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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS37 Sustainable catchment management: assessing water quality on the catchment scale

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Krause, S.; Heathwaite, A. L.; Binley, A.; Kaeser, D.; Zhang, H.; Bronstert, A.; Zehe, E.
Incorporating spatial pattern of exchange fluxes and nitrate attenuation in the hyporheic zone in model representations of the riparian zone hydrochemistry

Morvan, X.; Mouvet, C.; Bruand, A.; Baran, N.; Cousin, I.
Pesticide pollution in a sandy aquifer draining a 250 ha watershed

Kim, J. S.; Oh, K. Y.; Song, C. M.
Phosphorus dynamics in a Korean mixed agricultural catchment during storm events

Cardellini, C.; Frondini, F.; Morgantini, N.
Trace elements natural concentrations in the sedimentary aquifers of central Italy

Tetzlaff, B.; Wendland, F.
Aerial photograph-based delineation of artificially drained areas and their relevance for water balance and nutrient modeling in large river basins

Zlabek, P.; Kvitek, T.; Zajicek, A.; Ondr, P.; Pursova, K.; Bystricky, V.
The influence of land use in recharge zones in small catchments on nitrate concentrations and loss - basis for agricultural management regulation in vulnerable zones designated according to the Nitrates Directive 676/91/EEC.

Rothwell, J.J; Evans, M.G; Lindsay, J.B; Allott, T.E.H
Modelling suspended sediment Pb concentrations in upland catchments in the southern Pennines, UK

Rabiet, M.; Coquery, M.; Margoum, C.; Guillemain, C.; Gouy, V.; Carluer, N.
Distribution and fate of pesticides and trace metals in a small stream draining an agricultural watershed – Assessing the effect of hydrological conditions on the transport of contaminants.

Young, E.A.; Taylor, K.G.; Dobson, M.; Drew, I.B.
Spatial patterns of phosphorus within water and channel bed sediment in two urban rivers, northwest UK.

Lee, W. A.
Development of sustainable catchment management strategies from sediment monitoring in urban tropics

Lee, T.C.; Tung, C.P.; Chen, Y.J.; Wang, S.W.
A long-term early warning system for stream assimilative capacity management to respond to climate change

Ruzicka, K.; Gabriel, O.; Wegricht, U.; Zessner, M.
Cause and effect relationship between foam formation and treated wastewater effluents in a transboundary river

Rode, M.; Hesser, F.B.; Kralisch, S.; Franko, U.
Spatially distributed lateral nitrate transport modelling in subsurface flow at the catchment scale

Yang, Y.S.; Wang, J. L.
Integrated management of diffuse groundwater nitrate risk at catchment scale

Zessner, M.; Wegricht, U.; Ruzicka, K.
Cost-effectiveness of foam abatement on a transboundary river (withdrawn)

Kunkel, R.; Eisele, M.; Schäfer, W.; Tetzlaff, B.; Wendland, F.
Required N-surplus reduction by agriculture to reach environmental targets for nitrate loads to the groundwater of catchment areas

Váchal, J.; Moravcová, J.; Koupilová, M.
Regional zonation on small catchments and its usage for water quality evaluation

Jackson, B; Wade, A; Butterfield, D; Wheater, H; Mcintyre, N
Long term modelling of water quality in Chalk catchments

Bardowicks , K.; Billib, M.; Boochs, P.; Arumí, J.L.; Holzapfel, E.
Impact of irrigation systems on the water resources at the basin scale

Schmalz, B.; Fohrer, N.
Assessment of nutrient sources and entry pathways in lowland river catchments

Wang, L.; Yang, Y.S.
Sustainable water quality management of agricultural diffuse pollution at catchment scale for the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive

Dietrich, J.
Integrated catchment modelling for strategic planning and decision making: Werra case study

Dimitrakopoulos, D; Vassiliou, E; Founda, M
‘’Impacts of minining activities on water resources to Megalopolis lignite district area’’

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