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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSS1 Soil erosion and degradation on Mediterranean type ecosystems

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Efe, R.
Land use changes, land degradation and soil erosion on the Taurus Mountains

Thornes, J.B.; Fonseca, I.; Younas, A.; Evangelou, Ch; Papanastasis, V.P.
A model for testingthe impact of grazing on soil erosion and its calibration

Cerdà, A.; Bodí, M.B.
Low frequency – high magnitude simulated rainfall events to determine soil losses under scrubland cover in eastern Spain. 1. Summer dry conditions.

Cerdà, A.; Bodí, M.B.
Low frequency – high magnitude simulated rainfall events to determine soil losses under scrubland cover in eastern Spain. 2. Winter wet conditions.

Cerdà, A.; Bodí, M.B.
Citrus plantation and soil erosion by surface and subsurface flow.

Cerdà, A.; Bodí, M.B.
Soil erosion on Mediterranean scrubland in Eastern Spain

Lesschen, J.P.; Cammeraat, L.H.
Land degradation due to agricultural land abandonment in Southeast Spain

Shakesby, R
Soil erosion in Mediterranean forests after wildfire: a global regional variant?

Douaiba, B; Kallos, G; Abbess, A; Aidaoui, L; Louka, P; Khorsi, A
Sources sink from north African dust cycle in the Mediterranean region

Montanaro, G.; Celano, G.; Dichio, B.; Sofo, A.; Xiloyannis, C.
Soil fertility remediation in fruit tree orchards in Mediterranean areas

Almagro, M; López, J; Boix-Fayos, C; Albaladejo, J; Martínez-Mena, M
What role does soil water erosion play in the organic carbon balance under three different land uses in a semiarid area of S.E. Spain?

Úbeda, X.; Pereira, P.; Outeiro, L.; Martin, D.A.
Effects of fire temperature on leaf litter physical parameters and release of base cations of two Quercus suber plots, located in different forests of the Iberian Peninsula

Hooke, J.; Sandercock, P.; Marchamalo, M
Connectivity analysis and its application to land management and erosion-reduction strategies in Mediterranean lands

Hooke, J.; Sandercock, P.
The impacts of vegetation on degradation and soil removal in ephemeral channels of Mediterranean-type areas

Lucke, B.; Schmidt, M.; Bäumler, R.
Does land use or climate dominate desertification in the Levant? A critical re-examination from Northern Jordan.

Urbanek, E; Shakesby, R A
The influence of stone content on water movement in water-repellent soil

Romero Díaz, A.; Belmonte Serrato, F.
Forestations and erosion in semiarid environments (south-east of Spain)

Moreno Brotons, J.; Romero Díaz, A.; Alonso Sarría, F.; Belmonte Serrato, F.; García Fernandez, G.
Wind erosion in sterile of mining industry in the Cartagena – La Unión area (South-east of Spain)

Díaz Hernández, J.L.; Romero Díaz, A.; Marín Sanlenadro, P.; Sánchez Soriano, A.
Piping and soil – subsoil water dynamics

Federico, F.
Management of stream channel erosion due to urbanization in Southern California (USA): Science, policy and research challenges

Varghese, F.; Kumara Raja, M.
Coir Geo-Textiles: A Natural Solution for Soil Erosion and Slope Stabilisation

Mabit, L; Klik, A
Erosion and sedimentation evaluation in a small agricultural Austrian watershed using Caesium-137, Lead-210 and traditional approaches

Thornes, J.B.
Mediterranean Erosion: From Archaeology to Panarchy

Carrasco, L.; García-Orenes, F.; caravaca, F.; Azcón, R.; Kohler, J.; Roldán, A.
Stabilisation of mine tailings by addition of microbially treated sugar beet and native bacterium inoculation in semiarid conditions

Morugan, A.; García-Orenes, F.; Mataix-Solera, J.; Gómez, I.; Guerrero, C.; Arcenegui, V.; Zornoza, R.; Ballester, P.
Does irrigation with treated waste water degrade the soil? A one year study monitoring a Mediterranean calcareous soil

Giannossi, M.L.; Medici, L.; Summa, V.; Tateo, F.
Correlations between land degradation processes and compositional characters of sediments in two studied area (Basilicata, Southern Italy).

