.; Hello, Y.; Font, Y.; Anglade, A.; Gailler, A.; Yates, B.A.; the Esmeraldas team
The ESMERALDAS experiment offshore-onshore North Ecuador – South Colombia: investigations on margin segmentation and earthquake generation

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