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  List of Accepted Contributions - SSS18 Organic wastes composting and application to soil - analytical, agricultural and environmental issues

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Weber, J.; Jerzykiewicz, M.; Drozd, J.; Jamroz, E.; Kocowicz, A.
Effect of different composts produced from municipal solid wastes on properties of soil humic substances

Soriano-Disla, J.M.; Gómez, I.; Guerrero, C.; Navarro-Pedreño, J.; Pérez-Tomás, C.; Mataix-Solera, J.
Evolution of some maturity parameters during a sewage sludge composting process

Richard, C.
Photoinductive properties of compost

Zmora-Nahum, S.; Danon, M.; Hadar, Y.; Chen, Y.
Chemical and biological changes occurring during prolonged curing of compost and their effect on suppressiveness against plant diseases

Meral, R.; Merdun, H.; Demirkiran, A.
Effects of different soil conditioners on infiltration and aggregate stability

Demirkiran, A.; Ucan, K.; Meral, R.; Merdun, H.
Limiting effects of lignosulphonate on leaching of fertilizers in soil conditions

Lemée, L.; Som, M.P.; Amblès, A.
Stability and maturity of a green waste and biowaste composts

Rogeon, H.; Som, M.P. ; Célerier, J. ; Lemée, L. ; Amblès, A.
Effect of a green waste/biowaste compost on the properties of a silty soil

Grigatti, M.; Ciavatta, C.
Simultaneous determination of organic carbon and nitrogen mineralization capacity of sewage sludge-based compost

Giovannini, C.; Montecchio, D.; Francioso, O.; Giorgioni, M.E.; Ciavatta, C.
Characterization of different growing media-compost based for ornamental plants by TG-DTA and FT-IR

Pachepsky, Y. A.; Guber, A. K.; Shelton, D. R.; Sadeghi, A. M.
Overland transport of manure-borne pathogen indicator organisms: observations and modeling

Le Gouée, P.; Delahaye, D.; Marie, M.; Douvinet, J.; Bermond, M.
Environmental, agricultural and ecological impacts of municipal plant wastes incorporated into a silty soil (Haute-Normandie, Northern-Western France).

Sinicco, T.; Cayuela, M.L.; Leita, L.; Mondini, C.
A simple respirometric method to evaluate the degree of stability of compost

Giorgioni, M. E.; Ciavatta, C.
Use of green and mixed composts as peat alternative for philodendron pot growing: morphologic and phenological effects.

Sparvoli, E.; Pini, R.; D'Acqui, L.; Scatena, M.
Quality compost and soil quality

Bastock, J; Romero-Gonzalez, M; Wilson, R
Contaminant transport and fate in engineered charcoal remediation systems

Cocozza, C.; Parente, A.; Zaccone, C.; Miano, T.; Santamaria, P.
Composting of beached residues of Posidonia oceanica (L.) Del.

Mirás Avalos, J. M.; Roca Fernández, A. I.; Sande Fouz, P.; Vidal Vázquez, E.
Changes in soil properties after solid urban residue compost addition

Jamroz, E.; Drozd, J.; Licznar, M.; Licznar, S.; Weber, J.
Influence of municipal solid wastes compost maturity on the content of total and water soluble forms of some microelements and their uptaking by lettuce

Licznar, M.; Drozd, J.; Szajdak, L.; Walenczak, K.; Jamroz, E.
Impact of the moisture of municipal solid wastes on the nitrogen transformation during composting

Centemero, M.; Favoino, E.
Trends for compost production and application in the EU and the potential contribution of compost to tackle Climate Change

Ojeda, G.; Alcañiz, J.M. ; Bonmatí, M.; Woche, S.; Bachmann, J.
Soil quality factors in minesoils reclamation by sewage sludge amendments related to soil wettability

Roca-Pérez, L; Mormeneo, S; Boluda, R
Study of gas emission during composting of sewage sludge and rice straw

Costa, C.A.; Duarte, A.C.; Esteves, V.I.; Santos, E.B.H
Long-term effects of organic amendments on the total contents and fractionation of potentially toxic metals in soils

Cruz, J.; Poch, R.M.; Porta, J.
Environmental effects of rehabilitated coalmine soils using organic wastes

Dumitru, M.; Vrinceanu, N.; Motelica, M.; Tanase, V.; Carabulea, V.
Production and Efficient Use of Composts from Animal Husbandry Wastes and Urban Sludge

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