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  List of Accepted Contributions - ST5 The 3D heliosphere at solar minimum

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Gavryuseva, E.A.
Basic components of magnetic variability of the Sun (withdrawn)

Bothmer, V.
STEREO - The European Science Perspective

Pogorelov, N.V.; Zank, G.P.
Time dependent, three-dimesnional behavior of the heliosphere from solar minimum to solar maximum (withdrawn)

Manchester, W.B.; Gombosi, T.I.; Sokolov, I.V.; Cohen, O.
Simulated CMEs and predictions for STEREO

Harrison, R.A.; Davis, C.J.; Eyles, C.J.; Halain, J.-P.; Moses, D.; Howard, R. ; Defise, J.M.
First Light of the Heliospheric Imagers on STEREO

Marsden, R. G.; Sanderson, T. R.; Malandraki, O.; Tranquille, C.; Forsyth, R. J.; McComas, D. J.
Ulysses at solar minimum: energetic particle observations from the third southern polar pass (withdrawn)

Smith, E. J.
Ulysses returns to the south polar cap at solar minmum

Kellogg, P.J.; Goetz, K.; Monson, S.J.
STEREO measurements of rapid density fluctuations and Langmuir waves

Möstl, C.; Farrugia, C.J.; Biernat, H.K.; Galvin, A.; Hu, Q.
Two-Spacecraft Reconstruction of Magnetic Clouds in the Solar Wind

Podgorny, A. I.; Podgorny, I. M.
Interplanetary Magnetic Field Calculation in 3D MHD Numerical Simulations

Nicol, R. M.; Chapman, S. C.; Dendy, R. O.
Quantifying the turbulent scaling properties of the polar solar wind seen by Ulysses at solar minimum

McComas, D.; Elliott, H.; Schwadron, N.
Recent Ulysses solar wind observations: Persistent latitude variations in a new polar coronal hole

Schroeder, P.; Luhmann, J.; Davis, A.; Russell, C.; The IMPACT Instrument Leads
STEREO in-situ data analysis

Luhmann, J. G.; Russell, C. T.; Schroeder, P.; Mewaldt , R. A.; IMPACT TEAM
STEREO/IMPACT: first look

McKibben, R.B.; Connell, J.J.; Lopate, C.; Zhang, M.
Observations of cosmic ray modulation from the Ulysses COSPIN HET and the IMP-8 CRNC instruments during Ulysses' climb from the heliographic equator to 80° south latitude in 2004-2007

Issautier, K.; Meyer-Vernet, N.; Moncuquet, M.; Hoang, S.; Zouganelis, I.; Maksimovic, M.
Radio Observations of High-Speed Solar Wind Electron Parameters Near Solar Minimum: Ulysses 2007 Fast Latitude Scan

Galvin, A; Kistler, L; Popecki, M; Ellis, L; Simunac, K; Singer, K; Gaidos, J; Blush, L; Klecker, B; The PLASTIC Team
The Plasma and SupraThermal Ion Composition (PLASTIC) instruments on the STEREO mission: Sneak preview of early suprathermal ion observations

Maksimovic, M.; Bougeret, J.-L.; Goetz, K.; Bale, S.D.; Kaiser, M.L.; Kellogg, P.J.; Reiner, M.J.; Cecconi, B.; MacDowall, R.J.; Krucker, S.; S/WAVES team
First results of the S/WAVES experiment on the Stereo mission.

Richardson, J.D.
Voyager 2 at solar minimum

Malandraki, O. E.; Marsden , R. G.; Tranquille, C.; Forsyth, R. J.; Elliott, H. A.; Lanzerotti, L. J.; Heber, B.; Mueller-Mellin, R.
Energetic Particle Observations in the Three-Dimensional Heliosphere

Blush, L. M.; Bochsler, P.; Farrugia, C.; Galvin, A.; Kistler, L.; Klecker, B.; Möbius , E.; Popecki , M.; Wimmer-Schweingruber , R. F.; Wurz , P. ; The PLASTIC Team
The Plasma and SupraThermal Ion Composition (PLASTIC) Instrument Onboard STEREO: First Results

Erdos, G.; Balogh, A.; Smith, E.J.
Comparison of magnetic sectors at mid-heliospheric latitudes in the late declining phases of solar cycles 22 and 23.

Heber, B.; Struminsky, A.; Mueller-Mellin, R.; Gomez-Herrero, R.; Klassen, A.; Droege, W.; Malandraki, O.; Marsden, R.
Observations of the December 2006 particle events at high latitudes with the KET aboard Ulysses

Heber, B.; Gieseler, J.; Dunzlaff, P.; Sternal, O. ; Mueller-Mellin, R.; Gomez-Herrero, R.; Klassen, A.
Galactic Cosmic Ray Propagation in the 3D Heliosphere

Mueller-Mellin, R.; Boettcher, S.; Duvet, L.; Gomez-Herero, R.; Heber, B.; Klassen, A.; Sanderson, T.; Wimmer-Schweingruber, R.
Solar electron and proton observations: first results from the twin STEREO spacecraft

Balogh, A; Smith, EJ
Ulysses returns to the south polar cap: Magnetic field observations

Decker, R.; Krimigis, S.; Roelof, E.
Voyager 1 in the Heliosheath, Voyager 2 in the Termination Foreshock: An Update

Forsyth, R.J.; Balogh, A.; Smith, E.J.
Solar cycle comparison of the heliospheric magnetic field underlying direction at high southern latitudes

The SECCHI experiment on the STEREO mission

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