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  List of Accepted Contributions - IS68 - NH1.4/AS1.07 Lightning and its Atmospheric Effects (co-organized by NH & AS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Lynn, B.; Yair, Y.
Lightning Power Index: A new tool for predicting the lightning density and the potential for extreme rainfall

Asano, T.; Hiraki, Y.; Mareev, E.; Cho, M.; Hayakawa, M.
ES/EM computer simulation on the mesospheric optical emissions associated with lightning discharges.

Bór, J.; Hobara, Y.; Sátori, G.; Hayakawa, M.; Betz, H.D.
Preliminary results of TLE observations from Hungary in 2007 supported by LINET

Bór, J.; Toth, J.; Sátori, G.; Betz, H.D.
Simultaneous sprite observations from Sopron, Hungary and Modra, Slovakia

Myokei, K. ; Hayakawa, M. ; Asano, T. ; Sekiguchi, M. ; Matudo, Y. ; Suzuki, T.
Monthly variation and the dependence on surface air temperature of morphology of winter sprites in the Hokuriku area of Japan

Biron, D.; Laquale, P.; De Leonibus, L.
Rainfall Field Reconstruction over Italy through Lightning Data

Price, C; Asfur, M; Yair, Y
Lightning activity in Atlantic hurricanes

Betz, H. D.; Defer, E.; Schmidt, K.; Oettinger, W. P.; Wuerl, A.; Dziewit, Z.; Gajda, W.; Laroche, P.; Blanchet, P.; Dombai, F.
Cloud Lightning Observed with VLF/LF and VHF Networks

Varga, B.; Ablonczy, D.
Objective comparisons between the SAFIR and LINET networks in Hungary

Antonescu, B.; Carbunaru, C.D.; Burcea, S.
Cloud-to-ground lightning activity in Romania from 2003 to 2005

Schmidt, K.; Meyer, V.; Betz, H. D.; Oettinger, W. P.
Investigation of Site Errors in the Lightning Detection System LINET

Grewe, V.
Lightning: Is its impact decreasing? - An ensemble simulation from 1960 to 2020

Kasparian, J; Ackermann, R; Andre, YB; Mechain, G; Mejean, G; Prade, B; Rohwetter, P; Salmon, E; Schlie, LA; Stelmaszczyk, K; The Teramobile team
Filament-induced electric events in thunderstorms

Fischer, G.; Gurnett, D.A.; Kurth, W.S.; Averkamp, T.; Farrell, W.M.; Lecacheux, A.
Time scales of Saturn lightning: from microseconds to years (withdrawn)

Coleman, L.; Stolzenburg, M.; Marshall, T.; Stanley, M.
Horizontal channel propagation in the initial stage of cloud-to-ground lightning

Odzimek, A.; Rycroft, M. J.
Modelling some mesospheric effects of lightning discharges

Vadislavsky, E.; Yair, Y.; Ehrlich, C.; Price, C.; Yaniv, R.; Ganot, M.; Reicher, N.; Ziv, B.
Indications for a circular symmetry in the 3-dimensional structure of column sprites

Pishvaei, M. R.; Afsharnaderi, H. R.; Haqdel, A.
Lightning Detection Instrument with Computerized Numbering Logger in Southern Iran

Takahashi, Y.; Sakanoi, T.; Sato, M.; Kondo, S.; Yoshida, K.; Sakamoto, Y.; Ujiie, E.; Takashima, T.; Inan, U.; Smith, D.
SPRITE-SAT mission for sprites and TGFs studies

Chronis, T
Evidence of thunderstorm modulation over the continental U.S. by the solar cycle

Ostgaard, N; Gjesteland, T; Stadsnes, J; Connell, PH; Carlson, B
The production altitude and time delays of the terrestrial gamma flashes – revisiting the BATSE spectra

Berthelier, J.-J.; Simoes, F. ; Pommereau, J.-P.
Observation of charged aerosol layers and distant lightning from electric field measurements onboard balloons

Defer, E.; Prigent, C.; Betz, H.-D.; Molinié, G.
Study of European Continental Thunderstorms Based on Space Borne Infrared/Microwave and Ground-based Lightning Observations (withdrawn)

Chanrion, O.; Neubert, T.
Particle simulations of electron acceleration in electric discharges in air

Chanrion, O.; Neubert, T.; Stenbaek-Nielsen, H.
Particle simulations of optical emissions in sprite streamers

Nielsen, J. K.; Larsen, N.; Chistensen, T.; Khayki, S.; Pommereau , J. P.
Alternative interpretation of combined backscatter and humidity measurements of stratospheric particles during the SCOUT-AMMA balloon campaign

Maggio, C.; Marshall, T.; Stolzenburg, M.
Energy estimates for lightning flashes

Tonev, P.; Velinov, P.; Blagoev, A.
Parameters of Lightning Discharge and Atmospheric Conductivity Required for Generation of Sprite-Producing Quasi-Electrostatic Fields – a Theoretical Study (withdrawn)

Gjesteland, T; Østgaard, N; Connell, P. H.; Stadsnes, J.
Temporal behaviour of Terrestrial Gamma ray Flashes (withdrawn)

Held, G.; Morimoto, T.; Kawasaki, Z.; Naccarato, K.P.
The Importance of locating intra-cloud Lightning Flashes for nowcasting of severe Thunderstorms in the State of São Paulo:

Nelson, M; Triplett, L; Colman, J; Roussel-Dupre, R
Modeling of Optical Emissions from Red Sprites

van der Velde, O.; Soula, S. ; Montanya, J.; Romero, D.; Chanrion, O.; Neubert, T.; Pineda, N.; Gangneron, F.; Meyerfeld, Y.
TLEs Observations during the summer and fall Eurosprite 2007 campaign in South-Western France and North-Eastern Spain

Adamo, C.; Formenton, M.; Mugnai, A.
An investigation of lightning/microphysics relationships by means of a cloud electrification model: Application to the FLASH project case studies

van der Velde, O.; Soula, S.; Montanya, J.; Romero, D.; Chanrion, O.; Neubert, T.; Pineda, N.; Gangneron, F.; Meyerfeld, Y.
TLEs Observations during the summer and fall Eurosprite 2007 campaign in South-Western France and North-Eastern Spain (withdrawn)

Arnold, F.; Nau, R.; Reichl, U.; Muschik, Ch.; Fiedler, V.; Aufmhoff, A.; Roiger, A.; Schlager, H.; Lederle, Ch.; Kindersberger, J.
Lightning induced aerosol formation: First aircraft and lightning laboratory measurements of gaseous and ionic acidic aerosol precursors

Dietrich, S.; Di Paola, F.
Lightning-based temporal propagation and cloud-life adjustment of MW-estimated precipitation fields: Application to a FLASH project case study

Markovic, D.; Hauf, T.
Study on total lightning and flight characteristics during thunderstorm occurrences

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