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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSS16 Proteins, microbes and pathogens in soil and rhizosphere systems (co-listed in BG)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Renella, G.; Landi, L.; Valori, F.; Nannipieri, P.
Reporter genes for assessing nutrient and metal availability in the rhizosphere

Jacobs, A.; Lafolie, F. ; Herry, J.M.
Kinetic adhesion of bacterial cells to sand

Kydralieva, K.; Jorobekova, Sh.; Hudaibergenova, E.; Li, S.
Biodegradation of soil humus substances by autochtonous microorganisms

Jorobekova, Sh; Kydralieva, K.
The role of humus substances in soil enzymatic processes

Renella, G.; Landi, L. ; Valori, F.; Nannipieri, P.
Soil microbial activity and hydrolase activities during decomposition of model root exudates released by a model root surface

Kohler, J.; Torres, P.; Caravaca, F.; Carrasco, L.; Roldán, A.
Interactions between a plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium, an AM fungus and a phosphate-solubilising fungus and their effects on indicators of soil biological quality in a Lactuca sativa plantation

VASINA, E.N.; Dejardin, P.; Rezaei, H.; Grosclaude, J.; Quiquampoix, H.
Interaction of Recombinant Unglycosylated Ovine Prion Protein with Muscovite Mica (withdrawn)

Russo, F.; Rao, M.A.; Gianfreda, L.
The role of soil organic colloids in the retention of prion proteins

Deiana, S.; Lauro, G.P.; Premoli, A.; Senette, C.
Metal accumulation on pectins and mobilization by root exudates as affected by esterification

Pérez-Palmás, C.; Torres, P.; Díaz, G.; Navarro-Pedreño, J.
Microbial activities and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi colonization in the rhizosphere of gypsophytes in a gypsisol from Spain

Rodeghiero, M.; Cescatti, A.
An analytical approach to the separation of root respiration in forest soils

Marx, M.; Buegger, F.; Gattinger, A.; Zsolnay, A.; Munch, JC.
Determining the fate of exudates within the major carbon pools of arable soils

Mocali, S.; Mellina, A.; Dentice, A.; Benedetti, A.
Impact of different transgenic crops on rhizospheric microbial activity and soil organic matter

Wolinska, A.; Stepniewska, Z.
Response of soil dehydrogenase activity on chromium (iii,vi) contamination and its reflect time

Berggren, I; Emmoth, E
Survival of human and animal pathogens in soil amended with biowaste

Quiquampoix, H.; Noinville, S.; Rigou, P.; Vasina, E.; Revault, M.; Abadie, J.; L Guernevé, C.; Quenet, Y.; Rezaei, H.; Déjardin, P.; TSE-Soil Fate
Fate of prions in soil : Interaction of prion proteins with soil surfaces and environmental consequences

Revault, M. ; Rezaei, H.; Quiquampoix, H.; Grosclaude, J.; Noinville, S.
Fate of prions in soils : comparative studies of structural changes of N-truncated and full length ovine PrP induced by adsorption on clays by FTIR spectroscopy (withdrawn)

Lagomarsino, A.; De Angelis, P.; Moscatelli, M.C.; Insam, H.; Grego, S.
The role of rhizosphere on soil microbial processes under elevated atmospheric CO2: an experimental approach on poplar trees

Kuzyakov, Y.; Jones, D.L.
Glucose uptake and translocation by maize roots

Pucci, A.; Calamai, L.; D'Acqui, L.P.
Recombinant prion protein (recPrP) adsorption on soil aggregates (withdrawn)

Szajdak, L.; Gaca, W.
Effect of the age of shelterbelts and the composition of plants on the denitrification properties of soil

Perdrial, N.; Elsass, F.; Lièvremont, D.; Berger, J.; Liewig, N.
Role of bacteria in controlling the toxicity and mobility of arsenic in soils

Auset, M.; Keller, A.A.
Visualization of colloidal mobility and removal at the pore scale in soil saturated conditions

Panin, M.; Birukova, E.; Motuzova, G.
Trace Elements Species in the Rizosphere

Biró, B.; Seregély , Z.; Beczner, J.; Korbász , M.; Villanyi , I.; Kaffka, K.J.
Investigation of sewage sludge treatments on soils by microbial and NIR spectroscopic tools

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