González-Hidalgo, J.C.; Batalla, R.; Cerdà, A.; de Luis, M.
Contribution of largest events to sediment transport across USA

de Luis, M.; González-Hidalgo, J.C.; Longares, L.A.
Is rainfall erosivity increasing in Mediterranean Iberian Peninsula?

Varela, M.E.; Benito, E. ; Keizer, J.
Wildfire effects on soil erodibility of woodlands in nw Spain

Pieri, L.; Bittelli, M.; Ventura, F.; Rossi Pisa, P.
Characteristic of eroded sediment and textural changes from an agricultural soil

Boix-Fayos, C; Martínez-Mena, M; de Vente, J; Albaladejo, J
Influence of land use changes on soil carbon stock and soil carbon erosion in a Mediterranean catchment

Marques, M.J.; Bienes, R.; Garcia-Muñoz, S.; Muñoz-Organero, G.
Cover crops for the soil protection in hillside vineyards under Mediterranean climate

Martínez-Sánchez, M.J.; Martínez-Pujante , M.J.; Mantilla , W.; Molina, J.; Tudela, M.L.; Pérez-Sirvent, C.
Use of new chemical and physico-chemical indicators to identify sensitive environmental areas

Dewitte, O.; Daoudi, M.; Ozer, A.
Mapping gully erosion susceptibility at the regional scale using a likelihood-ratio-based approach: the Isser River area (N Algeria)

Ries, J. B.
Soil erosion and on abandoned land in Spain – Methodological aspects on monitoring of degradation processes

Wittenberg, L.
Fire disturbance regimes: spatio-temporal effects on soil-vegetation interactions, soil properties and erosion processes

Seeger, M.; Henning, B.; Ries, J. B.
The role of plant architecture on runoff and erosion processes – field observations and an experimental approach

Sakamoto, K.; Kaneko, T. ; Horita, Y.; Tonegawa, Y.; Takada, H.; Sorimachi, A.; Sekiguchi, K.; Wang, Q.; Ishihara, H.
Influence of nitric acid and ammonia on heterogeneous uptake and oxidation of sulfur dioxide on yellow sand particles

De Alba, S.; Barbero, F.; Cortines, F.; Hontoria, C.
Effects of furrow orientation on water erosion in extreme rainfall events

De Alba, S.; Alcazar, M.; Barbero, F.; Benito, G.; Lacasta, C.
Water erosion in a semiarid agricultural landscape in Central SpainS. de Alba (1), M. Alcazar (1), F. Barbero (1), G. Benito (2), C. Lacasta (2)

Cammeraat, E.; Lesschen, J.P.; van Wesemael, B.; Gonzalez-Barbera, G.
The impact of vegetation succession on soil parameters and its consequences for desertification remediation

Vanwalleghem, T.V. ; Giráldez, J.V.; Laguna, A.; Jiménez-Hornero , F.
Soil erosion in olive orchards: from historical averages to extreme events

Caracciolo, C.; Porcù, F.; Prodi, F.; Napoli, M.; Orlandini, S.; Zanchi, C.; Dietrich, S.
Precipitation analysis using disdrometric data to evaluate runoff and erosive processes

Pascual-Aguilar, J.A.; Andreu, V. ; Rubio, J.L.
Soil sealing and desertification: GIS assessment of existing land cover digital cartography for the spatial quantification of the process

Gómez Gutiérrez, Á.; Schnabel, S.
Gully erosion and land use during the last 60 years in a small rangeland catchment in southwest Spain

Petan, S.; Zorn, M.; Miko¹, M.
Measurements of interrill soil erosion under different land use in Slovene Istria

Imeson, A C
Soil erosion and land degradation in the Mediterranean: the current state-of-affairs

Rodríguez-Blanco, M.L.; Taboada-Castro, M.M.; Taboada-Castro, M.T.
Impact of rainfall events on sediments and phosphorus losses from a rural catchment

McDonald, E.; Bullard, T.
Geomorphic response to extreme change in a Mediterranean ecosystem: Holocene alluvial history of Santa Catalina Island, California, U.S.A.

Bellin, N.; van Wesemael, B.; Meerkerk, A.; Vanacker, V.; Barbera, G.G.
The Decay of Soil and Water Conservation Structures in South east Spain increases Connectivity between the Cropland and the Fluvial System.

Sougnez, N; Vanacker, V; van Wesemael, B
Low modern erosion rates observed in steep, sparsely vegetated mountain ranges in southeast Spain

Bochet, E.; García-Fayos, P.
How can we control erosion in roadslopes of semiarid Mediterranean areas?

Canu, A.; Zucca, C.; Previtali, F.; Enne, G.
Interdisciplinary assessment of soil degradation due to agropastoral activities in Sardinia, Italy

Lado, M; Ben-Hur, M
Effect of changing wetting conditions on seal formation, runoff, and soil loss in Mediterranean soils

Fister, W.; Ries, J.B.; Schmidt, R.-G.
Laboratory results of a portable wind and rainfall simulator

Vlastara, M.; Zarris, D.; Panagoulia, D.
Sediment delivery assessment for a trans-boundary Mediterranean catchment: The example of Nestos River basin

Schnabel, S.; Lavado, F.; Gómez Gutiérrez, A.
Spatial and temporal variability of soil erosion in rangelands of southwest Spain

Nunes, J.P.; Seixas, J.; Keizer, J.J.
Response of runoff and soil erosion patterns to changes in storm characteristics, soil moisture patterns and vegetation cover for Mediterranean watersheds

Rey, F.
A strategy for fine sediment retention with bioengineering works in eroded catchments in mountainous and Mediterranean type ecosystems

Sosak-Swiderska , B.
Soil microfungi as bioindicators of the contamination by heavy metals

López-Vicente, M.; Navas, A.
Routing soil particles in a distributed model with GIS in Mediterranean agricultural landscapes and implications for wetland conservation

Berliner, P.R.; Merzer, T.; Khassawneh, O.
Water balances and perennial-annual interactions of small plots in a dryland planted forest (withdrawn)

Taboada-Castro, M.M.; Taboada-Castro, M.T.; Rodríguez-Blanco, M.L.
Runoff and water erosion during a heavy rainy seasons on agricultural lands from northwestern Spain

Bruggeman, A.; Tubeileh, A.; Turkelboom, F.; Masri, Z.
Water harvesting in olive orchards on degraded hill slopes in an arid area of northern Syria

Pérez Cabello, F.; Lasanta Martín, T.; Montorio Llovería, R.; García Martin, A.; Echeverría Arnedo , M. T.; Ibarra Benlloch, P.; de la Riva Fernández, J.; Cerdà, A.
High spatial resolution photography and erosion plots for studying hydro-geomorphological response after an experimental fire

Marques, M.J.; Ackhtar-Schuster , M.
European Desert-Net, the scientific knowledge for stakeholders and policy-makers. Some facts.

Prats, S.A.; Malvar, M.C.; Nunes, J.P.; Ferreira, R.S.; Keizer, J.J.
Repeat rainfall simulation experiments for post-fire erosion risk assessment and modeling in two eucalypt stands in Portugal

Ferre-Bueno, E.; Ruiz-Sinoga, J.D. ; Martínez-Murillo , J.F.
Mediterranean eco-geomorphological system response variability to the 2004-06 drought along a climatic gradient.

Puigdefabregas, J.; del Barrio, G.; Sanjuan, M.; Garcia, M.
Land degradation patterns and desertification monitoring in the Iberian Peninsula. A remotely-sensed approach

Orza, J.A.G.; Cabello, M.
The resuspension contribution to airborne particulate matter levels in SE Spain: An overview of the RESUSPENSE project

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